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joyflnoyz has 42 years experience as a LPN and specializes in home health.

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  1. CEU

    I am getting desperate. I have been looking for the implicit bias CEU for weeks. Found one, contact the company to make sure it filled the requirement. They emailed back that is DID meet requirements. paid my $, Did the course, printed out the cer...
  2. Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

    My political ( leftist, rightist or in betweenist) beliefs have NOTHING to do with my health care decisions. I look at the information and make my decision. It really does not matter; how can you FORCE someone to have something injected into his/her...
  3. HCA

    My HH company has been bought by HCA. I am wondering what kind of company HCA is-- how do they treat employees? How are the benefits-- health insurance, PTO? Anything else you can think of? Trying to get a comparison before it's official to see if ...
  4. Non Clinical Jobs

    Thank you both! Am on medical leave right now, but adding "care coach" and "remote monitoring" to my searches
  5. Non Clinical Jobs

    Thank you for this idea! I can add to my searches!
  6. Non Clinical Jobs

    Have been HH for 11 years. It's just all getting to be too much after 40 years of being a LVN. LIfting the bag, working on a tablet all day, the bending, wrapping legs. I was off for a couple of weeks due to pain, worked one day and my neck was SC...
  7. Non Clinical Jobs

    After 40+ years of clinical work ( NA/LVN) my body is SCREAMING at me. Knees, hips,back, neck. I keep tabs on the local job market via indeed, Monster etc, but perhaps I don't KNOW what words to put in . All the results are exactly what I am doing...
  8. Wound with no change, good or bad

    I am a HH nurse . I have a client whom we've been caring for with a ST II wound to coccyx area. This is/will be chronic; she is WC bound, requires hoyer lift, hemiplegia. wound is clean, scant if any drainage, no infection. Base good color. , app...
  9. Company changing how we are paid

    Well, we've had one paycheck with the new system-- It was decent, but now we are being told that all non-visit activity will be "approved" or "disapproved" If disapproved, we don't get paid for that time. DON and I are gonna have a talk-- the past 2...
  10. Company changing how we are paid

    Been with this company 9 years- in 2 weeks they are changing the LPNs from hourly to pay per " unit" (NOT per visit). Our PTO is changing as well, instead of paying PTO at the rate earned, it will be a lower rate (17% lower from my calculations). S...
  11. Those Darn Diabetics

    I *am* diabetic. I would be LABELED a "non compliant". Being told what to do, and when to do it.."Dr's Orders" as opposed to being treated as a person with education, respect and understanding has made a huge difference in MY attitude. What I hear...
  12. YooHoo! I am joining the HH ranks!

    whew i am tired! monday morning, began at 0900..met people in the office, then followed around a "seasoned hh nurse". late after noon spent back in the office getting familiar with paperwork. tuesday, continued with hhn #1. start time 0630 for fbs...
  13. Allheart phone number FOUND

    wasn't til after I placed an order that the thought entered my head to check allnurses regarding . Placed my order, paid for 2nd day shipping. got an email after the order should have shipped telling me that ONE item was backordered and ...
  14. YooHoo! I am joining the HH ranks!

    thanks jnette..I think after 7 years of PM shifts with dementia patients ( including 35 residents, time changes 2x/year, sun downing, thunderstorms and full moons!) I am ready for a change. gotta figure out what do do about a cell phone, though..ju...
  15. YooHoo! I am joining the HH ranks!

    Hey's the 2nd week? Got any tips for this HH newbie?? I start Monday , 0900. BIG change form PM shift (normally get to bed 2-3 AM)