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  1. mz.snuggly1

    Chamberlain College of Nursing in Atlanta, GA

    It's way cheaper to order them on Amazon! I got Health Promotion book (Nur 222) for $47
  2. mz.snuggly1

    First Nursing Pay

    Things weren't sooo expensive as they are now! Back then gas was less than a dollar and food and everything else were very cheap!
  3. mz.snuggly1

    Too many books, very little dorm...

    Under you bed.
  4. mz.snuggly1

    Working while in nursing program?

  5. mz.snuggly1

    What was the hardest course youve taken?

  6. mz.snuggly1

    Preparing for A&P1

    I think you should take it by itself so you can get a good grade this semester! There are a lot of things to remember, long words, etc. Don't go in expecting to fail go in expecting to get an A!
  7. mz.snuggly1

    I Did Not Make It In :(

    Look on the bright side, that isn't the only school that has an LVN program! Get your prerequise at a community college. Learn from your mistakes so you can knock'em dead the next go round! Don't give up!....Just go full force the next go round because you know the do's and dont's!
  8. mz.snuggly1

    7th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    Eeek! She's on that diet again! Everybody run!
  9. mz.snuggly1

    7th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    It's nothing! She just gets like that when allnurses.com edit her posts!
  10. mz.snuggly1

    Ipad for Nursing School?

    I agree totally agree with you gurjit123!!!
  11. mz.snuggly1

    7th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    ahh! nurse, call off the swat team and order a box of super kotex with an order of pain pills…….. she has an extreme case of p.m.s! hurry before her head spins!!
  12. mz.snuggly1

    " SAD" Pregnancy discrimination

    You should get the doctor's note and everything that they ask for and also contact a lawyer. Because if you don't give them what they asked for they can say you didn't give them a doctor's note or the documents they asked you for, and that is the reason why they fired you.
  13. mz.snuggly1

    Washing those scrubs?

    LOL! :rotfl:
  14. Most programs don't count the W's unless it is stated. I'm glad the schools I'm looking into don't because I have a boatload of them! lol!
  15. mz.snuggly1

    How in the freaking world are you a nurse???