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Graduating December 17th from an LPN program and then onward to a BSN

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  1. Rhoresmith

    Sprague ?

    I worked as a Resp therapist and know the value of a good good scope. I do not like Sprague at all. Like a previous poster said it is the double barrell thing good luck!!!!!
  2. Rhoresmith

    ANS Parasympathetic/Sympathetic question

    I would say anytime sympathetic kicks in then the para kicks in to counter act this. The body has to calm down can't stay in this state what would that do to the heart,resp system etc. So I feel there would be things in both columns
  3. Rhoresmith

    ANA Issues Statement on Schiavo Case

    I just wish that Terri could have died peacefully and with dignity instead of having a video of her plastered on every station 10-20 times a day. I have real mixed feellings about this case, we heard so many horrilble things about what tx Michael would and would not allow but was any of it substantiated (sp)? I can't imagine any nurse letting her not have any care. I did just read (can't find where) that she never had a bed sore in 15 yrs and if her care was that terrible how could that be possible? So many questions on this. I do believe that President Bush and Congress should have stayed out of this.... the courts decided and that is where it should have been. Well that is my two cents for whatever it is worth. I think the ANA statement is what they had to say and I agree with it. I liked the AMA statement too!!! Lets make Terri's ordeal a lesson that many will hopefully listen to and act upon
  4. Rhoresmith

    migraines and nursing

    My daughter suffers from migraines she had 30-60 a month. She goes to Diamond Headache clinic in Chicago it took 5 years and many many many combinations of drugs to get the headaches under control. Best advice find a doctor who Number one believes in your pain and wants to be AGGRESSIVE in the treatment. YOU need to research go to the Diamond headache web page follow links there try the national headache foundation. and BE LOUD AND VOCAL WITH YOU DOCTOR ABOUT YOU HEADACHE AND PAIN many doctors only treat migraines like you have a mental problem. They think of you like Darin Stevens mom on Bewitched you have a "sick headache" because of a little stress. You can also go to Yahoo groups there are many support groups out there online Please feel free to PM me and I will help you all I can I have spent hours and hours of research on this and after 5-6 different doctors telling me my 13 yo daughter was a spoiled overweight child who didn't want to go to school I found doctors who believed her and finally helped her... KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!!!!
  5. Rhoresmith

    This is sick

    I worked hospice as an aide for a long time and I saw many many clients screamining in pain. It is the most horrifing thing I have ever witnessed. Doctor refuses more pain medication becasue it could kill patient. NO ONE DESERVES TO SUFFER THAT WAY. I don't believe in killing them with a lethal dose of something just because they are dying but ease their pain. Most have suffered so long with chemo and surgeries ect that they deserve to die as pain free as possible. Sorry will get off my soap box touchy touchy subject with me
  6. Rhoresmith

    Lotus Birth...What do yall think about this?

    I think what someone said earlier about maybe no medical benefit but if the mother/father feels this helps with the bonding of the child let it be. I worked at a protrait studio in a large chain store (begins with a W guess which one?) and I had people leave the hospital and bring that 2 day old newborn in and have pictures taken. Now mind you this is in the middle of flu season and I had coughing spitting kids all over the place and these parents are like oh well it will make the baby stronger. Guess what I see dad 2 days later at the hospital (where I am doing clinicals) and the baby is sick and later had to be transfered by helicopter to a NICU. Two weeks later read the babies obit in the paper. I really felt bad for those parents but I did all I could do at the studio to help with the germs. So the reason I got into this long story is if you do this lotus thing at least you stay HOME with the baby instead of taking them out into the world. I am really sorry that CMN got offended I think if this was a bonding experiance for her and her children good for her and I applaud her for taking the road less traveled I would never do this but I never even breastfed my kids so ....
  7. Rhoresmith

