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  1. x_factor

    Micro biology vs A&P difficulty?

    I'm taking Micro and A&P this semester, and to me there's no comparison: Micro has been MUCH easier. It's been a complete walk in the park for me, and has been tons more interesting. Nothing beats learning about all the cool types of bacteria and viruses, and getting to grow things in lab. I've maintained an A in Micro much easier because it's been so fun to learn. A&P has been much harder, it's tons of memorization, and has been mentally exhausting.
  2. x_factor

    Schedule question A&P1 and Chemistry????

    I wouldn't suggest taking both together considering you work and have two children to care for. I think both are very doable together for someone who doesn't have that level of responsibility outside of school. I'd split them up and take A&P and Chem separate.
  3. x_factor

    I'm in!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was wondering why I hadn't heard back from you in a while! I was like, hmmm where the heck is she!! My inbox is all clear now!
  4. x_factor

    Pre-Nursing Students & Stereotypes?

    Don't forget CRNA's, lol.
  5. x_factor

    I'm in!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats, I'm so proud and happy for you!!!!
  6. x_factor

    A2 test

    Yes, there are multiple choice questions on the exam. I suggest studying from the HESI admission exam book from Evolve. The main sections such as the math, vocabulary, reading and English sections are very simple. My school did not require the science sections.
  7. I think it looks fine. My schedule was heavier than that this semester and has been fine. Most of my classmates are taking a schedule similar in load to yours with no problems. 16 credits is a pretty typical full-time load, though only you know how much you can handle.
  8. x_factor

    BRCC point system

    I never said the HESI cut-off was lower 90's, I said that was the average.
  9. x_factor

    BRCC point system

    That's the only 3 criteria. GPA of the 5 required pre-reqs, HESI score, and then how many classes taken at BRCC. In that order. We were told that last admitted class had a cut-off GPA of 3.6 and the average HESI was in the lower 90's.
  10. x_factor

    Did you take all pre-reqs before applying?

    Because it beats waiting an extra year or longer to apply simply because you have a couple more classes to take. I'll be done with co-reqs this year, except for A&P II which I'm taking in the summer, so if I get accepted all of my classes will be done. I applied for fall admission to my program. However, my program only accepts once a year. I have classmates who will need to take a couple classes while in the program if they are accepted, however they are willing to put in the extra effort of the added classes rather than wait an entire extra year to apply to the program. I've had friends in nursing school take co-reqs along with their nursing classes. It can be difficult, but not impossible, and they were able to get through them just fine.
  11. x_factor

    Did you take all pre-reqs before applying?

    Not every school cares if you finish your co-reqs/pre-reqs before applying. My school only requires a handful of specific pre-reqs from the pre-req list and the GPA from those in deciding acceptance. The remaining classes can be completed at any point while in the program and play no role in whether you get accepted or not if you decide to do them before-hand. It'll obviously be a bit easier to not have to take them alongside nursing classes, but it's not a huge deal at many schools acceptance wise if you have some classes remaining when you apply. Depends on the school.
  12. x_factor

    grades for nursing program

    Not completely accurate. Many colleges actually base their admission into nursing programs on your cumulative GPA... the GPA of all previous college coursework.
  13. x_factor

    Can't add A&P II yet?

    No one can answer this except the advisor at your specific school, since each school's rules will vary when it comes to over-riding a class schedule. I suggest speaking with an advisor at your school in regards to scheduling the class.
  14. x_factor

    Math 99

    If it's a required math pre-req, then unfortunately you'll have to take it. The only way you'd possibly be grandfathered in is if maybe you were already in the nursing program when that became a pre-req. In that case it'd be highly unlikely they'd make you go back and take it. But since you are still pre-nursing and doing pre-reqs, and that is now a required pre-req, you'll have to most likely take it.
  15. x_factor

    D in statistics

    I'm not sure why you're taking a class such a statistics if it isn't a pre-req for your program, but in any case you took it and now have a D in it. My advice is to re-take it and aim for a better grade, otherwise that D will stay on your transcript and bring down your cumulative GPA quite a bit. Also, many nursing programs require statistics, so if you do not get accepted in the program you apply for, and attempt to apply somewhere that does require statistics, you'll be required to re-take it anyways for a much better grade. Better to re-take it now and get it out of the way.
  16. x_factor

    Math 99

    At many schools, classes below the 100 (or 1,000, depending on how their catalog is arranged) level are developmental courses. Each school is different though. What is Math 99 at your school? Is it developmental math? If you've taken the higher required math pre-reqs, like college algebra and statistics, I'm not sure why you'd be pushed back into developmental math, if that's what the class is. I suggest speaking with the advisor at your school about the class and why you are being required to take it.