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DowntheRiver has 5 years experience and specializes in Urgent Care, Oncology.

The Perpetual Student - MSN Ed. Candidate 2020

“All of us take pride and pleasure in the fact that we are unique, but I'm afraid that when all is said and done the police are right: it all comes down to fingerprints.” 
― David Sedaris

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  1. DowntheRiver

    Writing help

    Not to freak you out, but my MSN is way more than 20 papers. 14 classes x 3 papers per course = 42 papers. This does not include 4-5 discussion boards APA formatted that typically consist of 500-750 words and two responses. I manage it by doing it part time and taking a break between courses because it can get overwhelming, and I'm actually a pretty decent writer.
  2. DowntheRiver

    UTA RN-BSN Program Answers 2018

    If you're certified that actually covers your one of your nursing electives, FYI Easy courses that I took: NURS 3309 Medical Terminology NURS 3352 Legacy of the Family
  3. DowntheRiver

    UTA RN-BSN Program Answers 2018

    This is a good idea as they are very time consuming. Otherwise, you can double up. I didn't double up nursing classes but I often took history with a nursing course and would say it is very similar time wise.
  4. DowntheRiver

    RN-BSN @ UTA - Health Promotion Course

    If I correctly recall this assignment from a couple years ago, this suggestion is good.
  5. DowntheRiver

    Two Jobs: Full-time night, Part-time day

    I have a co-worker that works ICU nights (usually Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) then works PRN days on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in our Oncology clinic. When I say PRN, that's how she is classified, but she usually works at least Monday and Tuesday, and sometimes Wednesdays. I honestly don't know how she does it, and she has a child as well and is a single mom. She's an excellent mom and spends time with her kid, but again, I don't know how she does it.
  6. DowntheRiver

    Billing for Time Spent on Survivorship Care Plans?

    Do any of you work in Survivorship Clinics? I'd be interested in some professional contacts of nurses on the outside who work in Survivorship Clinics or who work on treatment summaries/care plans.
  7. You say you are in a LPN to RN program, so you're already a nurse then, right? You don't mention having worked as a nurse, so what has your experience been with that? I have a coworker who was a RD who decided to be a RN and then an APRN. She works as a RD but uses the RD heavily in our field (Oncology rehab, essentially). Maintains both licenses and certifications. So, if one doesn't work out for you, you could always go back to the other, maybe?
  8. DowntheRiver

    You should never ask a nurse this question.

    I get asked this a fair amount, too. As if nursing is some sort of consolation prize. Nope, I love being a nurse. Nope, I don't want to be an APP. I don't want the responsibilities of being a provider/doctor. The providers at my facility have to give at least 90 days notice for vacations. They have a tremendous amount of liability and responsibility that I don't want. I took your post more as a rant than a question, and that's ok. Sometimes we just need to get it off our chests.
  9. DowntheRiver

    Help!!! New grad military spouse

    I've seen a lot of travel nursing opportunities in Ireland, just FYI. I've read that the process to transition a US nursing license to that country is smoother since their licensing style is similar to ours. I have not experienced this, just read. I considered doing this when I was younger but not now. But, if it works out for your, at least it'd be easier to travel between Ireland and Germany rather than having to cross the pond. ETA: You'd still have to have at least 1-2 years experience already.
  10. DowntheRiver

    Disabled Nurse Wanting to Find New Job

    Most of these positions require more than 8 months experience. Nurse navigators and case managers at my facility are required to have 5+ years experience and at least a BSN and a certification. I'd suggest clinic work. I have back problems too (autoimmune condition attacking my spine) and work in an outpatient clinic within a larger hospital system and love it. Though ADA accommodations I've been given a sit/stand desk, anti-fatigue mat, raised desk, and specialized chair to make sitting tolerable in the workrooms.
  11. DowntheRiver

    Case Study: I’m too tired to walk the dog…

    I've seen a patient with this issue before, not a case study. Nonetheless, I think it's a great case study.
  12. DowntheRiver

    Case Study: I’m too tired to walk the dog…

    I'd like to know the following: Was a CMP, CBC, A1C, Cortisol, or ACTH drawn? Was a ACTH stim test or hypoglycemia test done? Any imaging? I have a hunch, as I've seen a similar case before.
  13. DowntheRiver

    Manager wants me to force prn pain meds

    This thought crossed my mind as well, so good point to make.
  14. DowntheRiver

    Suspended for touching a child's head and face

    Kinda hoping the OP will chime in and give us a bit more insight into the situation.
  15. DowntheRiver

    Immunizations for uninsured

    I live in Florida and was a vaccine nurse here with the health department. Was this the health department? I just looked on the health department website and it offers them. You need to specifically say you qualify for Program 17 vaccines.
  16. DowntheRiver

    Immunizations for uninsured

    What state are you in? I used to be a vaccine nurse. There is a Federal program (Program 17) that provides funding for states to give vaccines to adults who are uninsured or underinsured. It's usually at your state's health department. Where I lived, it was just based on your word, so you didn't need to show proof of where you lived. We did Hep B, HPV, Meningitis, and TdaP for FREE. Some places will also do Flu for free if you come in for the other vaccines. Doesn't hurt to call your health department and find out.