    Question about criminal record/ability to find job

    You were able to take you NCLEX test, how did you list this for that? They are really tough in most states on this and if you were able to do this then maybe it is not on your record anymore. Go to you local police station and get this run you might have to pay for it but see what is on it. Hope this helps
  8. Rhoresmith

    help advice needed about blood issue

    We talked about this in one of my classes. We had two students who were very much against abortions and said they would refuse to care for someone with complications from this. Our director contacted the board of nursing and they said refusing to care for a patient or not giving the ordered treatment (as long as it does not put the patient in danger) is a way to lose your license. They also said that you can have crimminal charges filed against you, and open yourself up to lawsuits galore. I would try to help a fellow nurse that was uncomfortable with treatment or order because of religious or moral beliefs, but many times TIME would be a big factor. Maybe as other posters said you should try to work in an area where this is a very rare occurance for you to encounter. I don't agree with your beliefs but I would never say that they were wrong. Hope I at least gave you some food for thought
  9. Rhoresmith

    ethics lecture rant (sensitive topic)

    I worked as a hospice care aide for 4 years and it changed my thinking on dying. I saw patients who were in so much pain that they SCREAMED and begged to die, because the doctor would not up the morphine because it could cause them to go into Respiratory failure or get this one, they were concerned the patient would become addicted to the morphine. I am sorry but NO ONE should have to be in pain for days and days on end waiting to die. I do not believe in giving them drugs to kill them but keep them from being in severe pain YES. I would take care of a patient that had complications from an abortion Yes. I would take care of a patient that was a criminal and did a terrible crime because it is my duty as a NURSE. As a student I was concerned last April when my brother was hurt in Iraq, and we had a Musliem man in the hospital who was very vocal about the "murdering American soldiers in his country" and had many other comments about how they all deserved to die. I would have went in and cared for this man I would not have liked it but I would have cared for him to the best of my ability because that is what I feel that a NURSE does. I am not saying that I was very relieved that I didn't have to care for him but I would have. About the man who is harrassing the nurses shouldn't the hospital have a policy about this ? Not sure how to handle that one
  10. Rhoresmith

    NCLEX HOT TOPIC CD's... anyone use them?

    Pleases let me know, if you use them PM if you can. I am not going to be able to take my test till April or May because of some health issue and I am going to need all the help I can get. Thank you
  11. Rhoresmith

    MD's giving bad news to patients

    Good luck, and come here anytime and vent! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!!
  12. Rhoresmith

    Achievement Tests

    We didn't use that particlar one, but had to take and pass a test on every area. I just went in and took them did not stress because I still needed to get 78% on my nursing classes test and those were to pass the course. I did fine on all of my standerized test did not have to repeat any. Just do a quick look at material and GO! Have faith in yourself and what you know
  13. Rhoresmith

    Studying Tips for Pharm

    I also used the flash cards, took them with me everywhere. I used one of those index card spiral notebook things and put them all into the different classifications. Repetion seemed to be the only way for me to learn these
  14. Rhoresmith

    Game: Name that smelly drug

    Yeah I mentioned mucomyst I was a Rt and that is what came to mind but this was an elderly lady, no OD or respiratory problems so we eliminated that one. She said that just wasn't the name she thought. Thanks for the link
  15. Rhoresmith

    Game: Name that smelly drug

    Hey a question about a med. I am talking to a friend on the phone that is working as an aide waiting to get her papers to test. Last night the LPN she was working with brought a liquid medication in the room, and told her to smell it, it smelled terrible (worse than rotten eggs). The patient had c/o nausea and she wondered if it was for that. She didn't write down the name and after a terrible night forgot the name, she thinks it starts with a c. Any ideas as to what this could be, it is driving her crazy trying to remember it. I told her that all the great nurses here (and the hundreds of years of combined experiance ) could probably come up with it. Thanks guys
  16. My CC until this year had the "recognition ceremony" in a church, our school had no place big enough to have it until this year (we added a new building) and our class was the first to use the auditorium. We wore white outfits (pants, skirts whatever) and we even gave everyone 30 bucks to buy them from the money we earned. We chose the singer, songs music and what kind of reception to have. The school only dictated that we have white uniforms and if you wanted a cap it had to have the school colors for the stripes. They also required us to have the Nurses Prayer and we recieved lamps and recited this in unison. We had one guy who just stood there and did not recite the prayer because he doesn't believe in prayer. It was nice! Rachel I think it is wonderful that you are fighting for your class but decide what the biggest issue is the church or the dresses, that way you guys can concide on one issue and win on another. Hope all works out for you and your class