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  1. kimmie4476

    Minimum staffing need data

    Thanks for a starting place, I was getting no where
  2. kimmie4476

    Minimum staffing need data

    Hi all, I am trying to find some peer review articles or any data on the safe minimum number of nurses in an ER. My ER is a 22 bed level 3 trauma center with an average census of 80-100 per day. We have no policy stating the minimum number of nurses ...
  3. kimmie4476

    tips to keep patients from passing out durumg blood draws?

    If I have someone who tells me they are feeling faint, or that they normally faint with blood draws, the first thing I do is whip out an alcohol pad and stick it under their nose and tell them to take slow deep breaths. This also helps wake them up i...
  4. kimmie4476

    ER dropping the ball?

    That's the thing, the pt had no DIAGNOSIS of meningitis, nor does he even sound like he has it. The pt's I've seen with meningitis were extremely sick/about to die. This guy doesn't sound like that. It's always a possibility (see my above post) ...
  5. kimmie4476

    ER dropping the ball?

    Anyone with a fever and confusion "might" have meningitis, (or they might just have a uti or low sodium or with the chest pain, reduced cardiac output or reduced oxygen to the brain, hell, maybe he wasn't wearing enough oxygen at home) just like...
  6. kimmie4476

    ER dropping the ball?

    So, it's the ER nurse's responsibility to diagnose a pt with meningitis? Why aren't you advocating for the Ed Dr or the admitting dr to be written up? Both have the capability to diagnose, not the nurse, but that's the one you throw under the bu...
  7. kimmie4476

    ER dropping the ball?

    The night before last, I walked into the Ed for work and took report from the of going nurse "good news and bad news, I'm discharging the last pt in this pod (of 4) but you have an ambulance coming with a shortness of breath". OK, I think, I can...
  8. kimmie4476

    TNCC please give me some inputs

    Make sure you know the assessment process and practice saying it OUT LOUD. They will go over most of the book in class, so you can take good notes there, but KNOW THE TRAUMA ASSESSMENT. You will only get about 30 minutes the first day of class to pra...
  9. kimmie4476

    improving staff responsiveness

    Take away the "That's not MY patient/job" mentality. Everyone where I work answers call lights regardless of whose pt. it is including the ward clerk and DON. It only takes a second of your time to see what the patient wants/needs and relay that to t...
  10. kimmie4476

    Where do the damn pillows go?

    I'm lucky in that our hospital uses the disposable kind and we have an abundance of them. Our DON who is extremely budget conscious (tight with the money lol) Says they are actually cheaper than trying to sanitize the reusable ones. We encourage pts ...
  11. kimmie4476

    LVN to RN on same floor?

    I started as an LPN on my floor then became an RN on the same one had a problem with it but me lol, I was the only one having to make the change from an LPN mentality to an RN mentality. (That and the fact that I didn't get any orientation...
  12. kimmie4476

    First Code

    I don't understand.. the patient was holding a medicine cup and syringe when the first nurse arrived on scene... what was the student nurse doing in there? was the student nurse the one that called for rapid response? How did the pt get the syringe, ...
  13. kimmie4476

    Best Nursing Quotes

    The character of the nurse is as important as the knowledge she possesses." ~Jarvis, 1996
  14. kimmie4476

    Skills Fair Ideas?

    My hospital is wanting to begin holding a skills fair yearly and since it will be new to us, I was wondering if you all could give me some ideas as to what your skills fairs are like? Things like what the stations are like, what you review every year...
  15. kimmie4476

    FAILED Nclex for the 6th TIME!!!

    I'm going to agree with everyone else about questions, questions, questions! Ask your classmates if you still keep in touch with them for their review books and do those questions. Search the internet for test taking skills. When I was in nursing sch...