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  1. Bonny619

    Possibly a silly question

    Ok, I see it was a silly question because I realize this is a distance education forum. But if anyone knows, I'd still appreciate the answer!
  2. Bonny619

    Possibly a silly question

    Are there any RN to BSN online programs WITHOUT any on-site clinicals? Or rather....any truly online programs? Is this just not possible?
  3. Bonny619

    Do all nurses get assaulted by patients?

    Ive been a new nurse for about 6 months and I've been slapped, pinched and punched at. Lovely, confused patient's...
  4. Bonny619

    Pay issues

    I got that sense too or rather just a disgruntled paramedic annoyed at the salary of RN's
  5. Bonny619

    Pay issues

    For a new grad, I feel my salary is more than reasonable. I lucked out with a high paying hospital.
  6. Bonny619

    What shift to work for a new grad??

    Yep, the extra pay is nice too!
  7. Bonny619

    Patients who are too lazy to open their own splenda packets

    I'll always remember this story...my mom was a postpartum nurse and she was discharging a woman home, she came into the room and the woman was in the bathroom bending over, yelling at my mom to..."WIPE MY BUTT" My mom basically said, uh...no. You're going home in 1 hour and you are going to be taking care of a baby, you need to be able to wipe your own butt.
  8. Bonny619

    Has anyone passed w/o many SATA???

    I had 3 or 4 SATA and 2 math questions. The rest were priority and delegation. I passed back in January.
  9. Bonny619

    What shift to work for a new grad??

    I took a night shift position and could not be happier. They trained me for 4 weeks on the day shift, then 4 weeks nights....I think it was great getting that day shift experience in because it made me feel like I could really take on the night shift with no problem. I love that I have the time to really sit and read all of the H&P and progress notes. I feel like I have a really good understanding of my patient by the time I give report in the morning.
  10. Bonny619

    Where was your first nursing job?

    I've always wanted postpartum but I did take a job on a medical/surgical floor. I lucked out, the floor is amazing. The people I work with are wonderful, the patient's are great...I love my job as a new grad and I've only been by myself for about 3 weeks! lol
  11. Bonny619

    "Big Money"

    The pay helps...I went from working at Target through school to making a good chunk of change per hour here in San Diego. It makes the tough times easier. I don't think anything is wrong with that. Job security is huge as well.
  12. Bonny619

    The soap, the gloves or BOTH.

    What's even weirder is that my right hand is 75% worse than my left. I have no idea why. My left hand is itchy but there are no bumps on my left hand, only my right.
  13. Bonny619

    The soap, the gloves or BOTH.

    Thanks again everyone for the advice. No more latex gloves for me. I know one other nurse at night that wears the non latex, they'll just have to keep more handy!
  14. Bonny619

    The soap, the gloves or BOTH.

    Thank you everyone for the tips! I'll start using the latex free gloves and I'll see how that works. I think it must be a combo of the constant washing and the latex gloves. I am prone to allergies such as hay fever and of all things..melons. I think I should see a doctor about my allergies and get tested.
  15. Bonny619

    The soap, the gloves or BOTH.

    My hands are an itchy, bumpy, red mess. I'm a new grad, been working for about 5 weeks now. I have no idea if it's the soap or the gloves or both. They do not use latex free gloves at my hospital, but we do have them....I suppose I should start keeping some in my pocket. How do I know if it's the soap or the latex? I really hope it's not a latex allergy. Any thoughts? I was even dreaming about my itchy hands last night, that's how bad they are.
  16. Bonny619

    Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    I am a new RN and I have not encountered this AT ALL. Everyone on my floor is amazing and supportive. I love it.