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  1. future L&Dnurse

    Moving to abq schools?

    UNM is based on gpa, science especially, your application essays, and letters of recommendation. They also prefer to take New Mexico residents and really like previous experience in health care as a tech or volunteer or something.
  2. future L&Dnurse

    Moving to abq schools?

    UNM does not have a waiting list, actually. You have to complete 2 or so years of prereqs and apply for the nursing program, and then you either get in or you don't. It is fairly competitive, but there's no waiting list. CNM does have a waiting list, I understand it to be about 3 years long at the moment. I don't know about the other programs available in NM.
  3. future L&Dnurse

    Can I still go to clinical??

    The best person to answer your question is your clinical instructor. That said, I have chronic problems with tendonitis and what I suspect is carpal tunnel in one wrist. My wrist started aching last semester and I had to wear a brace for about 3 weeks to let it rest and make it stop hurting. I wore the brace to clinical - I asked for help with any lifting or moving, I pulled an extra-large glove on over the brace if I needed gloves. Not a big deal, it worked out just fine. Ask your instructor, he or she is the best person to know whether you can do it or not, but in my experience you probably can, as long as you aren't doing heavy lifting with that hand.
  4. future L&Dnurse

    Why are some nursing students so negative?

    I'm guilty of being negative about nursing school more often than I'd like. Like you, I loved pre-reqs, my husband is the best guy ever and is so supportive, good grades, pre-reqs finished before clinicals (don't they have to be?). It's still stressful. I think it's a coping mechanism in a way, just like the very dark humor you see on a lot of floors between nurses. I blow off steam at school, and get all the negativity out of my system by complaining with classmates who can commiserate, so that I can go home and enjoy my family. I second the suggestion that you should print out that list and read it every day, truly, because it will probably help remind you why you're doing this to yourself (I would guess that we all think that at least once during nursing school). It's stressful, and I think that's the biggest reason for the negativity.
  5. future L&Dnurse

    NEED HELP for finding articles!!

    http://www.mdconsult.com/ if your school has privileges, you can access this website and search there. The very large majority of articles I've used in school have come from this site, it is a lifesaver.
  6. future L&Dnurse

    Too little effort?

    Yeah, 1st semester was a little different for me, too. I didn't feel overwhelmed by the work load in my 1st semester - it was a lot but I could keep on top of it. 2nd semester was harder, 3rd semester kicked my butt and was really challenging for me. I'm in my last semester now and it is ridiculously low-stress. I'm tired, but that's because I'm apparently just a little bit crazy and am doing 3 12-hour overnight shifts a week right now, on days that I have class and can't go right to sleep. But that's my own fault, I could have refused nights and done some other clinical rotation, or I could quit my job, so the tiredness is avoidable in 4th semester in my program. I do hope that it remains as manageable and pleasant for you, though. Every program is different, and hopefully you've just got the perfect fit and will remain low on stress throughout the whole program :).
  7. I was a SAHM so even $1 is a salary increase for me, but I would do this even if I was taking a big pay cut. There's some value in loving what you do, and in making a difference, and while you can't assign a $$$ value to that, I personally value it a lot more than money. I'd rather make less and love what I do, you know?
  8. future L&Dnurse

    5 weeks of free time, should I work or study

    I'd work one or two days, and study the rest of the time. :) (and actually plan to do exactly that with my own free time that I will have in a couple of weeks),
  9. future L&Dnurse

    How long did you stay in school?

    5.5 years total (3 as a nursing major). I started out in a different major, took some time off to have babies, and then started back in nursing.
  10. future L&Dnurse

    How overwhelmed and/or tired will I be?

    If you're deeply attached to your 8 hours of sleep per night, my biggest piece of advice is to chat with people further along in the program that you trust and find out if there are any classes where you don't really need to do the reading. And do your assignments as early as possible so you can work on them a little at a time so you aren't up all night finishing them (I am a big procrastinator, this happened to me a lot). It really depends on the person, I think, how tired and overwhelmed you feel. I had weeks and months where I was exhausted and sick of it and wanted to quit, and I had weeks and months where I was fine. It just depends. Good luck!
  11. I graduate in May, turned in an application for my top choice position in the 2nd week of March, and have accepted the position from HR as of last week. It seems like midway through your last semester is the typical time frame. You can try to talk to the unit director if you know where you want and see what he or she suggests.
  12. future L&Dnurse

    RN students/moms....give me an idea of what it's like...

    I agree with the suggestion that you have backup plans for your backup plans, and then back up THOSE plans. You need to have a nice big group of people who can help with your kids, be available if you can't go pick up a feverish baby from day care because you have a final exam, etc. Student nurses who have kids are a lot more common than I would have thought, in my experience it seems like MANY new moms have their first "real" experience with nursing when they give birth and just want to be the ones providing that care, whether in women's health or anywhere else in the hospital. It's also a great career for a mom, the hours can be so fantastic for a parent (seriously, where else can you work 3 days a week and make a comfortable salary?) - so you'll probably meet other moms in your classes. I wasn't ever able to do this but I think it would be AWESOME to set up a nursing student playgroup, so the kids could run around and have fun together while the moms studied. I am militant about my kids bedtimes, I have been since they were itty bitty, and that has helped me a lot. I KNOW that if they're in bed by 8pm, I have at least 2-3 hours of good, solid studying time that will be mostly uninterrupted. We also do "homework" together - I study and they draw or work on school work. One other tip, if your instructors are really strict about cell phones and you (like me) are not willing to be unreachable in case of an emergency, I would let them know on day one that you need to keep your phone on vibrate in your pocket, just in case. I have set my phone to vibrate if my kids' schools call, but anything else is silent, so if I get a call I know it's about my kids. That has been helpful for me, too. Good luck! It will go by so fast and your whole family will benefit from your new career.
  13. future L&Dnurse

    Failed clinical because...

    I remember learning in my very first skills class that you NEVER tie anything to any part of the bed that moves. Not restraints, not foleys, not vent tubing, nothing. Isn't that a really basic rule? I hope that she takes her year off to really think about what it means to be a nurse and how big the responsibility is, so when she comes back she remembers to stop and think about what she's doing before she does it, and hopefully will never cause that kind of needless pain and complication to a patient again. We all make mistakes, this is a big one, and I hope she learns from this one and is successful when she tries again.
  14. future L&Dnurse

    HESI Disappointment

    We have GOT to be classmates. I private messaged you. :)
  15. future L&Dnurse

    A Poem for Nursing Students who are Moms

    That's awesome. :)
  16. future L&Dnurse

    I need to interview nurses who have worked for 1,5, and 10 years.

    Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I didn't end up subscribed to the thread for some reason and didn't know you'd posted! Thank you so much for the offer! I interviewed someone I work with who has 1 year of experience during my last shift, so I won't need to interview you also, but I really appreciate your willingness to help. Thanks so much, this is why I like allnurses.com . Thank you for the offer!