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  1. Zana2

    Can an RN be fired for being immunocompromised?

    wrote something in rage, thought better of it. :)
  2. Zana2

    Please tell me I am not wrong!

    I'm with you on that one Scrubby. Long cases, 5-6-7+ h, give them some water and a sweetie before they collapse on you.
  3. Zana2


    Welcome! Don't worry, you'll be fine. The list of books is issued by the university, they should also have copies at the uni library, saving you money. I know nothing about MH training, I've done a bit in the 1st year as part of the foundation programme, but I wish you good luck.
  4. Zana2

    Should I lighten up?

    I have this as well, scrubby. I make a joke out of it, something on the lines of: now, guys, that was a nice dinner, but I prefere not to see it back on the table, shall we just leave it? More wine?
  5. Zana2

    Laid off after 38 years

    You've cared for others for 38 years, that's longer than I've been alive. That counts for something and your wisdom is a great asset. May I suggest that you see this as a bit of a break and 'me' time, recharge your batteries, read some, swim some, sleep in some, and then get up and kick them all :)
  6. Zana2

    Professional hospital visiting?

    Try and find a learning and development coordonator. The hospitals I know have an appointed person that facilitates placements, work experience visits etc. Yours is not in that category, but I'm thinking this sort of person might be able to facilitate a visit for you, or point you in the right direction. Alternatively, ask to speak to the sister in charge on any ward. PS i live far from London, otherwise I could try at my hospital.
  7. Zana2

    NMC expiration

    NMC approval for what? You mean pin? That's valid for a year.
  8. Zana2

    Elderly Care ward...

    Elderly care ward is my idea of hell. I absolutely hated it as a student. So much, that I had to be extra careful at all times so i don't lose my temper big time. Some people are cut out for it, some don't. BUT, it was an unvaluable humbling experience. I work in an acute area now and I believe what makes me a good nurse is the fact that all those gruelling months of care of the elderly made me see the bigger picture. I had time before to find out about those people's lives, what they do/feel/think, got to know family, I can alleviate niggling things with a gentle touch, a nice word, I had the time to talk to myself about death, I know about positioning to spare that pressure sore, why the tissues are scatterd all around their bed, how quickly they get cold...it's what makes me a nurse. Yep, I think nothing of accessing a CVP and pushing IVs, someone with tubes through every orifice and monitors is fine, but it's the care of the elderly ward that taught me to care. Enjoy it.
  9. Zana2

    Trying to get a job in adelaide

    :), thanks Scrubby. They'll come to their senses sooner or later :) I'm in no hurry. If they really want to pay me a fortune as agency for a while, who am I to complain? Carol, thank you for the info, I'll bear that in mind. Really appreciated. I'm no new grad, but it's good to know how some agencies treat their nurses. X
  10. Zana2

    Question about dying patient

    Scrubby, I'm sorry you had to go through that. We're not really used to this, are we? Are you alright though? Try not to be angry . I'm sure she's a good,compasionate new nurse. Maybe she didn't realize the poor man was dying. I bet you next time she'll know, we tend to make 'mistakes' like this once. Feel powerless, I know. And upset. Try and see the good part of it, though, little as it is. Hugs.
  11. Zana2

    I really do not get it!

    Think of what you want versus what they want. You want to put your point across, appear proffessional, responsible, show leadership etc. They want you to lose the plot, be an emotional wreck etc. Don't give them the satisfaction. Be the grown up. You got where you are through hard work, didn't do it for the wrong reasons, your heart is in the right place. Have a list of problems to show your manager, explain how you thought these problems might be solved and be ready to 'admit' that maybe you should have taken advantage of her experience before implementing them, you'll know next time. For puffy eyes I thoroughly recommend Clinique all about eyes and YSL touche eclat . Pull yourself together and get on with it.
  12. Zana2

    Trying to get a job in adelaide

    Cheers for that, scrubby,. As soon as I'm registered with ANMC I'll get the wheels in motion, I figure it'd make it easier for everyone, I haven't got a house to worry about, we can pretty much up stick and get on with it, providing we can sort out a quick visa. I've spent my time trying to get as much experience and courses under my belt and not actually looking for a job, so it became a bit of a daunting prospect :) Thanks for your help. X
  13. Zana2

    Trying to get a job in adelaide

    Are you really that short staffed Scrubby? Are you in Adelaide? I'm after a job (theatre) in that part of the world, what's the situation like? Cheers.
  14. Zana2

    General Election - Better NHS??

    LOL, I was at the end of 10 hours straight of trauma ,the guy did ask for the number, but what he meant was obviously what you said, Ayla, did i vote for tories? LOL, I took it literally and told the bloke I have no idea LOOOOL. Crikey, I'm not sane! But I was extremely tired.
  15. Zana2

    General Election - Better NHS??

    So did I. It was like the whole village has come to life, I've never seen that many people on the street. I didn't get an election card, so I just walked in there, said the name of my street, confirmed my name and that was that. It just seems strange, anybody from the street could have walked in and voted for me. Or me for anybody... As I left, this tory bloke asked me for my number of register...I don't know it, I didn't have a card, but why would he want to know that? Can someone shed some light?
  16. Sweet. Mine wants to be a Mum. But she's definitely anaesthesia material LOL.