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i dont understand why grown men and women act like idiots in my class. we are there to learn and to become nurses. there are grown men and women in my class that act a fool. they talk and laugh when... Read More

  1. by   zudy
    I guess I am lucky, I don't remember ever being in a class where people were so rude. We didi have a couple of know-it alls in nursing school that didn't make it past first year. what a relief.
  2. by   BadBird
    When I was in nursing school the instructors would not tolerate any talking at all. If you were late you were marked absent and if you have more than 1 absence per semester you were out of the program no matter what your grades were. Some instructors actually locked the door once class started. It may seem harsh but we did not have the problems mentioned on this thread.
  3. by   H ynnoD
    This was my first semester at city college doing my prereq's.Guess I got lucky everyone had respect for the class.I noticed that some peole didn't take their work seriously though.Kind of like I'm just here,because I don't have to work yet and Mom and Dad are paying the bill.If I do come across some people like mentioned, would try talking to them first and if that didn't work,I could resort to my old self and intimidate them into being quite.I'm a very nice person and get along with everyone,but can be quite scary if the need arises.
  4. by   kimtab
    I found that most of the disruptive people were gone (failed, dropped) by the end of second semester. Maybe yours will go bye bye too!
  5. by   RN2007
    My Gosh, by the time I finally get started in my nursing program, because I have sooo much to learn so I can graduate, pass the boards, and because we actually have people's lives in our own hands when working with them as a nurse, I think the least that I can do is shut my mouth and pay close attention to the instructor so I can learn, learn, learn, and fast forward my future. Heck, I can gab with friends on break or a little in a study group, but I certainly do not want to get on the wrong side of my instructor and not learn what I need to learn so that I can be a good nurse.
  6. by   Rhoresmith
    I had a guy in Biology who clicked his pen through the whole class, and sometimes even put his head against the wall and went to sleep. The teacher made a point to stop lecturing and look at him when clicking the pen but never said anything until one day when we where going on some really tough material and he was clicking away.... I turned around and said "would you stop clicking that pen" he just gave me a nasty look and clicked even faster the teacher then said to him "Get Out" He said you have bugged me for weeks don't come back till you want to learn.. He never came back. I had an 8 am Speech class and it was only 50 minutes and you would be surprized at how many came in 15-20 minutes late just waltzed right in like hey who cares even on test days!!!! I guess it is like someone said MOM and DAD are footing the bill who cares BUT to those of us who are trying to learn it is sure rude and incosiderate but I guess that these people won't make it as nurses or anything else without BIG attitude changes. I think with me being old (42) and knowing that this is my last chance and since it is being paid for I need to GO FOR IT... Hope these people flunk out soon(not nice I know but it is how I feel)

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  7. by   hobbes
    I found this type of behaviour primarily with the "traditional" students - i.e. (18-20yrs). As a non-traditional student paying for school out-of-pocket, I don't have a lot of tolerance for those inconsiderate of others in class. I'm trying to get the most out of what I paid for. This past semester I had an 8am A&P class and every class, without fail, there would be at least one person who would come in late and proceed to walk in front of the class (usually klickty-klacking in some heeled shoes) and up the central stairs after having let the doors slam behind them. What an annoyance. The professor usually threw a hissy fit and made all kinds of threats - but unfortunately his bark was bigger than his bite.
  8. by   Angella Walker
    I almost completely agree that it was the traditional student that caused all of the comotion in my lectures. Getting to know my classmates, I did find that it was the non-traditional students "like me" that waltzed in late to class. Commuting is a *tich. That is unacceptible for a student staying on campus in a dorm, but for a student living off campus with children; it is to be expected every now and again. Every time class met.....totally different story! I busted my butt every class meeting time to be at class on time. I have 5 children, 1 (which seems like 5 at times) and a full time job, and still made it a point to make it to class ON TIME. If I knew that I was going to be late, I just didn't go (1 time during the semester). It is rude and unprofessional to make tardiness and disrespect a habit.

    shame, shame, shame

    Enough of my old woman lecture. Enjoy your summer!
  9. by   Love-A-Nurse
    since most of you have discribed a little of what happens at the school i attend, i won't bore you.

  10. by   Nurse2bSandy
    I have this problem in my abnormal psych. These people seem too immature to be nursing students at times! The instructor shows a lot of videos of actual clients and counselors describing their issues. The people will just laugh, or say, "Get over it!". They don't seem to realize the reality or seriousness of mental health issues. It bugs me... I have a mentally ill child and it is no laughing matter, and he can't "get over it". I know a lot of it is ignorance, but I do wish that the instructor would make them be more serious so that those of us who want to learn can do so without all the distractions. Nurses are going to have to deal with a lot of people, some of which have some serious mental health issues, even in the regular hospital.
  11. by   missionnurse
    I asked a certain group of students who sat behind me to be quiet so often during our 2 years of school, that all during pinning practice, pinning, graduation practice, and graduation every time I spoke at all, they all turned around and said, "SSSSHHHHHH!!!!!!"

    You know what, I didn't care; it made me laugh. But at least they stopped talking in class when I asked them to--for a few minutes anyway!
  12. by   katscan
    All I can ask is: Why do people have to be so rude? no one seems to care that others may be inocnvenienced due to your lack of manners, concern, training, etc. And it seems to be getting worse. At school, at home, on the streets, while driving, shopping and even in the neighborhoods. The deteoriating state of the country bothers me.
  13. by   betts
    Instructors react more positively if hands are raised and asked to repeat,repeat,repeat...