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it's bad enough that the uniforms our school requires are so gross. button on apron & zip up top. because of the way the top are designed we all look like bells. all white with green trim. enough... Read More

  1. by   Natkat
    Try and remember every rule they make up for nursing school was because somebody somewhere didn't have the common sense to know what not to do.

    Part of nursing school is grooming students for the transition from "employee" to "professional". What might fly on one level is inappropriate for another. Be grateful for this. It will keep your fellow students from being an embarrasment to you. When a student does something wildly inappropriate it reflects on the whole class. Clinicals are difficult enough without having to deal with people treating you like you're all morons.
  2. by   rn/writer
    What you wear reflects not only on your class and your school, it also a reflection on the facility where you are doing your clinicals. Hospitals, clinics, offices all have dress codes and most of them are pretty particular when it comes to things like thongs and patterned undies that show through white.
    Some places give you plenty of leeway when it comes to the color of your scrubs so you can keep whatever is or isn't beneath them hidden.

    The rule of underwear: It should be your little secret.
  3. by   future L&Dnurse
    Unless they are going to routinely request that students drop their pants so they can check on the white undies, I think that you can wear whatever underwear you want as long as it's not visible through your pants. Beige, white, whatever. As long as it's not visible, who cares. I would bet quite a bit that this rule is not actually enforced as a "white underwear only" rule, but rather to remind girls that it's really not appropriate to wear a black lacy bra underneath your semi-transparent white scrub top.

    That said, It seems like kind of a pointless thing to get so worked up over. There are worse things in life - and nursing school - than white underwear.
  4. by   beth66335
    Quote from queenjean
    I hate the white undies rule; beige is better if you are a white person, brown or black better if you are darker skinned. Otherwise you might as well wear bright green, the white is like a beacon anyhow.

    There are newer "whites" that are advertised as "no see through." I haven't tried them, I don't wear whites, but look at the Jasco website to see if you can find them there.

    I agree, it rankled me to have my clothing rules spelled out so precisely--hello, we are all adults! However, it was totally true that there is someone in every class who is completely clueless and will totally screw it up for the rest of you. Discount scrubs has no see through too, but cheaper than Jasco.
  5. by   JoniL&DRN
    Sorry to side on behalf of the school in this but sometimes you just can't leave things unsaid. We had a girl first semester you wore a red bra. Not cute. Very visable and quite unprofessional. There is a nurse I know who wears a thong consistently. Fine, as long as it isn't sitcking out of the top of your pants. That's tacky... yuck. In the white pants you CAN see a thong unless it's skintone even through the "no see through" pants. We really have to consider what kind of image we project.

    I'm telling you some people really NEED to have it spelled out. They are out there.
  6. by   Bonny619
    nevermind, im beating a dead horse.
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  7. by   Luvelyone
    my program requires all white or skin tone undergarments and no thongs. at first, i thought it was a little intrusive, but after seeing what some people showed up to clinical wearing, it made sense.
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  8. by   Jessy_RN
    Quote from starbabyfive
    it's bad enough that the uniforms our school requires are so gross. button on apron & zip up top. because of the way the top are designed we all look like bells. all white with green trim. enough about that & if it stopped there i would be okay. but i was just going through the student handbook & it states that only white under pants are permitted and no thongs!!! give me a break. how can they tell us what undies to wear??? everybody knows that white under garments worn underneath white uniforms are gonna show. however bras were not mentioned. i think i'll find some bright red ones to wear. anybody else running into this???? i think if they were gonna tell us what to wear it should have been beige 'cause that dosen't show through. sorry this is so long.
    because i have seen this before and has created issues........(students wearing thongs that show over the waist, and/or thongs with super-skin-tight white scrub pants).........i can see why the school implemented the same rule as yours.

    there are a few girls who look down right 'trashy' every opportunity they is truly disrespectful to the rest of us and patients. (not that you wear anything like that).

    bottome line, because of a few bad apples...........the rest suffer.

    i buy white or beige lycra (seemless) brief panties and i live. they are quite confy too.
  9. by   DutchgirlRN
    When I was a SN we wore (believe it or not) green and white striped pants uniforms with matching caps. Our instuctor would occasionally have a panty check. I got caught once with flag panties on. I wore white everyday. That particular time was because my parents were out of town for a week and Mom wasn't there to do the laundry. Of course I wasn't going to do it so flag panties were perfectly acceptable to me. I don't remember what my punishment was but I can still see her face. She made some kind of comment about being young and thin.
  10. by   Msnurselaura
    I agree, Shouldn't you be more worried about trying to learn all the info.

    I purchased some Beige undies, and tried them on with my pants, I don't want people staring at my but when I bend over.

    Good luck in NS. I start in July....
  11. by   not now
    I bought Hanes chonies that look like men's tighty whities (they even had a fake pee hole!) in white. They were comfy, covered my butt and I knew that when I was on a gurney trying to transfer a patient anyone behind me caught only a view of my skinny butt in white chones, not too exciting.

    My issue with thongs is this: Scrubs are thin cotton. I can't imagine the only thing between my rear and all the hospital germs is a thin layer of cotton scrubs. When I got my butt covering cotton chones on I don't get icked out so easily when I sit/crawl/lean in a patients room.

    A previous poster said that you'll have more things to worry about in school than chones. Believe them!
  12. by   bekindtokittens
    My school requires the students to wear white scrubs also. I haven't tried out any of the "no-show" scrubs yet, but I have purchased a nice, thick pair of Dickies scrubs. I tried them on with my white grans on, bent over a little, and I could still see the panties a bit. I can't imagine how some bright red, checkered, lacy thongs would look, so I sure hope my school also implements a white/beige undergarment rule. I think it's crazy that people have to be told these things anyway.
  13. by   katilynn
    I wear low rise thongs. They don't stick out the top of my pants, and i don't have underwear lines. I figure that is more professional than picking underwear out of my butt all day, now that's tacky!