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Luckyyou has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

adult CTICU, NICU, neonatal/pediatric ECMO specialist

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  1. Michigan Nursing License

    @jakrob123 I applied by endorsement (MO license first) and I don’t remember needing a TCN number! I booked through the identogo website via the MI BON application so maybe it was already included?
  2. Michigan Nursing License

    It took nine days from the day I mailed my fingerprint card.
  3. CVICU/Cardiac ICU Capstone/Preceptorship

    Things to study: common procedures - what’s a CABG? What kind of valves do we replace most often? What are the common complications or emergencies that can arise from these procedures? What are important things to assess on a post op patient? me...
  4. What is your "favorite" procedure?

    Bedside ECMO cannulation
  5. Best headbands?

    I love the thick headbands from Athleta. Have also had a lot of success with the Fly Away Tamers from lululemon and any of the ones from Maven Thread. I have a headband problem!!
  6. Why do so many cheerleaders enter nursing?

    The only ex cheerleader on my floor is a guy. He does a mean back handspring.
  7. How soon did you move out after graduating (BSN)?

    I was already living on my own by the senior year of my BSN program. Had my own apartment the first two years I was a nurse (no roommate) then bought a house. Had about 24k in loans I paid off in 4ish years. Low cost of living area, obviously. There ...
  8. How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    No shoes in the house of any variety!! I’m no germophobe but this one gets me. ?
  9. How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    After every single shift. Period. Ugh. Gross. Can’t fathom any other option.
  10. Salary Offer

    I am in the area and make $35/hr ish in one position and $39/hr ish in another with 8 years of nursing experience (this includes differentials for ICU experience and specialty roles).
  11. Birth Control and 12 Hour Shifts

    I’m a huge fan of my Nexplanon. I think the new ones are good for five years.
  12. NICU or Med-Surg

    I made the NICU to adult ICU switch. IV skills are a lot different. That’s the extent of the “big people skills” I felt I was at a disadvantage in. Otherwise, sure, there were new things to learn, but isn’t that the point of switching specialties? To...
  13. Running vassopressers separately?

    Depends upon what else you’re running — I would avoid putting them in line with anything I might bolus (insulin, sedation...) if at all possible. Of course, if all you have is a 22 in the thumb while you’re waiting on the docs to throw in a line, you...
  14. Fellow ECMO nurses

    I’m an ECMO nurse in a CTICU, and an ECMO primer/educator in another role. I don’t have any formal specialty certification for it though — who offers it? I just have CCRN, and ACLS/PALS. Taking CSC soon. I thought about perfusion for a bit too, but ...
  15. Advice

    So ... apply to the ER? What’s stopping you?