What was the hardest course youve taken? - page 3

Of all the classes you've taken, which was the hardest? and what helped you to pass it? Determination? Hard work? Encouragement? Luckily, you passed that specific class! Both Nursing and Pre-nursing... Read More

  1. by   Luckyyou
    Nutrition. What an unbelievable waste of time, even though it was taught by my favorite professor. Couldn't bring myself to study even five minutes for the class.
  2. by   mz.snuggly1
  3. by   Everline
    So far I'd have to say statistics. That was the only class I've ever taken where I couldn't finish the exams in time. It was crazy. I'm surprised I didn't drop out. I didn't know I'd need it for nursing in the future. So glad I stuck to it. Managed a B.

    I haven't taken chemistry yet. Not looking forward to that one.
  4. by   RocketMama2011
    I would have to say Organic Chemistry. My class started with about 25 and ended with 8. The content was just very difficult and the teacher did not care to help us understand the material. I remember on valentines day. He drew a heart on the board & then drew a knife through it and proceeded to draw blood oozing from the heart. Talk about weird?! Lol Pharmacology would have to be the next. It was a lot of memorization. But to take it with Med Surg 1 was difficult. I gave med surg 1priority. But I still passed!
  5. by   LVN/RNBridge
    Anything with chemistry involved. Even the chemistry chapters in A and P had me lost.
    Then of course biochem and organic chemistry. Ugh!!! Have no idea how I even passed.

    Pharmacology was a bit of a blur, but I don't think it was nearly as bad as chem.
  6. by   nurseywifeymommy1
    A&P was hands down the worst! I had to take it twice for a B! I met a friend in class that taught me how to study. B4 this class I could just read the chapters and get B's & A's.
  7. by   on eagles wings
    pharmacology. we had to teach ourselves. :| but in prenursing... micro lab. holy cow I was lost in that lab lol.
  8. by   x_factor
    Pre-nursing: Microbiology. *shudder*

    Nursing: Pharmacology. *bigger shudder*
  9. by   QuarterLife88
    Hardest, as in hardest to stomach, but not necessarily in content of the material in relation to difficulty: Peds. I HATED Peds with a passion. The clinical nearly made me end (quit) my nursing school career. UGH.

    Hardest class in terms of actual difficulty: Med-surg 1. I got a B+ but I feel like I never found my niche when it came to studying for that class; just kind of played around each week, and there was a test each week so there was never a resting period. Clinical made me question all of my skills, but in the end, each clinical afterward allowed me to make up and correct the shortcomings I discovered in that class. It really brought me down to earth.

    Hardest pre-req: A&P 1. I felt that she made the class harder than it had to be, and she even later admitted to doing so. I made an A, but at the expense of my sanity and health. A&P 2 was much better.

    Most boring: Pharm, and Med-Surg 2. I don't care about bones (ortho) like, at all, and just memorizing a bunch of drugs doesn't do anything for me.

    Most fun: Psych and OB.
  10. by   marycarney
    Undergrad: Organic/ Bio Chemistry. I took it 32 years ago and still have nightmares.
    Grad school: Research Fundamentals - not too many things could entice me to make flashcards, but I actually made flashcards.

    I'm thinking about a DNP - nothing in the program scares me like biochem.
  11. by   Streamline2010
    Any pediatric nursing topics. (I went to a weird diploma school that had an "integrated" i.e. chopped-up and specially wonky curriculum instead of the reasonable and customary block curriculum "units.") I don't have children. I never was around children. I'm never going to have any children, because I am too old now. I don't like dealing with any children under junior high age, because I don't know how to communicate with little ones. Young children and I justa do not hava no chemistry. I wanted to run, screaming. Babies are only slightly more scary. It's a total mystery to me what other women see in those little humans, LOL!
  12. by   Katie71275
    For me, it was medsurg 1&2. I made Bs in both classes, but had to work for them!
  13. by   OB-nurse2013
    I think my worst grades would be peds and pharm...