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DutchgirlRN has 33 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in OB, M/S, HH, Medical Imaging RN.

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  1. DutchgirlRN

    Curious...using the title "Doctor" for a DNP...

    i don't know whose end you're referring to but it draws no conclusion for me. i think that's an unfair statement.
  2. DutchgirlRN

    When people say they are nurses but not...

    i was really curious, is it ever enforced? so i looked on my state website to see if anyone has actually been prosecuted for using the title nurse. this is what i found. it is public record for all to see but i still have removed their city of residence as well as their last names. www.tennessee.gov/health licensee: shannon h, unlicensed violation: practicing nursing without a license in violation of t.c.a. 63-7-103 and t.c.a. 63-7-112. no person shall use the title "nurse", assume such titles or use such words, letters or signs to indicate that this person is a licensed professional nurse. action: assessed $29,500.00 in civil penalties, plus cost cordell hull building, 3rd floor 425 fifth avenue north nashville, tn 37247 licensee: ann o. unlicensed violation: any person who holds a license to practice practical nursing under this chapter shall, during the effective period of such license, be entitled to use the title "nurse," assume such titles or use such abbreviation "l.p.n." no other person shall assume such titles or use such abbreviation or any other words, letters or signs to indicate that the person using the same is a licensed practical nurse. action: assessed $23,000.00 in civil penalties, plus costs
  3. DutchgirlRN

    Curious...using the title "Doctor" for a DNP...

    my husband had robotic surgery for adneocarcinoma of the prostate a couple of weeks ago, at vanderbilt no less. the next morning the urology surgical resident (who had been in the or) came in to examine my husband. i asked him where the urethral astamosis was. he looked at me like i was nuts. "the urethra wasn't cut". i didn't say a word. later the surgeon came around and i asked him the same question. he said the astamosis was at the base of the bladder because they had taken the bladder neck for pathology. i thanked him and never mentioned the resident. i figured in good time he'll find out he was wrong
  4. DutchgirlRN

    Are there any nurses who actually enjoy their jobs?

    i currently have 2 jobs and i enjoy them both. i work 60 hours a week because my husband is out of work and he has $16,000 worth of medical bills that are not covered by insurance. 60 hours won't cover everything but it's what i have to do. luckily i have two jobs that i enjoy. i work in medical imaging at the hospital and i find it very enjoyable. i take care of one patient at a time. from brief history, starting the iv, checking labs, giving contrast, conscious sedation, im sedations, iv lopressor and iv hydrations and an occasional tilt table. when i'm done with one patient i move onto the next. :wink2: the other days i work home health. i enjoy visiting the patients in their homes. i enjoy the freedom to drive around, stop when i need to stop, run an errand, use the phone while driving (not on the interstate however) eat when i'm hungry, use the bathroom when i need to, etc.... :wink2: allnurses is my relaxing down time. time for me...
  5. DutchgirlRN

    under the influence at work/sleeping on the job

    i think once you've made your concerns known to both her director and hr then there's nothing more that you can do. since neither seemed concerned i'm sure that they know more about her condition and the needs for the meds. her doctor obviously knows she is pregnant and continues to prescribe these medications. she is under no obligation to devulge to anyone precisely why she needs these medications. i understand how you feel but understand that sometimes all we can do is stand by and pray. be glad you don't own any copability in this situation if it's a bad as you say.
  6. DutchgirlRN

    what to do if...

    i believe it's against the tos for any member to offer any type of legal advice. i can tell you it's not unusual for the nurses involved to be put on suspension until the issue is resolved. it doesn't imply that one or the other or both is guilty. if your friend is truly innocent, and i believe you, then justice will prevail.
  7. DutchgirlRN

    Nurses malpractice insurance

    i believe that blanket statements are inappropriate and unfair to the person asking who really does not know what to do. a person may feel that malpractice insurance is a waste of money but many others have valid reasons for buying it. even if it's for their peace of mind it is $97 well spent for them. in my situation, i know the hospital tells us they have us covered but i've not seen that in writting anywhere. for a mere $8.09 a month i'm not taking any chances but that's just my decision. it may not be right for others. each person must make up their own mind.
  8. DutchgirlRN

    Curious...using the title "Doctor" for a DNP...

    if a nurse has obtained a doctors degree whether it be in nursing, nursing management or as a dnp, that nurse has every right to use that title in a clinical setting, as does a pt, an rd, etc... misrepresenting themselves as a medical doctor is what would be inappropriate. i personally have yet to see that happen. my np's advice is just as important to me as that of my physician. she has diagnosed me correctly more often than her boss the doctor. doctors don't corner the market on brains just because they went to school longer. i can't tell you the number of times that this one lowly little nurse has saved the doctors gluteus maximus and the doctors i work with know that nurses routinely look out for them and they respect us as colleagues.
  9. DutchgirlRN

    When people say they are nurses but not...

    best of luck to you meli in your new nursing career. you're off to a great start, you've already learned that there is always something new to be learned. nursing changes on a daily basis. nurses don't know it all and we don't mind admitting it. :ancong!:
  10. DutchgirlRN

    Ankle Sprain Need Advice

    it would be best to wait and see what your doctor has to say about it. besides you'll surely need a note from him anyway. i hope it feels better soon.
  11. DutchgirlRN

    I have a question to ask.......

    med/surg is the best experience you can get. once you have a year or more of med/surg under your belt the world of nursing is yours. i absolutely loved med/surg for years....then i got to the point where i just could not do it one more day. it wasn't that i didn't like it anymore i just couldn't physically do it anymore. i'm 52 so alot older than you. you have alot of good med/surg years ahead of you. concentrate on what you like about med/surg, learn all that you can. best of luck!
  12. DutchgirlRN

    pt. suspected drug user

    allnurses is private. every word is moderated and when a member posts their name, address, phone, or e-mail address it is removed from their post. if a member chooses to devulge some bit of information about themselves such as where they work or where they currently are on vacation, etc...then they are solely to blame for that information being made public. it is no fault of the site or the moderators. i was once referred to a different site. i went to check it out. they actually expected me to enter my state and license number to verify that i am a bonafide nurse. i don't even let my employer have a copy of my license, they are only allowed to inspect it and make a note of the number. but....what does any of this have to do with the op? just curious.
  13. this site seems to have everything you need: http://www.discovernursing.com/
  14. DutchgirlRN

    Becoming an NP with little to no nursing experience??

    vanderbilt university will take a person with a bs in any field into their np program and you come out in 2 years ready to work....prescribe...etc.....i think that's irresponsible. my pcp had one such np working for him and shall we say it did not last long....she was fired after a couple of weeks. tuition per semester, not including books is $32, 287.00 now that's per semester. room and board is another $11,446 per semester.
  15. DutchgirlRN

    Curious...using the title "Doctor" for a DNP...

    psychiatrists' inpatients are required to have a h&p the same as any patient, it is done by the hospitalist or the patients pcp if available. fixing the mind does work to fix the body. there is a mind-body connection and it works both ways. a sick body can likewise sicken the mind. i work with radiologists and they know "zip" about medications. i've had them tell me "if we had a code i'd probably pee in my pants" or "a code is my worst fear". are they good radiologists, yes! exceptional! every has their place. the trick is to not over-step it. my dh was at the oncologist and saw a np, when she left the room he said "thank you dr", she turned and said "no i'm a nurse, a nurse practitioner, but you're quite welcome". that's practicing responsibily imho
  16. DutchgirlRN

    I've been a nurse for......

    thanks i'm a proud member!