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  1. nurseywifeymommy1

    Should I quit nursing school?

    If you don't want to be a nurse, don't waste your time. Life is too short. Now you know what you don't want to be-that's a positive. Move on. Find ur calling. Good luck
  2. nurseywifeymommy1

    Short nursing staff

    Oldernursedugup I am attracted to LTC for selfish reasons only. I didnt hv grandparents involved in my life. I like hearing about their lives growing up, what they were b4 turning 80. So much has changed in their lifetime. We hv a lady turning 102 today- that's exciting to me. She dresses herself, a bit confused and takes minimal meds. She has awesome genes! Now I hv an entire facility of them. 2nd, no one seems to care for them and I'm always for the underdog. Lastly I've never wanted to work in a hospital. I've spent enough time in them with sick relatives.
  3. nurseywifeymommy1

    Short nursing staff

    I think you guys are right. They have recently fired RNs and 3 hv quit. The one replacement doesn't look like she will make it. It's too bad you can't tell how much a nurse will care b4 they are hired or how much they are "into being a good nurse."
  4. nurseywifeymommy1

    Destroying medications

    Found my own answer. :)
  5. nurseywifeymommy1

    Destroying medications

    Medication Disposal Disposal of Unwanted or Unused Pharmaceuticals Fact Sheet Disposal of unused or unwanted pharmaceuticals is an emerging and complex environmental issue. http://www.epa.state.il.us/land/hazardous-waste/household-haz-waste/pharmaceuticals-disposal.html
  6. nurseywifeymommy1

    Destroying medications

    Yes annoying. Warfarin is a black box med and its crushed and flushed. To each his own. Water is the source of life that we can't live w/o.
  7. nurseywifeymommy1

    Destroying medications

    Yes I know there are worse things. Your reply is annoying and u didnt answer the question. Think back to phosphates used in detergent and what it did to lakes and ponds with the overgrowth of seaweed & algae. There are consciences to this flushing medication that treatment plants can't remove or the chemicals used to remove agents flushed.
  8. nurseywifeymommy1

    LPN...not good enough??

    That's her problem. I'm an LPN and I work with RNs, BSNs & NPs. We all respect eachother. I'm glad we don't hv egos where we work. They promote every is a on the same team.
  9. nurseywifeymommy1

    Destroying medications

    At the facility where I work, the DON and policy states we are to crush all discarded or expired medication, 2 nurses sign off and flush down the toilet. All patches are to be wrapped in TP and flushed. Isn't this illegal ? I work in IL. I feel like I'm contaminating our water. What should I do if anything? I'm not an organic freak- but this bothers me.
  10. nurseywifeymommy1

    Short nursing staff

    Just heard another nurse is quiting thru the grapevine.
  11. nurseywifeymommy1

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    So funny!! I've noticed that most of us are blonde slim to chubby and short. I'm 5 4 and blonde and tower over a few of them. I was hired & interviewed by women. I look young for my age, I'm 43 but look tops 33. I was hired straight out of nursing school.
  12. nurseywifeymommy1

    Short nursing staff

    I get so angry when we are short a nurse or 2. The pts suffer and so does the nursing staff. I know our LTC wants to keep costs down, but the pts don't get proper care and nurses get burned out and quit or miss important charting. When we are short I am responsible for 29 residents and 4 rehab pts. I hv never been so stressed out. The DON & ADON know this and aren't doing anything about it. I really like where I work but I'm getting worn out. Our charge nurse was brought to tears last week bc we are all overwhelmed. Does this happen everywhere? I'm dreading this week bc I know we will be short.
  13. nurseywifeymommy1

    Anyone near 60 starting as a CNA?

    I think you should volunteer. Or become a cna but be a "feeder" only. Back breaking work is right. You wont hv time to become attached or give good care bc u will hv too many pts. Don't do it.
  14. nurseywifeymommy1

    Working in LTC

    I work not for profit and the first post describes our place. We do get paid for the hours we work past our schedule. If ur not getting paid for the hours u work u need to contact the labor board.
  15. nurseywifeymommy1

    ltc job stress

    120 min to pass meds to 23 pts = 5min.21 sec I call this impossible !! Even if I didnt hv a hand full of interruptions between phone calls, cna issues and pts who take forever to take one pill. It's very stressful!!
  16. nurseywifeymommy1

    Tell the CNA to clock out and go home

    I wish our place was like that!!