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  1. Hospital staff/no weekends/holidays

    Check this out Dream Schedule for RNs at Roper St. Francis Healthcare - Charleston, SC [h=1]DreamSchedule™ for RNs at Roper St. Francis[/h] Nursing is a Dream at Roper St. Francis Healthcare – DreamSchedule™ f...
  2. resignation question

  3. rotator cuff surgery

    Is anyone familiar with rotator cuff surgery? How do patients usually do postop? Manage with showering, etc. From what I have read, it sounds like they are pretty limited and have a long recovery.
  4. diaphoresis in CHF

    You guys (gals) are just too funny! thanks!
  5. diaphoresis in CHF

    thanks, I think I was editing at the same time you were replying
  6. diaphoresis in CHF

    What is the exact cause of diaphoresis in CHF? (other than just a SNS response) (maybe that's all it is) (I have already searched & searched and not found a definitive answer) TIA
  7. 80 or 89
  8. I hear you! My opinion is that the general public should be darn grateful that there are people that are willing to do this work.
  9. Need your policy on CANCELLATION

    We weren't given a choice, just put on call. No on call pay. Sometimes we would even be canceled after driving all the way into work, with no compensation. Wonder why there is a shortage of workers?
  10. How much did you start as a nurse and when.

    as an RN, $6.024 an hour, in 1979
  11. drug book tax deductible?

    would you deduct your own current drug book as a miscellaneous deduction and would you list it as educational material or something else?
  12. Oxygen... Comfort or Life Saving?

    What type of unit do you work in?
  13. shift wars, GRR

    Along the same vein, days dumps on evenings and then evenings has to stay late to get it done, can't leave it for nights since night shift is actually the start of another day (at midnight).
  14. Inciden Report Etiquette

  15. Rumors!!!!

    I wanted only days working agency, (not in Tennessee) and did not get even one shift. I ended up working evenings because that was what the need was, and the only way that I could get any hours.