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  1. BrisketRN

    How to Acquire a Standing Order/Prescription for School EpiPens?

    I've had luck by contacting a local allergist (check your students' allergy paperwork). You could also call/email nearby school nurses & ask who they use. If there is a name on the box definitely contact that doctor. Depending on your state th...
  2. BrisketRN

    Fainting at school - a very anxious school RN!

    I've only called EMS for fainting once because the student was found on the floor (unwitnessed fainting, but hx of fainting) and didn't gain consciousness within a few minutes. Typically I do a once-over for injuries related to the fall, get a set o...
  3. BrisketRN

    Grade Preference...

    I like the littles. 1st-5th grade are my favorites. They are little sponges, and I get to come in at an opportune time to teach them how to manage their chronic conditions and stay healthy. The biggest challenge is that it takes them a while to wa...
  4. BrisketRN

    Vision/Hearing exams on preschool age children

    We do HOTV with our preschoolers and have the teachers practice with them as a playing game in the days before their screenings. We have the letters printed on cards and they pick the card up as it's lit. For hearing exam we "play" the raise your h...
  5. BrisketRN

    New Elementary School RN

    This board is the best place to be. I was a relatively new nurse when I started in a school 4 years ago and these folks taught me everything I know!
  6. BrisketRN

    They want help now????

    HAHAHA that'd be a big fat NOPE from me.
  7. BrisketRN

    Last week, finally

    You did it @Glitternurse! It is so crazy to look back now and think about August. I feel like we can all tackle anything thrown at us after this chaotic year.
  8. BrisketRN

    Not So Sure

    I second this. See if your district/school has any resources for you or check with your state's association of school nurses.
  9. BrisketRN

    Should Have Called 911

    I think in those instances you trust your gut. I ask myself could this person decompensate quickly? How much longer would it take to seek medical attention if they were driven to the hospital vs. if EMS is called? I know at my school our EMS time ...
  10. BrisketRN

    Interview Questions

    Ah but don't forget the game changer I threw in a few years ago--oyster crackers.
  11. BrisketRN

    Interview Questions

    We're currently looking for my replacement--anyone have some good questions to ask school nurse candidates?
  12. BrisketRN

    What Was a Highlight of Your Career as a Nurse?

    First thing that comes to mind is my favorite story to share with friends from when I worked home health as a new grad. My patient's dog choked on an apple core. I ended up doing the doggy Heimlich and had to do CPR because the dog had no pulse. A...
  13. BrisketRN

    Therapeutic communication for anxiety

    We were told to offer guided meditations. If they have a phone on them they can use that and lie down and do a guided meditation or sometimes just allowing them to listen to music can help.
  14. BrisketRN

    New nurse. Where is my passion?

    Agreed! My passion is having a roof over my head, food in the fridge, and clothing on my back. Keeps me coming to work day after day.
  15. BrisketRN

    How to use insulin pump + juvenile diabetics

    My kids all use OmniPod Dash. They have great Youtube videos: It's really easy to use. They can be programmed to have different basal rates at different times of the day along with diffe...