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sjoe has 15 years experience and specializes in Corrections, Psych, Med-Surg.


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  1. sjoe

    Best Florida city?

    St Pete was WAY more appealing than Tampa (or any other FL town), at least to me and several of my friends when we have visited it. 5 of us are thinking of moving there. Do a google search and learn a lot more.
  2. sjoe

    Venipuncture and IVs

    1) did these sticks function properly for their intended use? 2) did they cause any harm to the patient? 3) did they become infected? If all these questions can be answered "ok," why worry about it?
  3. sjoe

    Legal Issue

    In one word: RUBBISH.
  4. sjoe


    My suggestion would be to read a LOT of threads on this BB, particularly those with titles that speak to working satisfaction/conditions, etc.
  5. sjoe

    Military nurses, recently become civilian nurses?

    Well said.
  6. What reasons did your school give you for having this requirement when you asked them? What kind of alternatives did they offer? (BTW this is a very common requirement.)
  7. sjoe

    What do you think about dating your coworkers?

    Risky. Equally risky is NOT dating someone who might have turned out to be a (or THE, for those who believe such things) suitable partner. You pays your money and you takes your choice.
  8. sjoe

    Climara for control of deviant sexual behavior?

    In general, drugs that lower one's sexual drive have NO influence on the direction or focus of that drive, just the overall amount of energy behind it.
  9. sjoe

    Losing your license

    As does California.
  10. sjoe


    Relax. You'll have much more important things to worry about if you start nursing school.
  11. No matter WHAT you say or do, you will be pegged as a newbie, so just figure that will happen. The least productive thing to do would be to pretend that you know it all or to give suggestions to the others about how "better" to do their jobs. Don't talk about "how we did it at my last job." Be a sponge and learn all you can, ask questions when you do not understand, take no PERSONAL abuse, DO NOT EVER GOSSIP OR LISTEN TO ANY GOSSIP, and give it time. Same thing with any new nursing job.
  12. sjoe

    can someone help??

    TMPaul writes: "You do have the right to be tested at the employers expense. ...Please don't delay, get baseline testing done now. " After a stick you ALWAYS get tested right away so that a baseline is established. If you do not do that and later are positive for HepB or HIV or malaria, say, how are you going to prove that you weren't already infected before the stick?
  13. sjoe

    Laptops.....what do you use (looking to buy)

    I use a HP Pavilion ze1110 laptop as a desktop replacement. It cost around $1K. I took the battery out shortly after buying it and have never put it back in. The wordprocessing program included was NOT MS Word and causes me to jump through several hoops whenever I convert old files to MS Word (despite what the clerk at Fry's told me). I must say, however, that I wouldn't have been able to use it well except for the USB mouse--as the trackpad is a PITA. I also used a USB keyboard for a couple years (until it broke), as the keyboard is too small for my fingers and took some getting used to (and I had to pry off two of the keys that I was oftening hitting by mistake, since there was no software method of disabling them). Tech support leaves a lot to be desired, it took 4 days to get it running the way I wanted it to, when the keyboard and the mouse were both plugged in at the same time the battery was plugged in this caused the hard drive to run constantly (for who knows what reason) and it got very hot. As did the battery. Tech support was no help. Next time, I will give Dell another chance (I couldn't get a straight story out of them re. a price--their newspaper ads said one thing, their tv ads another, online was another, and the guy on the phone still another--and no one could explain to me why), or perhaps Gateway. The most important thing is to be clear about what you want to use a PC or laptop for, what programs and applications you will need, what bells and whistles, and buy the best combination that suits your needs.
  14. 1) I certainly agree that multiple posts of the same basic content are annoying. BUT 2) why are research posts forbidden, so long as they are clearly identified? I haven't done any here, but that policy seems surprising.
  15. sjoe

    dress code before clocking in

    Every state in the union gets to make its own rules about things like this, or not make any if it chooses. Since you don't indicate the state, it's not possible to give you a specific response. I'd google, using: 1) the name of your state, 2) + 3) the terms "labor law" or "labor code" and 4) use the index that will likely come up in one of the links to find what your state has to say about it. What does your employee handbook have to say? Employers, of course, DO have some rights when it comes to employee behavior "off the clock" and certainly when that behavior occurs on employer property. Should you be able to show up for work in a swim suit until you clock in? Nude? Should you be able to sexually harrass other employees, so long as it occurs before you clock in or after you clock out? Breaking various laws, "acts reflecting negatively on the reputation of the facility," publicly slandering the facility, etc. all can be valid reasons for employer discipline/termination.
  16. sjoe

    Ready to leave supervising

    Sounds like the float pool might be the ideal place for you.