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joyflnoyz has 7 years experience and specializes in home health.

4 kids, homeschooler, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 goat, 1 miniature horse and a fish tank

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  1. joyflnoyz

    Non Clinical Jobs

    After 40+ years of clinical work ( NA/LVN) my body is SCREAMING at me. Knees, hips,back, neck. I keep tabs on the local job market via indeed, Monster etc, but perhaps I don't KNOW what words to put in . All the results are exactly what I am doing now ( HH) or SNF. Are there any non clinical jobs for LVNs?? The above body parts thank you in advance for your responses :)
  2. joyflnoyz

    Wound with no change, good or bad

    I am a HH nurse . I have a client whom we've been caring for with a ST II wound to coccyx area. This is/will be chronic; she is WC bound, requires hoyer lift, hemiplegia. wound is clean, scant if any drainage, no infection. Base good color. , approx 1 cm x1cm with 0.25 cm depth Wound is static- is not improving, is not deteriorating. Spends most of her day in wheel chair or recliner. Spouse wants her next to him as much as possible, and neither of them want her to be placed in bed to off load. Usually no dressing in place when we arrive for visit. We've tried everything from barrier ointments, medihoney, alginates, foam dressings and are currently packing with iodoform, covering with foam dessing. Looking for advice-- next step collagen powder?? How often to use? Cover with what? have been doing internet searches but not really finding anything other than ads for products. Not really a candidate for a wound clinic.. PCP looks to us to decide what to do with wounds. Thanks for any suggestions or points to the right direction.. sign me, Stumped.
  3. joyflnoyz

    Company changing how we are paid

    Well, we've had one paycheck with the new system-- It was decent, but now we are being told that all non-visit activity will be "approved" or "disapproved" If disapproved, we don't get paid for that time. DON and I are gonna have a talk-- the past 2 days of NVA has been "disapproved". "the laborer is worthy of his hire". They announced at the beginning of the year that we would not be getting raises D/T medicare cuts, THEN in Feb they announced the pay per visit , with the line of paying per industry standards. uh I need a pair of hip waders for that one
  4. joyflnoyz

    Company changing how we are paid

    Been with this company 9 years- in 2 weeks they are changing the LPNs from hourly to pay per " unit" (NOT per visit). Our PTO is changing as well, instead of paying PTO at the rate earned, it will be a lower rate (17% lower from my calculations). So, the 80 hours I have waiting to be used will be paid at say (for ease of calculation), 20 dollars/hr vs the 24dollars /hour under which it was earned. Feel as if I've been robbed here. Anyone else paid by "unit"? Not sure how non visit time will be compensated (phone calls, courtesy visits, conference etc) We have a meeting Tuesday where things will "be explained" . Not sure if I can work like this. Any thoughts?
  5. joyflnoyz

    Those Darn Diabetics

    I *am* diabetic. I would be LABELED a "non compliant". Being told what to do, and when to do it.."Dr's Orders" as opposed to being treated as a person with education, respect and understanding has made a huge difference in MY attitude. What I hear it the "just DO it". Nothing about the intricacies of overwhelming carb cravings and how to deal with them; I hear "you have to lose weight" without the fact that I have lost 50 pounds and my weight has stabilized for about a year being taken into consideration. One size does NOT fit all. I take my meds, I do exercise. I still have 'trouble' with the carbs. The company for which I work has initiated a "wellness plan" get money back each pay period for "compliance" with certain things -- the 1st year or two it was voluntary. it is now MANDATORY if employees wish to maintain healthcare insurance. In some ways I have a problem with this (privacy) in others I don't-- it is the company doing this and not the government mandating. the 1st couple of years I chose not to participate-- my privacy is more important than the measly amount of "rebate". This next year I have no choice. Well I do, but that means that anything health related (such as emergency surgery which I had this year -- had NOTHING to do with diabetes) comes out of pocket completely. As far as the threat of government not paying for healthcare-- I maintain that if the government got OUT of healthcare business completely -- monetarily and regulation wise- costs would go down. How many billions of dollars are spent in the bureaucracy of regulation enforcement? What on earth did people do before 1965 (medicaid)? What did seniors do before 1966 (medicare)?? How many physicians refuse to accept medicare patients because their business loses money? Leave all those $$ in the hands of the people instead of taking it in taxes, and let the people be responsible for themselves. Ooops I'm digressing (sort of)
  6. joyflnoyz

    YooHoo! I am joining the HH ranks!

