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  1. shann106

    Clipping nails at nurse's station

    I'm with you, I would much rather sit by someone who is clipping their nails than sit near someone who just took a smoke break and reeks like an ashtray
  2. shann106

    Let's be honest

    Honestly I think it would be hard to have a day off during the week. Adjusters, claimants, and employers are going to expect to be able to reach you everyday. Field requires you to go to all MD appts, you can't tell an injured worker they cannot see a physician or have a procedure on certain days. You will have appts at times that are late in the day, you may have an hour or more drive back home, and then you have a report to submit, so if you were off the next day you would have to get the report done at night. My day today ended up being 12 hours, I had apts to attend with long drives, received a new file, had a surgery that had complications, and had reports do, and had to talk with several,employers and adjusters. Field is very busy, you are on the go and trying to work from your car etc, you may be driving to an appointment and have 20 calls, not only do you have to deal with all your appts and reports but you have to document put your charges in for all those calls. You will also have to go on meet and greet type visits to employers or insurance companies that your company is trying to market. Not trying to talk you out of it, but I think it would be a very stressful change while trying to do clinicals and studying for NP.
  3. shann106

    Screaming match with my preceptor

    Sorry but I think you need to start looking for another job. What you did was unacceptable and I am actually surprised you were not let go when it happened. Her behavior was wrong and I am not defending her but cussing and name calling is very unprofessional and I am sure every nurse in the hospital knows by now. One piece of advice I got early on was in nursing everyone knows everyone, never burn your bridges because you never know who you will need later on. I have found that to be very true. Also nursing is a tough career, you will have other nurses, doctors, patients and families treat you worse than this preceptor did and it sounds like you are not ready to handle that yet
  4. shann106

    How important is appearance?

    I am in a different position now, but when I was doing interviews appearance did matter, as did smells. Smelling strongly of cigarettes, day old alcohol, or severe body odor would really bother me. I feel like the last thing a patient needs when they are in the hospital is a nurse who smells. I worked cardiac, so nurses who smelled like cigarettes while educating patients on the dangers of smoking seemed very hypocritical. I was disappointed when candidates came to the interview with visible tattoos or piercings, but that did not necessarily keep me from hiring them. Poor grammar, bad communication skills, just sloppy appearance in general was what I saw the most.
  5. shann106

    COHN study tips, please

    Hi, I am an RN at a large automotive plant, Our medical staff is around 100, including 34 nurses. Of those only a very few have their COHN. I received my CCM last year and really want to begin to study for COHN. I have ordered the mometrix study guide and the AAOHN core curriculum. When I ask my coworkers about the test all I am told us either "I barely passed" or " I failed twice" and feel discouraged. I felt the CCM test was relatively easy, but this test scares me. What tips or advice do you have for me? Any other resources you would recommend? ( Datachem cd is out of my price range right now)Thanks!
  6. shann106

    Need help getting organized

    Hi, I have been working as a case manager for both personal and work related injuries at a large automotive factory. There are several other case managers but they are not to forthcoming with help, tips, etc. This is my first case manager job,(passed CCM exam this month) and although I have been working there for a while I am still having trouble finding a good way to organize my files etc. i currently follow 72 team members, some are out on personal medical leave, some are work restricted, some are in the return to work process, and some are out on workers comp. My office is in one part of the production line, not in cooperate offices, but out on the actual work floor. I have to take files with me when I go to the on site medical clinics and to meetings (which I have to drive in a golf cart to the other areas of the plant.)My office is shared with auto-workers, people eating their lunch, vendors etc, so I cannot leave files there when I am away from my desk. I document on both the factories computer system and my companies computer system, and my report, and can only put certain information on one. While I am at my desk it is loud, distracting, etc and I find that I document one place and miss others, and Internet is by a hotspot so it is not always reliable. I am trying to find the best way to organize. What would you suggest, or what do you do? Should I use a three ring binder with a section for each team member, should I use a system like the Arc system ( by staples) , try to develop a system on the computer although internet access is limited? I notice that some of the other case managers in my factory use a 3 ring binder, others use a calendar with file folders stuck in it, one uses a big expandable brown folder file, but no one seems truly organized. Thanks for your suggestions, sorry this got so long
  7. shann106

    Not sure what Journals to subscribe to...

    thanks pers! i just used that site, subscription addiction and ordered nursing made easy and AJN for $20 using the coupon code MOM15PER
  8. shann106

    Was it everything...

    No, I freaking hate it! If I had it to do all over again I would have not gone into nursing, and I advise anyone thinking about it to not do it. People say they go into nursing to help people but the truth is we get so little time with out patients that all we can do it throw pills at them, and hope they don't die on our shift. We are dangerously short staffed every single day, we carry high patient loads, no lunch breaks, no bathroom breaks, staff fight amongst themselves, day shift hates night shift and vice versa, the doctors treat you like crap, the patients and their families are usually angry thatyou are not giving them constant attention, you are so mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted that you crash as soon as you get home and never have time for your family. I worked a full time job, and a part time job while going to nursing school full time and that all felt like a breez ceompared to what it is like once you are actually working as a nurse. Nursing sucks, and it is so not worth the money, you give up your family, your time, your soul, it is sooooo not worth it
  9. shann106

    Taking NCLEX in 2 days... starting to freak!

    Relax. I took NCLEX on Sat, it was not bad at all. All of my classmates so far have agreed that it was about the same as our normal exams in school. I only had two math questions. The instructions said to give the answer in a whole number. I agree with nj if you are going to study focus on priority questions, but seriously it was not a hard test, you will do great
  10. shann106

    Took NCLEX RN this morning.

    I took mine on Sat, passed with 75 questions. I had two math questions, I cannot remember if my last ? was math or not. I had about 25 select all that apply and about 25 drug questions. I did not think it was that bad, for the most part easier than my normal school exams. Congrats, you passed.
  11. thanks for the replies. I would really like to hear from someone who took the Hurst review, it really seems from the way it is mentioned in the books that there might more to it that just mental fatique. It seems like it could be a specific strategy based on the way NCLEX and CAT type tests work.
  12. I cannot afford the $300 review, but I did buy the review book, and bought the sprial bound book that is used in the live course off amazon. I LOVE Marlene so far, and am so sad I do not have the $300 I keep reading that the "Hurst way" or the "Marlene way" is to take a break every hour while taking NCLEX. I am begging, can you please tell me what the rationale behind this is? Is is simply to avoid fatique, or is it a specific strategy? It is driving me crazy because no other review book has suggested this. Thanks so much to anyone willing to answer me
  13. shann106

    NCLEX DRUGS??? Most-Prescribed MEDS in the US!

    thank you!!
  14. shann106

    Daytonite has passed away...

    She was always so helpful, and so knowledgeable. She will be greatly missed.
  15. shann106

    NCLEX.....Pay to prep???

    I plan to take NCLEX just doing review books, but if I am not successful then I will do Hurst review which is $300