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just curious what field of nursing we all hope to work in one day? or what field we are interested to start out in? for myself someday i think i would like to work in labor&delivery, but first i... Read More

  1. by   All_Smiles_RN
    I'd like to work in cardiology. My son has two conditions, so cardiology just seems like the right fit.
  2. by   manna
    I'm guessing I'll figure it out sometime along the way (don't want to close my mind to any options).
  3. by   lisamc1RN
    As an LPN, I realize that my choices are more limited than I'd like, but here are my areas of interest.

    maybe even teaching

    I don't think I could do PICU or NICU, but maybe ICU? I guess we'll see!
  4. by   DCCCRN2Bn05
    I'd like to get my foot in the door as a nurse on the med/surg floor (preferably a monitored telemetry unit) then move on to CCU/ICU or possibly ER but like everyone else says, ya have to keep your mind open:uhoh21: so many choices!!!
  5. by   Twright49015
    long term care/geriatrics or surgery
    or labor delivery here
  6. by   LauraLou
    I hope to work in the NICU. There are several hospitals in my area that have NICU internships for new grads.

    I currently work as a nurse extern in Postpartum. While I enjoy the new mothers and their babies, I want to work in a higher acuity setting.

    Of course, I have only completed one semester of nursing school, so I may change my mind in the next year and a half.
  7. by   kkbaroness
    I hope to work in the OR when I graduate. I kinda prefer the patients that are sleeping. EEK!!
  8. by   Alexandres
    CRNA all the way....

    That is my long term goal and I'm sticking to it!

  9. by   PennyLane
    ED or ICU to start. I work as a tech in an ICU now and love it.

    Perhaps Burns, Oncology, or maybe a Level 1 Trauma center down the road.
  10. by   suzy253
    It's early yet but I'd like to get into burn nursing. I'll be shadowing a nurse sometime this summer in the level 1 trauma unit--burn unit to see what it's like.
  11. by   ayndim
    Labor and Delivery, although I am keeping my options open until I rotate through there. Eventually a CNM.
  12. by   wonderbee
    Quote from mom2three
    i'm interested in this discussion.... i have a question...

    upon entering nursing school, did you all have an interest towards a specific field? and, did the experience of clinicals totally change your mind and gravitate you towards another? in other words, where did you have your mind set to where you wanted to be, but where did you/or do you think you'll end up??
    when i started school, i didn't have any idea. my instructor saw me in critical care... icu. it was while working in med/surg when i had to deal with a patient crashing that i saw what she saw. so, at least for now, it's critical care.

    i believe that chatsdale is right. keep an open mind. until we've worked it, how do we know?
  13. by   malenurse1
    Because I am doing a Med-Surg internship I should be able to go straight to ICU when I pas my boards. Then after I spend about a year there on to the goal of NICU! I plan on becoming a nurse practicioner and specializing in neonatology.
    I just spent some clinical time in a NICU and the first thing the RN's told me was that if a "grown-up" goes down while you are here...you've got them...we don't deal with big people!