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  1. cannoli

    Hospital staff/no weekends/holidays

    Check this out Dream Schedule for RNs at Roper St. Francis Healthcare - Charleston, SC [h=1]DreamSchedule™ for RNs at Roper St. Francis[/h] Nursing is a Dream at Roper St. Francis Healthcare – DreamSchedule™ for RN’s Would you like a long-term predictable work schedule? How about NO mandatory weekends and NO rotating shifts? Then Roper St. Francis Healthcare may be the place for you. As part of our commitment to finding innovative solutions to improve the quality of life for our unit-based, inpatient RN staff, we have developed DreamSchedule. This provides RNs on inpatient nursing units a long-term, predictable schedule with no requirement to rotate shifts or work every other weekend. You work the schedule that best suites your lifestyle needs. Additional work only weekend (WOW) positions have been created for those who prefer weekend work with a higher shift differential.
  2. cannoli

    resignation question

  3. cannoli

    drug book tax deductible?

    would you deduct your own current drug book as a miscellaneous deduction and would you list it as educational material or something else?
  4. cannoli

    Oxygen... Comfort or Life Saving?

    What type of unit do you work in?
  5. cannoli

    What do I do? (long)

    That is a very good point. I guess it depends on whether or not you want to do someone elses dirty work. I decided years ago I didn't, it leaves a very bad taste in the mouth. I agree with the rest of DusktilDawn's post.
  6. cannoli

    How far do you commute to work?

    I've worked at places both near and far (eight hour shifts), the farthest was probably a 45 minute drive.
  7. cannoli

    New grad just got fired

    What is your age group? Do you think that might have come into play in some way, particularly if you have a lot of life experience? Go and apply somewhere else as if that would be your first job. Good luck!
  8. cannoli

    Getting Paid $$ for End-of-Shift Overtime?

    Oh, and it's not just new grads, some places are so understaffed and overworked that all the staff is staying a couple of hours over to chart. It has nothing to do with the individual nurse's time management skills.
  9. cannoli

    Getting Paid $$ for End-of-Shift Overtime?

    I think that is against labor laws. Hospital would be in big trouble if reported to the labor board, and would probably have to pay back overtime, I would think.
  10. cannoli


    I'm not in LTC but acute care hospital. I recently spoke with a nurse manager (new unit) who asked me how I would deal with negative people, she admitted she had an aide with an attitude. My opinion, which I did not voice to her, is that if she has an aide with an attitude that is HER problem, not the staff nurses problem. The staff nurse can't hire and can't fire and can't discipline so why expect the staff nurse to deal with this problem, yes the staff nurse can write the person up, but the unit manager (or DNS in LTC) is the only one that really has the power to discipline or fire the problem person, and in my opinion they need to deal with it, not expect the staff nurse to do it.
  11. cannoli

    Not sure what to do.......Long post

    I bet it's not you and that you don't have a time management problem. I bet it's the staffing, or lack of, and high patient to nurse ratios. I bet that you are not the only one in the same situation regarding charting. Even experienced nurses feel overwhelmed at times, and they also consult with each other as needed. I would take the offer of more training and preceptorship. Hopefully, things will get better as you get more experience. Good luck.
  12. cannoli

    Heel pain reducing my quality of life...

    You might want to do a search, there have been a lot of other threads about this. One poster recommended this site http://heelspurs.com/index.html I think those stretching exercises help, done before getting out of bed in the morning, and before getting up at night to use to bathroom.
  13. cannoli

    Feeling like a scapegoat, common in nursing??

    Any update?
  14. cannoli

    Feeling like a scapegoat, common in nursing??

    I'm guessing you work in long term care so there is no carbon copy of the MAR that would have been torn out at the end of the day? I've seen people lie to cover their own butt, from doctors on down the line. I would write out an occurence report stating your side of the story, that the order was not on the MAR, and turn it in. Can you call the pharmacy and ask them what time they received the faxed order? That may be your proof that the order wasn't on the MAR. As one poster suggested you may want to get another job, particularly if you can prove via the pharmacy that you are correct. Good luck.
  15. cannoli

    Would you or wouldn't you?

    I agree with you. I don't like it when people start asking questions. I'd rather they didn't know I was a nurse.
  16. cannoli

    Agism in nursing???? (furious rant potential)

    Good luck!