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BrisketRN has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. BrisketRN

    Does being a nurse make you feel like a good person?

    You've really got me thinking. I'm a school nurse at an affluent private school. I'm not serving an underprivileged population in any way, but when I'm able to use my skills and expertise to help a parent navigating their child's new diagnosis or help a student better manage their chronic condition I feel like a million bucks. I also feel that my identity is very wrapped up in advocating for community and child health because of extracurricular activities and organizations I participate in during my free time. I do think there's a fine line between finding joy in using your knowledge for the greater good and thinking you're God's greatest gift to Earth, but most of us have patients who will knock us off that high horse pretty quickly 😅
  2. BrisketRN

    medications for staff

    Yes, it was a precedent set years before I came. Ibuprofen, Tylenol, and Tums are available to staff. I point to the cabinet when they ask for medicine (not kept with student meds). I do not give advice on how much to take. They're adults who can read the back of the package. Uses about $20 of my annual budget, but the people who decide my budget like the convenience, so I don't complain 😉
  3. BrisketRN

    What are some of your office policies?

    I do a lot of hallway visits. Teacher will phone me, I'll assess the child in the hallway to determine if they're staying in class, going to my office, or going to the isolation area. The first few weeks were the hardest because parents were still sending sick kids in. After about 4 weeks they all finally understood that we will find out your kid doesn't feel well and we will make you pick them up. I do not care if you think it's just a cold. COVID test or 10 days off. I've also had to delegate quite a bit to my wonderful, sanity-saving desk receptionists when I'm trapped in the isolation room.
  4. We do the same. For the young ones it's really hard to tell if they've been within 6 ft for 15 minutes throughout the day because they're passing by each other in the classroom, standing in line for the toilets and need to be reminded to stay on their "dots." We probably over-quarantine, but we haven't had an outbreak yet so we're just going to keep doing what we're doing.
  5. BrisketRN

    The N95 Battle

    My sister is a middle school teacher and told me that they were supplied with 1 large N95 a week. A (non-medical) staff member was going around, as directed by the administration, trying to convince staff members to wear the same N95 all week instead of their usual cloth masks. My sister didn't want to because when she tried the N95 on there were large gaps since it didn't fit her face, it was uncomfortable, and she didn't like the idea of wearing the same mask all week. She's been wearing some great 3-layer, well-fitting cloth masks. In the cold months she's had to change out her mask after being outside for door duty/recess. She asked me for advice. I sent her a whole essay to hand to her administration 😅 Anyways, they've stopped pestering her about the N95.
  6. BrisketRN

    What are off-limit medications for school setting?

    Illinois too. I believe the consensus now is that it can be given but doesn't have to be given. I was advised that if it comes up and administration OK's it, then have them give it. No one has tried to get me to administer marijuana yet, so I honestly haven't looked into it.
  7. BrisketRN

    Constipation Station

    I don't know if it's because I'm investigating every small complaint now or if these kids aren't getting enough fiber, but I have so many constipated littles. Parents usually are giving some sort of over-the-counter treatment at home, but I'm wondering if there are any other interventions we can do at school. I've rigged a box of ice packs as a homemade squatty potty in my office, offer a 5-10 minute rest with a heat pack on the belly, and encourage hydration (as well as letting teacher know the student will likely be using the bathroom more frequently than usual). Anything else I can do?
  8. BrisketRN

    doubting myself...

    I would look at his Asthma Action Plan or any orders from the doctor. If he took albuterol, had stable vital signs, and was in the "green" zone (doing well) then I would keep him at school.
  9. BrisketRN

    How has your role as a school nurse changed with COVID?

    New things I'm in charge of: Keeping track of all COVID-related updates from the state dept of health, city dept of health, and state board of education Contact tracing for new positive cases Contacting staff & students in quarantine due to close contact Contacting every parent of a student out for illness, determining if a COVID test is required based on our protocol Answering all questions about travel in regards to needed quarantine after travel Organizing vaccines for our teaching staff Communication with our local health department Writing many health related policies, updating many health related policies New changes: I see less students throughout the day, most first aid is handled within the classroom and because the children have to remain 6 ft apart there are significantly less injuries during PE and recess Nearly every child with illness symptoms is sent home I've had to delegate more than ever this year. The desk receptionists have been a godsend in administering scheduled oral meds if I'm trapped in the isolation room. I do "classroom calls" and hallway assessments to keep kids out of my office. I do a lot of public health education for our teachers, parents, administration. I am grateful that I am working at a school where the administration respects my expertise. My principal often refers to me as the "COVID expert." I've been highly involved in every step of the process of reopening, policy making, policy updating, and implementation of mitigation tools. I even helped in the design of the staff lactation room (2020 brought 8 new staff babies!) so that it is COVID safe.
  10. BrisketRN

    Itchy Casts

    I can hear my med surg nursing professor yelling NOOOO NOTHING IN THE CAST! LOL
  11. BrisketRN

    Tired of being "the bad guy"...

    We do all of our contact tracing too. In the beginning of the school year the health dept would call the confirmed case parent and collect any other information needed. It's gotten to the point that the positive case never hears from the dept of health. We've also had some local organizations and day cares "do their own contact tracing" and they just shut down and tell everyone to quarantine for 2 weeks even if the positive case wasn't in the building the same day as some of the other children. At one point we had 20 kids out quarantining because a local dance studio had one case. In reality only the other children in that specific class and maybe the instructor should have been quarantined.
  12. BrisketRN

    SECOND nurses office?!

    I'm paid salary, and I am contracted to work each day students are in the building for class plus 10 staff training days annually. We do not have Summer school, but we do have Summer camp & camps over Spring/Winter breaks. I could work camps as a supervisor of children if I chose to do so (I don't), in which case I believe the pay is $500/week for 8am-5pm.
  13. BrisketRN

    What Has Been an Upside to Covid?

    I did invasalign in 2019. Kicking myself now because I could have done braces this year and no one would know!
  14. BrisketRN

    Tired of being "the bad guy"...

    ANYTHING to ski! I swear!
  15. BrisketRN

    Where Have All The Members Gone?

    As a school nurse I miss (the retired) @OldDude. He taught me so much. So grateful to have had his advice--and the advice of so many others (including many on this thread) when I was starting out as a school nurse with little training.
  16. BrisketRN

    Tired of being "the bad guy"...

    We've had so many little ones tattle on their parents. It kills me when the kids share with us that they were INSTRUCTED to lie. "Mom told me I have to say we went near Wisconsin to ski this weekend because if I say I went to Wisconsin then we have to quarantine for two weeks" as their little eyes well up with tears. We are of course so careful and gentle with them to make sure they know they aren't in trouble and we aren't mad at them. I can't stand it when the sweet little babies cry out of fear.