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  1. mshultz

    Do you ever wash your scrubs with whites?

    I think I did that when I first moved away from home. I still have a couple of red bedspreads that I use as drop cloths, but they do not get washed with other clothes. It's so nice to have my own washer and dryer, always clean and in perfect repair. Sometimes a commercial dryer would throw a snit and overheat my clothes. The resulting wrinkles were pretty much permanent.
  2. mshultz

    Do you ever wash your scrubs with whites?

    What color are your scrubs? Red is never safe, even after years, as I know from personal experience. I would not risk intense colors like the purple scrubs shown in the ad associated with this thread, either. My 22 year old washer and dryer (at 2 loads a week, I expect them to be part of my estate) have only cotton and permanent press settings. As a guy, I only buy permanent press clothes that will "play nice" with the rest of the laundry.
  3. mshultz

    If you have rec' d the H1N1 vaccine - please report

    I received the vaccine yesterday, December 15. This was the first day it was available to the general population in my county. I had a slight soreness for half a day at the injection site (right deltoid). No other symptoms. On the other hand, a 25 year old man in my county died from H1N1 complications within the past week. He probably never had the opportunity to receive the vaccine.
  4. mshultz

    Skull Indentations...Normal?

    My skull has lumps and dents. No history of head trauma. Luckily for me, I have a full head of hair.
  5. mshultz

    Son angry when hospital staff call 911

    Duplicate post. There seem to be problems both with my DSL connection and with posting to Allnurses.com.
  6. mshultz

    Son angry when hospital staff call 911

    I am not a healthcare worker, but many years ago, I took an EMT-A course. Although I never joined a squad, it was still valuable training. When I was doing the hospital ED part of the training, they sent me out to the curb, by myself, to transfer a patient from the front passenger seat of a car to a wheelchair. There is only enough room for one person inside of a car door. I am a smallish male (5'8" and about 150 pounds then). Luckily for me, she was a little old lady, and I was able to place her into the wheelchair without difficulty. As soon as I got her inside, someone was waiting there to take care of her. At the time, I wondered why they kept having me assist with lifting patients, when we never studied that in EMT-A school (they also had me take rectal temperatures on a 12 year old boy, which was something else we never practiced, but that's another story). It was not until I started reading this forum that I understood. Unless there was a male doctor, I was the only male in the ED, and I was taller and stronger than the females. As a smallish, nonathletic male with thick glasses and allergies, it never occurred to me that I was the best available choice for physical labor.
  7. mshultz

    New EMS Rescue Tool

    Those scissors are listed by Hach Company as Clippers (Shears) for $15.45. I use them to open powder pillows. Since they are included in a picture of extraction tools, I guess they must be sturdy enough to cut seat belts.
  8. mshultz

    Still penny pinching

    Here are the 2007 census household incomes. The upper chart is unadjusted, the lower chart has all of the years converted to 2007 dollars: http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/income/histinc/f01AR.html As the chart is divided into fifths: Second fifth range: $27,865 - $49,510 Third fifth range: $49,511 - $75,000 Fourth fifth range: $75,001 - $112,638 So 60% of households earn from $27,865 to $112,638
  9. I earned my BA in 1979, so yes, I remember going to the library for term paper research, and also typing papers with a typewriter. I also remember computer punch cards, and waiting 90 minutes average for the mainframe to run my programs. Walter Williams wrote a commentary: Academic dishonesty discounting worth of a degree. He said that due to grade inflation, an Ivy League education is not what it once was. While I respect Walter Williams, and do not have an Ivy League education, my experience with the college system is quite different. I took a few classes after graduating, and then started back part time in 1993. Because most of my classes are undergraduate, I can directly compare recent classes to past classes. It's true that average GPA is higher, but much of this is due to more liberal drop policies. We learned far more in recent computer classes than we ever did in the mainframe punch card era. I have written far more research papers with the computer and internet than I ever did with the library and typewriter. We cover far more in class with PowerPoint handouts and downloads than we ever did taking notes by hand. I greatly prefer today's world of personal computers and the internet. However, these advances in technology have resulted in an increase in student knowledge, not a reduction in student time.
  10. mshultz

    Still penny pinching

    Williss2: Where do you live? Standard of living is wages divided by cost of living. The denominator (cost of living) is more important than the numerator (wages) because it varies more. I am not a healthcare worker, but my wages are perhaps somewhat above what the average BSN earns. This combined with a low cost of living where I am gives me a very good standard of living. I call my financial philosophy the 6 Don'ts: Don't smoke Don't drink Don't do drugs Don't gamble Don't borrow money Don't drive more than 6,000 miles a year You'll be amazed at how fast you can accumulate money. My neighborhood includes a new development of very nice large houses. Looking at my modest Cape Cod, you would think that my income would be below average. I was shocked when it turned out the average neighborhood income was slightly below the median; about $15,000 less than I make. I guess I know where their money is going. I found this out because we are going to get city sewers, and grant money for the project depends on neighborhood income.
  11. mshultz

    Failure to Respond to Jury Summons

    Here in Ohio, the actual penalties for failing to report for jury duty vary by county and even by judge (as opposed to the written law). In Wayne County, they would probably just ignore you (perhaps because so many of us take our civic duties seriously that there is no shortage of jurors reporting for duty). On the other hand, I know of a person in an adjacent county who was charged with contempt of court. He told them that he might have to leave the country during the time he was eligible for duty. Unfortunately for him, he was called for duty when he was out of the country. The fact that he had told them in advance made no difference to the court. Maybe he was able to have this charge removed from his "permanent record" by serving at a later date. I do not know. As far as breastfeeding, at one trial the judge dismissed a juror for that reason. At another trial, a different judge did not like to excuse anyone for any reason. When I was on county grand jury this year, all 9 of us had perfect attendance for the 4 Friday sessions. I guess this was unusual. It made for short days, since nobody had to be brought in as a substitute and brought up to speed.
  12. mshultz

    Bangkok Morning

    I hope this catches on in America some day!
  13. mshultz

    Ahhh crap!

    The bed is supposed to be lowered when the patient is unattended? I am not a healthcare worker, but was an ICU patient in 2003. I would lower the bed when I needed to get out, and then raise it back up after I was back in bed. The nurses never adjusted bed height. I even wished for a digital height display so that I could get it back into the precise position it was in when I was transferred from the ED to the ICU! As a student, of course, you have to follow instructions. Also, I was alert and oriented, and not a fall risk.
  14. mshultz

    24 Things ER Nurses Know All Too Well

    Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia are controversial diagnoses. Some consider them to be actual diseases, while others consider them to be malingering. The malingering camp thinks that Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia patients use their "illnesses" to get things they want (narcotics and other mind-altering drugs), and to avoid things they do not want (having to work for a living). Wikipedia has excellent articles on malingering, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia.
  15. Are you getting enough sleep? I have had this happen to me. If I am sleepy to the point where I am no longer learning anything, I take a nap, and then continue to read afterward.
  16. mshultz

    So smart they are dumb?

    in general, i agree with your theory. while some people are able to learn more than others, we all have our limits. in addition, we are all limited by time. there are 24 hours in a day. time spent reading is time that can not be spent in other areas, such as developing social skills. there is also a degree of self selection involved. we tend toward those activities in which we have the most talent. that is why i take college courses rather than play sports. however, being a health care practitioner requires some degree of social skills. perhaps this doctor would be better suited in research.

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