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New fun thread. Please finish the sentence: NO she/he did not: Mine: NO SHE DID NOT WALK INTO CLASS WITH a RED THONG CLEARLY SHOWING UNDER HER UNIFORM!:smackingf... Read More

  1. by   lilbean
    He didn't ask a bilateral amputee his height....and after thinking about his question asked what his height was BEFORE his amputation.
  2. by   PianoGirl20
    No she (a nursing student in at the time) did not compliment another nursing student by telling her "Oooohhhh, you're so smart you should have been a doctor!"

    (NOT that I have anything against doctors-it just seems pretty sad that there are still nursing students out there who feel that the career is somewhat below that of an MD!)
  3. by   Pretty in Ink
    No she didn't just wear copious amounts of jewelry and defibrillate herself infront of the entire class!!!!

    *Not me, when I was in school there was a *tester* defibrillator and even though it could not actually defibrillate you, it was still plugged into the outlet so we could play with it and still hand electricity running through it so she asks the teacher "How do you know when it is ready to shock you?" and the teacher and other students replied, " When the red lights atop the paddles are lighted." So she goes, "Oh ok.....ZAPP!!!!" lol
  4. by   The Bob
    Quote from fluffwad
    No he did not attach the tube feed to the foley and let it run for 3 hours.
  5. by   chevyv
    She did not tell the pt with liver failure, "Your so tan, where did you vacation recently?"
    That was me, as a brand new CNA. RN just looked at me and said, "this guys in liver failure and that 'tan' is part of the disease." Time to extract foot from mouth.
  6. by   kday
    No she did not... look so nervous on first clinical day that an elderly male patient noticed and jumped out at her as a joke, causing her to jump back about four feet. Pt and nurse had a BIG laugh together... haha.
  7. by   Hoping LVN2BSN
    Quote from fluffwad
    No he did not attach the tube feed to the foley and let it run for 3 hours.
    I know this is old, but wth?!
  8. by   Rianna1
    No, he did not (another student who wanted to watch me suction a patient) point to pt's gown while I was suctioning and say out loud to me in front of clinical instructor in the middle of suctioning "Aren't you going to clean up that stuff on his shirt"
    DUHHHH...ugh yeah, but did you really need to say it out loud?
  9. by   liladybug526
    LOL, I just spit my pop out all over my computer! :chuckle
  10. by   erchick85
    No she didn't tell the mother of 4 who walked into the ER, was actively in labor, and felt the need to push that they would just "run really fast" to L&D. The woman delivered in the hall outside the gift shop. LAWSUIT!
  11. by   teeniebert
    No she didn't...unspike the old IV bag while it was still hanging! Lessons learned: 1. DON'T DO THAT AGAIN! 2. D5 in 1/2NS is really sticky! The patient was amused, at least.
  12. by   obicurn
    Oh NO he did not just tell our entire Pharm class about how his sister contracted herpes after she began internet dating, and then passed them on to her daughter.
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  13. by   PianoGirl20
    No, she did not just announce that she would choose med school over the nurse practitioner route because she "didn't want to be living on just $80,000 a year" for the rest of her life!