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New fun thread. Please finish the sentence: NO she/he did not: Mine: NO SHE DID NOT WALK INTO CLASS WITH a RED THONG CLEARLY SHOWING UNDER HER UNIFORM!:smackingf... Read More

  1. by   meluhn
    No he did not try to ellicit a pain response from a patient who was a&o x3
  2. by   AZSamiLPN
    Walk into a room full of recovering drug addicts and say out loud, "Man! I really needed my fix!" while holding a 20 oz bottle of Dr. Pepper!
  3. by   AZSamiLPN
    In my psych class earlier this week, we were talking about Anorexia and our instructor asked if anyone of us had ever dealt with someone that had gone through it. I said I did, and some student said out loud, "Well, apparently she doesn't have THAT problem anymore!" I don't think she meant for me to hear it. I didn't mean I was the one that had anorexia, but I had dealt with it before. I stood up and glared at her. I was quickly escorted out of the classroom by some of the other students while our instructor had a talk with her.
  4. by   nightshiftnut
    -Ask to take the blood pressure of a patient that was a bilateral amputee.
    -Ask the male patient why he was "peeking" at her with one open eye.....he only had one eye!
    -Ask the instructor if eggs could be pureed and placed down a G-tube.
    -Label the foley catheter with a feeding tube label by accident.
    -Place a ducolax suppository in the vagina..(the nurse said it slipped!)
    -Accidently dump the enema bucket on the other nurses head.
    -Try to give meds to a patient orally who had a feeding tube. Patient was unable to swallow and had no gag reflex.
    -Wore striped panties under uniform white bottoms.
    -Forget to wear a slip under white uniform skirt...ooops!
    -The other nurse on duty did not leave a whopping fart behind the pulled curtain when I was assessing my patient.
    -No that patient did not just leave a stinker in my face when I turned them on their side to listen to their lungs. They must have been "blowing me a kiss."
    -Just take that confused patients order and offer substitutions for breakfast (while writing it all on a piece of paper and repeating the order back...because the patient thought she was a "waitress" because she was in white.
  5. by   Annisme a code and start chest compressions on a patient who was bradycardic. The patient opened her eyes and said "stop that! It hurts!" The nurse was shocked and the patient was transferred to ICU to stablize her heart rate.
    It wasn't me (thank God), I had her in ICU.
  6. by   Angie1011
    Had one fellow student ask our instructor on an OB/GYN placement if you could get pregnant from oral sex.
    (only to have another student pipe up, "Hmm, doesn't it depend how you do it?" and then go into GREAT detail about how that might happen.)

    Then in a case study group, we were asked the signs/symptoms of an MI, to which one student shouted out 'His feet would turn purple!!'
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  7. by   chnc1024
    No he did not...

    Tell his pt with a foley to hang his bag on his IV pole at waist level!!!

    This was yesterday, my clinical group was waiting to go to lunch, and I saw the pt walking past and to his room. I went and told him why that wasn't a good idea. He and his wife look at me shocked said "his nurse told him to do that"....
  8. by   phoenixfire
    ... while studying pharmacology and disease processes, my friend and I came across myasthenia gravis... but there were so many to remember (we took pharm before we started nursing school) that we could only remember it as 'my *** is tired'.

    ..flash forward to 3rd semester.. every time the instructor says 'myasthenia gravis', we look at each other across the classroom and mouth "my *** is tired!" with a big smile!
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  9. by   LauraLiz
    I just read this entire thread and it took almost two hours...but it was so
  10. by   Multicollinearity
    No she did not...

    email in sick the morning of clinical.
  11. by   FE710
    No she did not just try to do an IVP with a blunt end cannula into a blue capped INT, and then come out and ask me why it wouldn't work! Some people....:spin:
  12. by   FE710
    Quote from Mommy_of_3_in_AL..RN
    I did this too...the same day i also started an IV for the first time, and didnt hold pressure in the right area, and slung blood on her as well..this happened to be the MOST ANAL teacher on the needless to say i dont think she has let me near body fluids again. I am about to graduate now, and i havent flung anything since then!!
    Your kidding right? I'm almost done with school too and my school doesn't let us poke people unless we are giving an IM or SQ. They told us once we get a job in a hospital they would send us around with the IV team. :angryfire I WANNA POKE SOMEONE!!! lol... This just sounds rediculious to me. They ever think that maybe not everyone wants to start out in a hospital?
  13. by   Farza
    I love that "do you know me?!"