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Does anyone have a suggestion for a cost-effective item to get for the classrooms that a student with a seizure disorder frequents to use for padding under their head during a seizure.

Whatever it is, I'd need like 7-10 of the item.

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Can you just go get some pillow forms from a craft store? I don't know how much those cost, though.

Maybe a foam kickboard (for swimming)? You can order them online for $10 or less each.

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Not sure, but does the dollar store carry any type of pillows?

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A fire blanket hung at a designated spot? Not sure the cost.

The blankets come packaged in a hang-able box so it's easily opened and easy to hang up on the wall wherever needed. Just access the box, grab the blanket and fold it/place it for immed use.

(We had a designated smoking area for our residents so the blanket was there for quick use.)

What about those foam mat tiles? The ones that connect to each other? I know they can get kind of pricey, but you get several in a package so it might be worth the money if you get how many you need plus a few extras. Plus, they're relatively easy to store since they're not overtly bulky. The can easily be put between a cabinet and a wall.

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Chair cushions/pads. Ikea has some for super cheap.

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Throw pillows. I could send you 10 from our house and no one would ever miss them.

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Pillow Pets! I swear these work. Might be too expensive to buy several though.

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Cheapy Walmart version of an eggcrate mattress cover. You can cut with scissors to make any size/ shape you want. They launder ok- but honestly a twin size will probably yield 20 or more.

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Throw pillows. I could send you 10 from our house and no one would ever miss them.

I'm pretty sure my husband would say the same thing. However, I would notice immediately that they were gone.

$5 below has yoga mats. They could be cut into several sections

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