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  1. kimtab

    Local traveler 18 weeks pregnant

    I have been doing local contracts in the SF Bay area where my husband and I relocated for his job 6 months ago. My current contract is up Jan 22 and they don't need me to extend. I am due June 1. I plan to work up until the end but I am wondering whether any travel nurses have worked in this situation before? I'd like to be able to work something into my next contract so that if something unexpected happens and I have to quit work I won't be stuck owing a bunch of money. But on the other hand, I worry that revealing my pregnancy will cause me to be discriminated against and not get a position at all. Had hoped to be staff somewhere by now but jobs aren;t falling from the sky here right now. Really need to work, can't afford to quit at this stage. Any advice?
  2. kimtab

    Need Help/Advice

    It was 7 weeks. if they won;t help you resolve it then just leave it off your resume. You have 25 years of experience, no one will miss that 7 weeks!
  3. kimtab

    Meg or Jerry

    Meg didn't even bother voting in elections for most of her own adult life, and I think she's actually a drag queen (she looks like a man, doesn't she?) I think RuPaul ought to establish residency out here and run for governor. The celebrity precedent is there.
  4. kimtab

    is the cali market worth a try?

    I have 6 years of critical care experience and I have been working travel contracts for 4 months because I haven't been able to find a staff position. I am in the SF Bay area. Jobs are not falling from the sky for experienced nurses out here much less new grads. All this and...very expensive to live here. The higher salaries mitigate that factor somewhat but only if you are actually making a salary!
  5. kimtab

    San Mateo Medical Center?

    Anybody working at San Mateo Medical Center? I have an interview with the nurse recruiter there tomorrow for a tele position. Wouldn't be my first choice since I am an ICU nurse but I don't mind tele and it doesn't seem like jobs in the Bay Area are falling out of the sky right now. This is the only response I got from dozens of applications I submitted so I would kind of feel weird jumping on the first thing I saw so to speak but my alternative would be a 13 wk travel contract with Kaiser Redwood City and keep looking around. Any thoughts on this hospital?
  6. kimtab

    Assignments in Silicon Valley, CA

    Anybody have recommendations for agencies to apply with for assignments in San Francisco, Peninsula, San Jose? I am with American Mobile now at Stanford. All they could offer me next was Kaiser. Looking for more options...
  7. kimtab

    How do I get a Cali liscense?

    they require fingerprint results before issuing a temp license http://www.rn.ca.gov/pdfs/applicants/tlcounter.pdf So you can only walk through if you have done your fingerprints and the results have been reported to them. I sent in my stuff as I had it. I had everything in as of May 25, 2010 and my license was issued about 6 weeks later.
  8. kimtab

    New grad considering Travel nursing. Anyone recommend it?

    I am on my first travel assignment. I had one week of general hospital orientation/computer training and I have 2 twelve hour shift with a preceptor before being on my own with a patient assignment. There is no way you can do this with Zero experience. No way.
  9. kimtab

    setting up EVDs

    We turn it off to the drain to get a pressure reading. If you had it open to drain and patient wouldn't the transducer be getting the pressures from both sides? Doesn't seem like that would be accurate. We document drainage and pressure q1h.
  10. kimtab

    You know you're a neuro nurse if.....

    ...you've ever told anyone who's behavior was annoying you to "Stop being so frontal" ...you wake your kids up in the morning with a sternal rub
  11. kimtab

    How to find Externships in Georgia?

    Pick up the phone and call HR at the hospitals you want to work at. They don't always put that info out on their websites.
  12. kimtab

    HELP. possibly relocating to Atlanta

    Grady is the county hospital, that's all I'm going to say about that. They are a level one trauma center and are known for their burn center as well. I think you can learn a lot there, do a search for threads that are about Grady though and use that info to help you decide. Douglasville is on the other side of the world from Grady. Stone Mountain probably isn't any closer, although if you settle in that area you can also look at working at Emory, Dekalb Medical, Egleston. If you really still want to work downtown, don't discount the real estate south of Atlanta. It isn't as hip to live on the South side so you can get closer in for cheaper.
  13. kimtab

    HELP. possibly relocating to Atlanta

    I live 12 miles from work currently. I work an 0800 to 1630 schedule. It takes me 40 minutes to go that 12 miles in the morning, and between 30-45 minutes to do it in the evening, though it has taken me up to 1.5 hours on days when multiple accidents were all over the highways. You just can't take drivetimes for granted here, although of you work a 7-7 schedule your drive will be much more predictable. I have never worked at Wellstar, although if you do a search on this forum you will probably find some threads with info. Marietta is a pleasant place to live, it is considered a suburb of Atlanta and so yes, the traffic is still bad. I live in Roswell, where I have access to Northside, Saint Joe's, N. Fulton, CHOA. If you want to live downtown, Atlanta Medical Center is another place to look.
  14. kimtab

    HELP. possibly relocating to Atlanta

    I would figure out where you're going to work and then decide on your living situation becuase traffic is a real pain in the arse here. The traffic here is supposedly comparable to driving in LA, and I believe it. Housing is very reasonable, but you won't make the money you made in CA. You shouldn't have any trouble finding a job though. Most of the hospitals here have their job postings online, here are a few to check: http://www.emoryhealthcare.org http://www.northside.com http://www.wellstar.org http://www.northfultonregional.com http://www.dekalbmedicalcenter.org http://www.piedmont.org http://www.stjosephsatlanta.org http://www.emorydunwoody.com http://www.shepherd.org http://www.choa.org http://www.gradyhealthsystem.org There are more, this is just what I get off the top of my head.
  15. kimtab

    HELP moving to ATL

    I know Northside Hospital has internships in Mother/Baby and L&D. I think they start in February.
  16. kimtab

    best hospitals to work at in Atlanta?

    I think it depends on what is important to you. To me, the best hospital is the one that fits in with whatever career goals you have. What sort of jobs are you applying for and what do you hope to do in the future?