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  1. DowntheRiver

    Master's Entry vs. Accelerated Bachelor's

    You will be awarded a Master's degree or a Bachelor's degree, not a RN license. Upon completion of the program you will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX which will allow you to obtain a RN license.
  2. DowntheRiver

    Already feel like giving up

    Walk us through the interview and then we may be able to provide more insight!
  3. DowntheRiver

    Hospitals paying for your stay?

    Here in Florida Advent Health (formally Florida Hospital) does offer high relocation bonuses and sign on packages for experienced nurses in larger metro areas. I do believe they also offer relocation expenses for new grads but you work at one of their less prestigious facilities, such as those along I-4 (Altamonte, Daytona, etc.). BUT, it is a good opportunity because we do need nurses here. You'll get some good experience and can transfer within the company to the larger metro hospitals (Orlando + Tampa) when you have more experience. We have a huge continuously growing senior adult population and more move here every year. P.S. I do not work for Advent Health nor have I ever. Just born and raised here and have several nurse friends who do.
  4. DowntheRiver

    Is this insubordination? How do I deal with this PSW?

    Wouldn't it be hilarious if this was the same PSW referenced in the original post? Sure sounds like it!
  5. DowntheRiver

    UTA RN-BSN Program Answers 2018

    It is kinda like a thesis project. You pick a topic, build on it every week, and ultimately end up making a power point project on it. It is something like 9-13 slides and you have to make notes as if you were presenting it.
  6. DowntheRiver

    UTA RN-BSN Program Answers 2018

    The evaluation of transcript delay is typical for UTA. I had trouble with this with my RN to BSN application. They allowed me (and also many students) to start several intro classes prior to being fully accepted. Unfortunately I do not know how this applies to the FNP program. Since I completed my BSN at UTA with a 3.92 I was instantly accepted for the MSN. program.
  7. DowntheRiver

    Blast from the past...

    I was 8 or 9 when the first Power Rangers movie came out in theaters. I was so excited to go see it and made my mom buy advanced tickets because I was SO CERTAIN that the movie would sell out. Back then, my mom struggled to pay the bills so we would sneak our homemade snacks in. What a reminder of a good time...
  8. DowntheRiver

    Looking for a Online MSN in Nursing Education

    I'm doing the UTA MSN Ed. program, four classes in so far. I did their RN to BSN program so I was already familiar with their format and formula. It is 100% online except for your two clinicals which any program will make you do. Those are in your last two semesters. I feel the coursework is challenging but fair and will prepare me for the CNE exam.
  9. DowntheRiver

    Nurses with Attitude

    The should post them next to the "prices" they're now forced to put up.
  10. DowntheRiver

    Part Time Job

    If you're looking for a per diem nursing job that requires little to no nursing experience, I'd suggest looking outside the hospital. Some suggestions: - Vaccine Clinics: Some places do flu clinics where they travel around and provide the flu vaccine, typically September through February. Quest Diagnostics sometimes has positions for this, but other local companies exist for this as well. - Employee health testing: Some companies do labs and urine on site. Just drawing blood and administering drug tests and/or observing people pee. Again, lotsa local companies do this. -IV starts/Blood draw at a cancer center. Some cancer centers have PRN positions for nurses to draw blood, access ports, change PICC dressings, and start IVs. This is my part time job and we have 5 or 6 PRN nurses. They don't have to know the Radiology stuff so all they do is draw blood and start IVs. -IV nutrition: The new hip thing is giving Meyer's cocktails to hungover or dehydrated folks. This is what I do as a side gig and while it does require me to be a RN it is pretty basic. I typically see 6-8 patients in 8 hours and can do my homework on the side. I will disagree with the previous posters about getting a PRN job. I don't have any hobbies so I just work in my free time. Just don't get anything complicated. I certainly wouldn't get another hospital or clinic job.
  11. DowntheRiver

    Worsening Health, Considering Resignation

    Hello! Please feel free to PM me. There is also a board on here, nurses with disabilities, that you might find helpful. I recall several topics similar to yours in the last year. In fact, I myself have had this issue recently. March makes 5 years of practice for me, so not quite the same, but I'm in the same boat. My Neurologist and Rheumatologist told me to quit drinking caffeine and to find a job that is not on my feet and harming my back. I had AS, which is an autoimmune disorder that typically attacks the spine but can attack other joints as well. I'm also a cancer survivor, and dealing with long term effects of some of the medications I was given, such as neuropathy. After 5 years I'm moving to clinic nursing in an Oncology setting. I've already been in Oncology 2 years on the floor so it was natural transition for me. Clinic nursing might be your best bet.
  12. DowntheRiver

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    No m'am, just wondering if the nurse lurks here and reads all these comments made about her.
  13. DowntheRiver

    Is this insubordination? How do I deal with this PSW?

    There are a lot of people out there that think nurses are just task workers or worker bees who just carry out doctor's orders. Therefore, they think they could just be a nurse, minus the schooling. This line of thinking is very outdated as the roles of LPNs, RNs, and APRNs has evolved greatly over the years. Many people do not understand what nurses had to achieve on an educational level in order to practice.
  14. DowntheRiver

    Is this insubordination? How do I deal with this PSW?

    Woah woah woah newbie, coming in a little harsh there. I don't think her ego has anything to do with it. I, too, would be irritated if a non-nurse was trying to work and/or act like a nurse. I don't think she's high and mighty at all. If someone kept doing something that myself, other nurses, and management asked NOT TO DO and that person kept doing it, I'd be very frustrated and annoyed. OP - Being short staffed is never a good reason for retaining a problem staff member. It always leads to more messes in the future.
  15. DowntheRiver

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    Just a thought, but I wonder if that nurse reads this forum...