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  1. Shenanigans

    One of *those* nurses....

    Thanks for the advice, people! I got pulled into the manager's office and she was rather annoyed that I had a union rep and that the rep didn't take cr@p. Its almost like people there think I'm just going to roll over. I actually thought the manager didn't mind me and was kinda on my side, or at least tryign to prevent taking sides, but I think she's getting annoyed with all the "tattling" the other nurses are doing in regards to me. I'll be honest, there were some things I did wrong, but instead of just coming to me and teling me up front or explaining to me how to do it, they went straight to manager. I've heard a few more interesting things about this work place, that a nursing authority is aware of the bullying and is not impressed. That major bullying incidences have occured and other nurses have left because of it. But what I'm slightly worried or annoyed about, is I don't do well with such callous supervision, I feel like everyone is looking for me to screw up, even just ever so slightly and when I am making mistakes, not life threatening ones, not "termination" type mistakes, just mistakes that when they get added too all the lies and bullocks its making me look incompetent. I just wanna work, I just want to do nursing and look after people and not have to deal with such bull poopies. Its so pathetic! Its actually very hard in my country to fire people. And if they do report me to the nurses' council, at least I will get a fair hearing.
  2. Shenanigans

    So my heart broke when I saw this patient....

    Sometimes you just gotta do things like that. We really need as nurses to try and knock some of this PC BS on the head, its getting in the way of being humans and showing compassion. Let the doctors do their staring down their nose at people, let us nurses do what nurses do! I looked after a 103 year old diabetic with ESRF, with gangrenous ulcers and cataracts. They knew they were in their last stages but they were still being kept to their strict diabetic diet, despite being terminal and probaby days from dying, they showed me their stash of chocolate biscuits, they couldn't eat them anymore because of their dentures not fitting due to oedema, but said what they really wanted was a sundae from McD's. The senior nurse on thought as I did, in fact all the nursing staff thought as I did, that at that point give the patient a sundae, can't make them any worse. So off I toddled and got them a caramel sundae. They died a few days later peacefully with a huge grin and a McD's spoon in their hand!!
  3. Shenanigans

    One of *those* nurses....

    Annnnd its finally happened. I've finally seen what so many had warned me about and so many complain about. The nastiness that can weasle its way into our nursing teams. Long and short of it, there's a particular nurse on my ward who is very nasty, she's mean spirited and reports every little hiccup someone makes to the manager. And they're the kinds of hiccups you could just address by talking to the person who made them. Because of her actions, any my complete naive nature that "everyone is good and no one is every nasty, really" HR has gotten their sticky beaks involved. I told my manager I had tried to avoid it by doing what they said, by changing what parts of my practice (evidenced based but not practiced at that particular hospital) and playing by all their shaming rules, but no, they kept pushing and pushing and pushing, and a particular person in HR said they were going to report me to Council and I'd loose my rego, because I'm dyslexic... actually, she used the words "cognitively deficient" and unsafe. Despite the fact I have never made a drug error. My Union rep (yeah, union's involved now too) says that individual HR is a spiteful banshee who reports everyone and Council gets angry at her. Funny, well, annoying thing is, I had a dyslexia test done which came back in all its eight paged glory saying I was safe to practice and my cognitive skills for nursing were superior. But HR got their doctor to answer some loaded questions saying I was unsafe! They wanted me to have this dyslexica test done, and obviously they weren't happy with the results that said I was fine. When I told someone who used to work there as a doctor about the situation, they guessed right away which ward and which person was pushing the things. Everyone else just looks at me blanky and states "who did you **** off?" The other thing is, another nurse, who is high up the food chain, is also dyslexic, but I don't see them going after her. And she's made drug errors! So, yeah, turns out some people aren't nice deep down. Turns out some people are just plain ****** and mean. My last job, there were some people there who were really ******, but they'd never go after your job or rego. Basically, according to the Union, a human rights group, lawyers and other nurses I know who work for council and union are saying my employer don't have a leg to stand on. Of course, its still a royal pain in the arse to have to wait for them to sort their crap out. I don't see the arrogant schmucks backing down, and that's what really burns me. Gone are the days when people can take responsibilty for their actions, admit their wrongs and apologise. Its a mountain out of a molehill and I tried to stop it getting to this, but this particular person decided they didn't like me for some reason. Seriously, I wish people, nurses especially, could just get on with the job at hand and put a stop to this horrible workplace bullying and clichyness. Its pathetic. And it impacts on patient care! Sorry for the rant, I just needed to rail. Feel free to post your equally annoyed ramblings about peopel who are just mean and petty.
  4. Shenanigans

    Are we not allowed to discuss patient cases at all?

