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  1. The Unemployed RN

    It seems to be nationwide, from the information found surfing this web site. Florida, for example, has a LOT of posts here and elsewhere from unemployed nurses, RNs and otherwise, doing everything that has been suggested here to find a job, even th...
  2. The Unemployed RN

    "The census is low" PLUS we can get our current nurses to work double shifts and overtime WITHOUT NOTICE when things pick up a bit PLUS we can get any 2 nurses to do the work of 3 anyway, so why would we hire someone else? We'll just work our curren...
  3. The Unemployed RN

    Exactly right. Plus they won't complain nor try to change things, since they won't be around that long AND you can complain to their agency if they do so they never get another job. Nice. Not to mention the fact that usually travel nurses (and I ...
  4. The Unemployed RN

    Great attitude. Why not take a FREE online short wordprocessing course? Or just by fumbling around and clicking on "help" now and then, teach yourself? Not being able to use one is similar to not being able to use a typewriter back in the 1970s.
  5. I am a nursing graduate and working on a research

    it is anything but clear what you are talking about.
  6. Injured at work

    Since it is anything but clear what your current abilities are, any useful answer is improbable. Can you use a computer, hands-free phone, calculatior, write? We don't know how your shoulder or pain limit you, you see. If you can use these kinds o...
  7. Is going into Nursing a good idea?

    Med school is the very LAST thing I would ever suggest to someone I liked. Talk to some doctors about what it is like today to try to practice. The only thing even close that I would recommend is a PA program.
  8. Is going into Nursing a good idea?

    Check out a Physician Assistant program. Better pay, more authority, more respect, similar training time and $$ required to that of a NP.
  9. Changing to a non-nursing career?

    Do it. A well-run Waffle House with mutualy supportive staff and management (and some of them are NOT) could really brighten your day. But ANY place with that kind of support could be fun. Not to mention the Valentine's Day Specials.
  10. Retired, now what?

    Been there, done that. My experience with Kaiser as a call center nurse was anything but relaxing, but within corporate limitations, one could work as few as 20 hours/week (which I did).
  11. Retired, now what?

    Welcome to the real world. You are right, we don't get taken care of, no pension, small 401(k) if any, etc. unless you happened to have worked for only one company the entire time AND they had a good pension plan (like the VA does). I, too, live o...
  12. Unemployed for 2 years, No one wants me anymore.

    Not just "expensive" in terms of pay, but in terms of health-related absences, being more demanding and critical of the way the company does business, being less willing to change shifts, work double shifts, take mandatory days off, and so on.
  13. Unemployed for 2 years, No one wants me anymore.

    First of all THERE AIN'T NO STINKING NURSING SHORTAGE. That is mostly BS and a recruiting tool for nursing schools, as well as an excuse for companies to import foreign nurses who will do what they are told, when they are told, and how they are told....
  14. Check out corrections nursing.
  15. Check out opportunities in corrections, would be my best advice. And you are corrrect that Florida is always one of the very lowest-paying states for nurses, year after year.