    whew i am tired! monday morning, began at 0900..met people in the office, then followed around a "seasoned hh nurse". late after noon spent back in the office getting familiar with paperwork. tuesday, continued with hhn #1. start time 0630 for fbs, then followed her around again, did a bit of the paperwork. today, hhn #2; start time 0815. 2 facilities, 3 labs draws (they're gonna have to teach me how to do that-has never been a part of any job i've had, so haven't needed to kow how to do it) 2 trips to the lab. finished up about 1800. tomorrow is start time 0800, friday @0630 at yet another facility, and then yikes! on my own! is still better orientation than the job i just left..1 day there!
  7. joyflnoyz

    Allheart phone number FOUND

    wasn't til after I placed an order that the thought entered my head to check allnurses regarding allheart.com . Placed my order, paid for 2nd day shipping. got an email after the order should have shipped telling me that ONE item was backordered and they were holding the whole order. Searched for quite a while last night looking for a phone# where I could speak to a real person. Unsuccessful . Came home to a message from them today with a phone # i have cancelled my order and will not order again. they have extremely limited hours ..the msg left on my machine said 0700 to 1430 central; when I called the outgoing msg said 0800 to 1530 central if anyone else needs to contact allheart the number is (847) 821-7755
  8. joyflnoyz

    YooHoo! I am joining the HH ranks!

    thanks jnette..I think after 7 years of PM shifts with dementia patients ( including 35 residents, time changes 2x/year, sun downing, thunderstorms and full moons!) I am ready for a change. gotta figure out what do do about a cell phone, though..just found out as of 4/1 the corporation is no longer reimbursing personal cells used for business purposes. I may have to purchase another phone and use it only for work. hmmm tax deductible? or if it's even worth it.. If anything, my last night on the floor reinforced the decision to leave
  9. joyflnoyz

    YooHoo! I am joining the HH ranks!

    Hey Limik...how's the 2nd week? Got any tips for this HH newbie?? I start Monday , 0900. BIG change form PM shift (normally get to bed 2-3 AM)
  10. joyflnoyz

    YooHoo! I am joining the HH ranks!

    Found out just last week..new job starts 3/30 WOOOO HOOOO!! :dancgrp:
  11. joyflnoyz

    YooHoo! I am joining the HH ranks!

    Congrats, Limik! I'm in the same situation:LPN, just accepted a home health job after a lot of years LTC/rehab. Will start soon, just not sure when (same company, transfer/ lateral move. DON won't let me go til after state survery) I'm excited, and a bit (well, Ok a LOT! ) nervous about a whole new area of nursing We'll go on this journey together, how about that??? :bdyhdclp:
  12. joyflnoyz

    self scheduling

    Self scheduling will work IF you let it work. I suggested it..DON "tried" it with certain caveats 1)only baylor weekend plan people could work weekends 2) PRNs who had "reagulalry scheduled " days could not be bumped The employees in my facility are so ingrained in "how things have been done", they are not willing to change, wouldn't give it a chance to actually work. To me weekends are no different than any other day of the week, and I would welcome the chance to work a few and have days off suring the week where I could actually accomplish something not work related (oh, say, a dr appt? Docs aren't open on weekends anymore) I truely think that self scheduling is wonderful. We all know when we have appts, a teacher meeting, need a mental health day, whatever. One hospital I worked had self scheduling. Only rules were every one had to work 4 weekend shifts a month (could be every Sat or every Sun or any combination) and if there were too many scheduled on one day, and no one volunteered to change, the nurse manager reserveds the right to move someone
  13. joyflnoyz

    Nursing and Astrological Sign

    crabby cancer here...working LTC, want to be a hospice nurse when I grow up
  14. joyflnoyz


    :yelclap::yelclap::yelclap::yelclap::yelclap::yelclap::yelclap::yelclap::yelclap::yelclap::yelclap: YIPPEEEEEEE!! Congratulations, and welcome to the wonderful world of nursing! It's NOT a job- it's an ADVENTURE, never a dull day
  15. joyflnoyz

    It's official

    CONGRATS CAREBEAR!!!!:clphnds::anpom::anpom: Well Done!!
  16. joyflnoyz

    Re-directing tips needed for Alzheimer's/behavior pts

    Often what I do is use TVLAND channel with all the old shows they would be familiar with- things like Andy Griffith, Bonanza, Lucy, Ozzie and Harriet. Familiar is good. I've noticed behaviors increase when the weather is changing to rain and/or thunderstorms. When they want to "go home" I just tell them that there are storms rolling in (the truth btw ), and every one is staying here for the night. OH! YES! I've got a bed all set up in the guest room, and you DID promise to stay for breakfast... Most of the time they are worried about getting home- someone is worried about them, waiting for them. As sweetmagnolia said, you MUST enter their world. I have turned off stoves, taken the cake out of the oven, checked on the baby, turned off the faucet; you name it, I'll do it to settle down my precious ones.