    I think its important, and cathartic to discuss certain patients, though its gotta be done with respect to their privacy, of course. A lecturer was telling me once how she overheard a conversation in teh supermarket where two nurses were discusing a patient and using names and conditions!! I've even had a friend start talking to me about "Mr So and So" on a full pubic bus! I changed the subject really quickly and then told her later to just be careful with naming. If I'm out in public and run into another collegue and I haven't been at work and I want to know how a patient is I just "how is room six?" If I use a patient's story to scare people off smoking I don't even give a gender, I just say something like "some patient smoked up a storm and now has a trache, you dont' want a trache". I work now in a well known unit that cares for people with a needs for specalised care. There's often a lot of pubicity around those people, in fact, I say nothing about anything now to people outside my work. I used to be able to just say "Oh, some person fell down some stairs at home and broke their hip", which is so common it could be anyone, but now I can't say anything about the patients on the unit because it could have been in the media, and if someone asks me "Did you look after that person who got in that particular incident" i just say "can't tell you that".
  5. Shenanigans

    unbelievable... in today's world

    Down under in most places its the phelbotomists who wear gloves when drawing blood, always, but nurses... not so much! At training and where I"ve worked, they tend to say "well, wear them if you have cuts or scratches on your hands... and you should because you're dealing with body fluids, but its up too you". Me, I'll feel around my patient's skin without gloves, so I know where I'm going to jab, but I'll wear gloves if there's an obvious wound. But the moment I go in, gloves all the way. I saw someone cannulate in a poor manner without gloves - they forgot to release the tournique and so blood splurted out EVERYWHERE! And the pt was hep B+ as well! But I had a slight chuckle to myself the other day, I was having blood taken and the phlebotomist went to all this trouble of cleaning my arm with alcohol swabs and the like, and then she goes and wipes it with a non sterile piece of guaze she picked up off the floor after she dropped the box. -_-'
  6. Shenanigans

    Cost of UK rego

    I'm starting the long and drawn out process of trying to get some work in the UK. I'm going through an agency, or investigating it as I've never travelled before, so just need a little extra assist in that big wide world - strangely, (although the agency probably do it on purpose) the person who've I have been in discussion with is a friend of a friend. We worked that out because we both attended schools with close relationships to each other. Anyway... long and short of it, I'm investigating the sort of funds I need, and I'm having a hard time finding how much the rego and ONP costs. Any other hidden nursing costs I might be unaware of, as agency have told me they assist me in sending me application forms and what not as opposed to forking out for rego at the beginning. They reimberse me some of the funds. I know agencies often dump you in the most undesirable places, but I work in New Zealand, its no bed of roses here, especially where I"m working at the moment.
  7. I've been in conversation with an Agency, Contiental Travel Nurse, anyone dealt with them? They seem friendly and knowledgable and their perks seem good. Any other agencies I could look at? Anyone done this? Any advice? And I was wondering how much it cost for UK rego and the price of the 20 day bridging programme for overseas nurses. Given the time spans of Visa applications and rego applications I thought November would be a good time to aim for.
  8. Shenanigans

    How does your facility deal with fetal demise?

    In my country, across all major public hospitals, and probably most private ones, we have a lot of focus on cultural sensitivity and allowing individuals to express their faith/culture as they see fit. Parents are offered the remains of the foetus, and its not just with natural demise, its a requirement that a mother is offered the remains if she is having a TOP. We have chaplains of most faiths, can get a spiritual leader of an uncommon faith, we also have Maori cultural advisors who assist patients who identify with this ethnicity. There's also the offer of counselling of various degrees, singular or group et cetera.
  9. Shenanigans

    Start new job soon in burns

    I'm just finishing my new grad year, anyway, I managed to get a job in one of the better burn's units in my country. I've seen a few burns in my student years and as outlies on the wards I worked in, is there anything I need to know, like any advice experienced burns nurses would give? I've been warned of the smell, but such things don't bother me.
  10. Shenanigans

    Are nurses allowed to claim vaccination exemptions?

