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ShannonRN2010 BSN, RN

MS, LTC, Post Op
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ShannonRN2010 is a BSN, RN and specializes in MS, LTC, Post Op.

Mommy 2 Two, Wife to one, Addicted to school 😉 Father passed away from ALS in 7/10. IBD sufferer, SJS survivor....Workin' on my BSN!

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  1. ShannonRN2010

    Circulators recovering

    I have worked as both a circulator and a PACU nurse...both have their own challenges. I prefer to circulate...but I have been pulled to recovery and pre-op as well to work
  2. ShannonRN2010

    chloroprep.. good after sponge touches something else?

    I would have done the same thing!!
  3. ShannonRN2010

    Opinions on weekend only night shift position

    I did that schedule for a bout 9 months while my mom took chemo....I was never so glad to be off that shift in my life! (made good shift diff though!)
  4. ShannonRN2010

    Any RN in the surgical world got a few moments....

    THere are a lot of pre-op check offs, allergies, site marking, consent verification, patient verification, pre-op antibiotics according to the SCIP protocol, labs, cardiac clearence. I am still fairly new to the OR area, but I think all of these are pretty important to the well being of the patient. I know nothing else to help ya out! Sorry!
  5. ShannonRN2010

    Whats the difference?

    I went to school to be a PCT, then I enrolled in LPN school, 8 years later I finished my RN and I am in BSN school now. I would look at what RN programs interest you because some of them want you to be a CNA first.
  6. ShannonRN2010

    In One Sentence; if you weren't a nurse, you'd be a ________

    A writer....I'll do that someday...
  7. ShannonRN2010

    FINALLY!! I am an RN!!!!!!!!!

  8. ShannonRN2010

    My Student is draining me.....

    I would teach him that rate of pain is the 5th vital sign. Then I would have him review histories of patients that are on chronic pain management. If all else fails, throw out the whole "Would you want your grandfather/mother ect. laying here in this condition, noone asking them if they hurt?" How do we know they hurt if we don't ask them...nursing school didn't teach me mind reading at all!
  9. My LPN education was amazing! It was hard and it challenged me. I was more than prepared for the workforce and eventually RN school. In fact, if it hadn't have been for the level of education that I got from my LPN school, I would have been lost in RN school. The school I went to is known in this area as the best LPN school around and that they produce high quality nurses...which is why I went there.
  10. ShannonRN2010

    Blood transfusions??? just say no...

    I find it funny that alllll these nurses can not seem to read that the OP doesn't have a problem doing everything but take the 1 minute it take to spike and start the blood! The OP stated she was willing to do all the before and after care! READ READ READ what she actually said BEFORE y'all get all intolerant!
  11. ShannonRN2010

    Blood transfusions??? just say no...

    Ok now that I read this entire thread, I don't personally have a problem hanging blood. Same as when I worked at a store that sold cigarrettes, I am not making the decision for the patient, they are. They can chose to do whatever they want, I wil, be there to care for the best of my ability, even if I don't support their choices.
  12. ShannonRN2010

    Blood transfusions??? just say no...

    Some hospitals will make arrangements for religious beliefs.... I don't believe in transfusions for myself, but I am not going to refuse to do my job.
  13. Must.refrain.from.cussing.... Idiot!
  14. ShannonRN2010

    Which specialties are fast paced?

    Pacu/pre-op can be crazy busy! Fridays at my hospital are....horribly busy!
  15. ShannonRN2010

    your favourite??

    I work in surgery, PACU right now, I kinda love those emergent situation that make you use all your nursing skills and focus on that patient.
  16. ShannonRN2010

    Lactated Ringers vs .9NS

    I work in surgery, we never give LR to renal patients. If the cre. is elevated or they are renal, we give then 0.9 NaCl.

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