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I play the role of mother to a chihuahua,himalayan cat, & an african grey parrot. I plan to start my schooling for LPN in August 2007

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  1. starbabyfive

    Happy New Year, LPNs!

    happy new year to you, pagandeva!!! :smiley_aa although i'm an lpn student, i hope to be an lpn in 2008!!! :w00t:
  2. starbabyfive

    LPN clinical schedule.....this seems like alot!

    the 11 month program i'm in presently, started clinical the 8th week. since then clinical days are 3 days a week (wed-fri) at one facility, for 6weeks. then go to new facility 3 days a week for another 6 weeks then change again.
  3. starbabyfive

    Friends and nursing school

    I tend to agree with SandyCadet, I thought I had found one or two close friends, but I was wrong. I too found out just before Christmas break. Ironically enough, my situation was also confirmed as we are on break. It's sad to say, but I too have decided to go 'solo' through the next half of school. My priority is to get the education I'm paying for. Period! I'm not paying to make friends.
  4. starbabyfive

    Finally done!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :balloons: :yelclap: :smiley_aa :biere: You deserve to CELEBRATE!!!!:w00t:
  5. starbabyfive

    1 down 3 to go..

    hey mystixq... remember me???? wooohooo congratulations!!!! i'm still hangin' in there myself but don't get online too much any more. just too much studying to do. but... today was my last day of clinical until the new year. i need this break so bad......bet you do too!!! lol :santa1: :holly2: enjoy your break, i know i'm going to!!!!
  6. starbabyfive


  7. starbabyfive

    We are told not to

    that makes two of us.....well, I'm taking a study break....hehe
  8. starbabyfive

    Every nursing student's nightmare

    Mystiqx, So sorry to hear you have been under the weather. Hope you feel better soon. (((hugs)))
  9. jillybean, can't believe it's you!!!!!! i'm pretty darn sure i know who you are!!! you & i are supposed to study for a digestive exam that we have on mon. you're supposed to give me a call sometime sun afternoon. didn't go to beth's party, did you??? by the way.....:welcome: to allnurses glad to have you aboard. you'll enjoy this site!!! don't forget to give me a call. i haven't studied much this weekend. yikes.:uhoh21: one more thing.... you gotta be careful, coz this site can be addicting!!!!
  10. starbabyfive

    hello everyone

    best of luck to you, joannd!!! :) just finished my fifth week in the lpn program. we can do this!!!! we will do this!!!! you have a great weekend too!
  11. starbabyfive

    So just how intense is it?

    Anjieleelee, Just wanted to let you know that 'The Commuter' & 'pagandeva' know whereof they speak!!! I have just completed my 5th week of LPN school. There has not been a day since I started that I studied less than 2 hours. That includes weekends! Average study time for me is 2-3 hours. More if needed. As far as the house work--let it go!! I usually don't even do dishes all week. I get caught up with laundry & dishes, etc. on the weekend. No, you do not have to be extremely 'smart' to get through the program. However, determination is a priority. As well as time management/organization. Is the program intense? YES! Can you do it? YES! It's all up to you.
  12. starbabyfive

    Seeking a buddy..( LPN student)

    hello, just now reading this post for the first time. i too, could be your buddy. i'm 49 and started my lpn program 3 1/2 weeks ago. i'm not married presently but do have a daughter. i hadn't been in a classroom in 30 years. i had test anxiety just taking the net!!!! i'm not usually on allnurses during the week. simply because i need to stay on track with my reading assignments, etc. i usually check in on this site on fri, sat & sun. occasionally if workload is light i will jump on here & check things out. i'm in an 11 month program. i'm more than willing to encourage & give support. well....and maybe even get some in return. best of luck as you begin your journey.
  13. starbabyfive

    Failed NET!!

    absolutely retake the test. i didn't pass mine the first time simply because of test anxiety. passed the 2nd time. tomorrow will be the "one week" mark for me!!!:nuke: (started lpn program aug 1st) so far-so good!!! you can do it!!! go for it!!! best of luck!!! uh-oh what am i doing online? i have studying to do...gotta go!
  14. starbabyfive

    acceptance letter

    congratulations!!!!! :balloons: :smiley_aa :yelclap: awesome!!!
  15. godsgift2, it's funny you should mention having a test the first day. because actually we were suppose to. guess we got lucky!?! :wink2: best of luck to you. it sounds like you are off to a good start.
  16. dconnors, i just started my program wed. of this week. the last three days have been a whirlwind to say the least!!! all i can say is get ready for the ride of your life. i'm normally on allnurses a few times a day. this is the first i could even think about it since tues night. i'm serious. i've been in school now for 3 days & have had a quiz on day 2 & day 3. lots of reading homework that started on day one. also have participated in 3 'group' projects' per day that are also graded. oh yeah, lectures!!!please, please, please, do not let this frighten you in any way. because, so far it has been exciting, rewarding, scary, fun & interesting all at the same time. i have another quiz on mon. & an exam on tues.!!!! my advice: buckle your seat belt for the ride!!! sorry this is so long. best of luck to you! let us know how it goes:)