    Where I work they offer the flu vax free. They encourage it with a huge swag of chocolates and other such diabetic inducing foods to the ward who gets the most staff vaxd. I was told "NO" by both my boss and the vaccinator because of my allergies. I was willing to take the risk for patient safety but they wouldn't risk my finicky immune system. Haha.
  11. My flat mate just reminded me of something I saw that was just as foul. Pt with diabetes, non-compliant with meds, DNA, usual sort of thing, he ended up with necrotising facitisis (sp) on his penis of all places. The infection was so bad it had eaten a good deal of his man hood and had spread backwards and upwards into his backside. I over heard the plastic surgeon talking about amputation and reconstruction - using the skin from his elbows.
  12. Shenanigans

    "Twins By Surprise"

    I'm one of these nurses who thinks "infection control" a lot. Sure, there's antibotics, but I saw a doco about home births in my home country and there was a woman who gave birth in a really dirty looking house!! Not to mention all the other above mentioned antics of risk. Yeah women have been having babies for many thousands of years, but also have been dying from that too. In my home town's obits about a year ago I saw a woman had died post partum, and she'd had a home birth without any assist (small town, I knew her cousin), and the child came out breech with the foot twisted in an odd postion. Long story short, child is now brain damaged and the mum died from infection.
  13. Shenanigans

    The strangest thing you've ever seen on an x-ray?

    One of those old styled rounded prosthetic eyes up the backside. We didn't know it was that until it was removed. One girl found out her friend was cheating with her boyfriend, so she took her cell phone intending to "foul it up a bit" and inserted it into the vagina, the aerial caught in the cervix and so got stuck. It rung half way through the gynae reg's attempt to remove it. Girl, with legs in the air, pipes up "can you see who's ringing? I bet its that stupid bastard (her ex)!"
  14. Shenanigans

    Funny things that pts say

    This is a bit of a rude one. A 21 year old chap on the ortho ward, who was residing in a six bed room asked me, straight faced and seriously, "do you think it'd be weird if I wanked off in here?" After the initial thought of "W...T....F...?" I said "Um, you could use the bathroom for that". To which he said "no way, those cubicals aren't completely concealed and the doors don't have locks on them!"
  15. Shenanigans

    Clothing issues/malfunctions.

    Our uniforms aren't exactly the most well made. You know nurses tape? The white stuff we use on pretty much everything? I have a big wad of it holding the underside of my sleeve to the torso of the top. And one night I crotched down to check a suction drain. I heard the rip and immediately thought it the back part of the pants (as you do). It was when I stood up I realised the outside seam of my pants had ripped from my knee to my ankle. Which was odd cos that's the baggiest part of the pant and I'm not that big in the leg that it'd be from spillage. It was really odd. Another time doing a roll on a slightly demented woman I heard a loud ripped. She'd torn my pocket straight from my top.
  16. I've been a nurse for less then a year. On my first post grad rotation I met a guy who suffered the most horrific death I have EVER seen. Long story short, he was a chronic smoker and even after a trachy he would still smoke! He was non-compliant with meds and was DNA to a lot of his treatments. So it didn't surprise anyone when the tumour returned. It got so big that he ended up with a hole in his neck the size of good sized man's fist. Again, he cont to be noncomplaint and DNA. Anyway, he ended up on our ward basically too die (it was bad situation because A&E sent him to us instead of getting hospice involved). His tumour had infiltrated his carotid and jugular and so he bled and bled and basically ended up bleeding to death out of his mouth, nose, and throat hole, not only that the tissues affected by the tumour were rotting and dead, and so he smelt like a corspe and he would just puke so much blood. It was horrific to watch, horrific to smell and even the senior nurse had to take leave from his care cos she couldn't handle the whole thing. I've got a pretty stern stomach but even this had me breathing through my mouth - even though I could taste it!! But it did prove our Reg and House Suregons were wonderful doctors as they came up and stayed with him as he got sicker and sicker. The man ended up passing on the night shift (I worked the PM). Then I saw infected gout. Like gout that was so bad the doctors got all excited because it was "so text book", it had all the little crystals and it stunk. I was told by a senior nurse "go do his dressings" and I was like "AWESOME! I get to see infected gout". Of course, I didn't know what infected gout looked or SMELT like. I had to tell the pt half way through thedressing I bought the wrong kind of guaze and I went out into the corridor and asked my senior nurse if I could take an anti-emetic cos I wanted to hurl! So I went back and continued the dressing and then the pt says to me "hey, watch this" and he pushes one of his gouty nodules on the table and it literally exploded with cyrstals and pus and God only knows what else, and it squirted along the bench, hit the curtain and basically stunk out the whole six bed room. Then a pt in the window bed said "Man, who farted!" then I heard him vomit! The smell was just THAT bad. Another time I saw a friend carrying what I thought was crunchy peanut butter, which I thought was weird to carry that in a jug. It wasn't. It was infected bile.