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  1. Traveling to AZ

    Guaranteed hours in a contract is only as good as the contract the hospital and the agency have signed! Don't be fooled!
  2. Contract Question

    It doesn't matter what the "paper" you signed states, it matters who you signed the "paper" with!
  3. lpn travel

    Yes, there are! As an LPN I traveled for over 12 years, and it was a good time for me. I stopped traveling as an LPN about 4 years ago, but I know that there are still LPNs who continue to travel. I now travel as an Epic Consultant...thank God...b...
  4. keep your credentials up?

    I used to keep my credentials up, but now I don't even bother. I have no intentions of every working as a nurse again for any amount of money. I have found my calling in the IS world, and I'm not leaving! I just wish I had found this career years ...
  5. Sick of being a LPN

    I totally understand where the LPNs who are frustrated have posted here are coming from. I was also sick and tired of being sick and tired of explaining myself, and defending being an LP/VN! Thankfully I was given an awesome opportunity to make a wh...
  6. Anyone Certified As An Epic Analyst?

    LOL Thanks VivaLasViejas! I don't get to play online much, but I enjoy checking in every once in while!
  7. Anyone Certified as Epic Ambulatory Analyst?

    edaga7 sorry, but I just saw this. I have went thru the Epic Ambulatory Certification, and I would glad to answer your questions. The certification has two tests, and three build projects, or it used to. There have been some changes since I beca...
  8. Anyone Certified As An Epic Analyst?

    My mother always said, "Nothing beats a failure but a try" If you don't ask, you won't ever know. I'm an LPN who answered an ad, where a company was looking for someone with an nursing background, and the desire to train. I got the job, and then w...
  9. Job security -- what are you seeing?

    I think the consulting jobs might be down for some firms, because they're just too many out there! Unless the agency is on the mark, and working hard to find good talent, they are going to be pushed to the side. Not to mention all they can see is $...
  10. Working at Bon Secours

    I'm considering relocating to Richmond, VA for a position at Bon Secours, in a non nursing position. Is there anyone here who works at Bon Secours and is not working as a nurse? Any possibility that anyone is in the IS dept, or knows someone who i...
  11. LVN informatics positions & experience?

    The biggest need right now is for providers in ambulatory care. Get some experience in ambulatory nursing, working in a clinic, outpatient services..etc. There are a lot of companies looking for LPN, RN, MA, etc with ambulatory experience, and will...
  12. SOOO sick of my job already!!

    I would request a meeting with your manager, and let her know your feelings. If this didn't work, I woud quietly seek out a head hunter, and tell them what you need in a position. Many times head hunters will know of open positions that are not ad...
  13. First travel assignment - Texas

    I lived in San Antonio a long time ago, and I did a travel contract a few years ago at Fort Sam as a ICU/ER float. Great contract, but I was on the NW side of San Antonio in housing, and the commute to the NE was awful! I totally agree with being ...
  14. Hurt on job, no pay?

    Request to be seen by the work comp doctor immediatley! And give EEEOC a call and then your story. You are covered under the American's Disabilities Act. I hope you are better soon. In some states you can be seen by a provider of your choice. Ea...
  15. Hurt on job, no pay?

    You and your employer need to read the "Employers' Practical Guide to Reasonable Accommodation under the Americans with Diabilities Act". I hope you and the nursing office you work in are not giving nurses this kind of advice or attitude! If you ...