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I am considering applying for a position with a HealthSouth facility.

According to the website, it is a very large corporation with facilities acros the US.

Does anyone have any experience/insight that would be beneficial to share? Looks as if it is rehab?

Any info appreciated..type of work, shift hours, corporate attitude, support of staff, whatever.

Thanks a bunch!


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Weren't they involved in some Wall Street Scandal? They were in the news for something, I think the ceo making megabucks while the shareholders were losing money.


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All I know about the place is that they seem to do a good job with rehabilitation. There is a HealthSouth right down the road from my hospital (Pennsylvania) and the patients seem to do well there. I've never had any hesitation in sending patients there.

That's all I know.


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They are under investigation for financial improprieties.

If you do a search here on this topic, I believe you'll find several threads about it.


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HealthSouth is but one prime example of all that is wrong with health care today. Just a day or two ago their founder was taking the fifth before Congress. Their top fifteen or so execs have already pleaded guilty to criminal fraud. Their so-called independent auditors failed to discover that over a billion dollars booked as revenue was in fact fiction. Many people lost their shirts on the company's stock, but not their former CEO...he sold about $100 million worth right before an announcement was made which caused the shares to eventually become almost worthless.

Years ago I worked for HealthSouth and I hated it. Nurses do not generate revenue like the various therapies. So whenever something went wrong or whenever there was something distasteful to be done, you can bet the bank it would fall back on nursing.

My opinion? This one is a no brainer: steer clear of this sleazy organization.


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Well, since the CEO is on his way to prison, perhaps that position is now open.


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As always sjoe, incisive and to the point.

I wouldn't work there, JMHO.


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I saw the CEO of Healthsouth interviewed last week on CBS - what an arrogant ba...rd! Blamed everything on everyone else and admitted no wrongdoing. He blamed others for financial improprieties and of course he is tremendously wealthy they showed the 4 huge mansions he owns.... In contrast the CEO of IMCLONE was interviewed week before and he is no angel but he did admit his wrongdoings and I admired him for that..I am not condoning their actions at all

I have heard that Healthsouth is good for therapists, bad for nursing. No personal experience, but know nurses who did not stay long. Pay not too good, duties where added as an afterthought, and schedules were awful. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for all the replies... I thought I remembered hearing something "out of the corner of my ear", but couldn't quite remember what it was. Didn't even think about doing a search.

Should have been my 1st check.

Think I'll look around for something else in the Austin/San Marcos area.


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I did some agency work at a local HealthSouth and thought it was pretty easy work til I showed up one night and they tried to force me to be house supervisor...uh uh no not me..outta there...LOL!

And yes, their nurses were in general very unhappy...which is why they needed so much agency. High turnover.

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