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allthingsbright specializes in LDRP.

Graduate 12/17/07 with AAS and have my 1st job in L&D all lined up!

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  1. allthingsbright

    OB T-shirt slogans?

    "Meconium Happens" or "Mec Happens" :thankya:
  2. allthingsbright

    NY: Handcuffed During Labor Now Barred

    Yes, I see this at my hospital. The pt stays handcuffed throughout labor with a corrections officer who is armed at her side at all times. Seems abusive IMHO--goes against everything I believe as a nurse. I can somewhat understand the safety aspect--heck, I've been put in a headlock by a nonincarcerated woman who was laboring. It was explained to me that these women had lost the freedom to even give birth in "freedom" and that they are truly dangerous no matter the circumstances. But what about human rights--this just pushes all my buttons on that front! I am so glad attention is being paid to this situation and the whole thing is being examined more closely!
  3. allthingsbright

    $ pay scale range

    I'm in the midwest--I've been a nurse since Dec 2007. Almost 8 mos in and I make 21.61 base plus 3.50 night diff and 1.25 weekends. So I am usually a little over $25/hr for weekday nights. Taxes take a lot out though! Best wishes.
  4. allthingsbright

    Infants and Hypothermia

    Wow, you should really follow up on this--I am shocked that this baby's condition would be so neglected. You should really voice your concerns and document somewhere that you did so. That temp is not compatible w/ life, and that baby should have been hospitalized and put in an incubator until stabilized.
  5. allthingsbright

    Do you find it hard to leave work at work?

    Yes, I absolutely have a hard time leaving work at work. It is pretty stressful and I am working on ways to wind down after work so that I stay healthy! Good luck!
  6. allthingsbright

    So stressed that I feel like quitting!

    I am 7 weeks into labor and delivery orientation--have been on orientation in OB on and off since January going through mother baby, newborn nursery and antepartum. I work in a teaching hospital w/ high risk patients. Anyway, I am just so overwhelmed! I feel like my lack of experience combined with having to be ON for 13 hrs at a time is so hard. Is it just me? Am I not cut out for nursing? Do other nurses feel this level of stress? AND will it get better? I want to give myself time before throwing in the towel but honestly dread going into work right now. C-sections scare the crap out of me: I feel like everything I do is screwed up. I come home and cant focus on the positive, although I know that I am a safe nurse and my patients are ok. Came home this morning and cried and cried--not over any particular thing, just the stress. Had a cervidil induction (on continuous monitoring) and a labor patient last night that has to go back for a section. I feel like I am so slow at everything I do and barely have a handle on all the multitasking. My preceptor was letting me do as much as possible on my own but she really had to step in and help. I have one more week on labor orientation and then they want me to be on my own. I feel like I need twelve more months! I actually feel much much better when I work MBU or APU, but labor is a nightmare. I dont want to quit-I want to make this work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this normal?????????????????:imbar:imbar
  7. allthingsbright

    efm during an epidural placement ?

    Yes, anesthesia speaks w/ the pt and they sign an actual anesthesia consent form.
  8. allthingsbright

    efm during an epidural placement ?

    I just try to keep the pt on as much as possible--it is kind of ridiculous but as long as I can intermittently trace reassuring HTs then I am cool. But man, those long placements wear me out! UGH!
  9. allthingsbright

    Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    This is so funny--just had a couple nurses last night say STATs over and over again for SATs and it was driving me bonkers!!!!!!
  10. allthingsbright

    Couldnt put in a foley!!

    I always look for a "wink" when I swab w/ the betadine--basically the betadine will pool in the urethra for a sec after you clean it and marks the spot! Good luck--you'll get it w/ practice.
  11. allthingsbright

    Best places to work as a labor and delivery nurse in new york?

    Thanks, great tip! :)
  12. allthingsbright

    Postponing inductions/sections when really busy?

    We actually had an emergent section come in the other day that bumped our scheduled section and then our OR had to be closed down unexpectedly for terminal cleaning. So we sent one of our scheduled sections to the "regular" OR. That put everyone else there late, so we were doing scheduled sections until 10PM and had to do them after our OR opened back up as the other OR was full. IT was screwed up. But yeah, we bump people. And they get pretty mad about it!!!!!!! I understand the anger/frustration, but patients have to realize we are a hospital and if an emergency comes along that takes precedence.
  13. Are any of you guys in the new york area? If so, how competitive is it to get into L&D in the area? I'll have a year and a half of experience as a high risk labor and delivery nurse who can circulate in the OR, work high risk antepartum and mother/baby. I'm going to be moving to NY, specifically Yonkers, and I looked in the NY forum but because I am an OB nurse, I wanted to go straight to you guys and see who's out there. I'm willing to go into the city to work, I'm just trying to get my bearings! :) Thanks in advance for the help! :bowingpur
  14. allthingsbright

    How to become an OB-GYN nurse?

    I also was hired right into OB after grad w/ an AS in nursing. I am 6 months in and am now working in labor and delivery. Good luck!
  15. allthingsbright

    I do not think I can make it in L&D... devastated

    Your story sounds so similiar to mine it is almost ridiculous (I was also a doula and am now in a large teaching hospital). I come off orientation soon and am scared out of my mind. I work high risk OB and it is crazy and overwhelming. I have a good day followed by two bad days and my confidence is extremely low. I'm planning on hanging in there and if I cant hack it go to mom/baby. But I am not giving up yet. Have your thought about changing hospitals? That would be an option for me as I think a lot of my stress is the patient population, level of acuity, etc. And I am with you on the IUFD's. They are really, really hard. Take care! PM me if you ever need to talk--we doulas need to stick together.
  16. allthingsbright

    HOPKINS: 20 minutes into the show

    It makes sense to me that the nurses didnt want to be filmed. My license is very important to me, and while I KNOW I practice excellent care, I dont want to be filmed at my job. Seems kind of risky. Think of the professional and social repercussions of being on a show like that? I guess I like my anonimity and enjoy protecting my and my patients privacy. I didnt catch the show--was too tired after working a thirteen hour shift where I didnt sit down the ENTIRE day. *sigh* How exciting is that? LOL!