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How about a thread that will allow us to introduce ourselves to those who are new and the new students can do the same. I am Stephany, 42, mother of 3 children, a son 22, a daughter 15, and a son... Read More

  1. by   JessicaW
    Hi all. I'm Jessica and I am in my 3rd semester of an ADN program. 8 more months of hell to go and THEN I can take the exam. I work full time, am taking a full nursing course load (read = enough work for 25 credits!), and have almost 3 yo twins. Somewhere in there, I try to fit in being a wife too...but hey, I'm reaching for that brass ring to help provide a secure future for my family.

    All other students: I wish you the best of luck.

  2. by   momof4ndocswife

    Hang in there! You can do it. I just graduated from a BSN program in May at 52!

    I started an ADN program at 47, but had to withdraw 1/2 way through due to my mother's breast cancer diagnosis. I tried to later re-enter, but it was complicated. Since I had a BS in biology from 30 years ago, I found it easier to get into a BSN program 50 miles away. So I started all over and just graduated in May.
    I was juggling commuting to school and also driving 100 miles on weekends to check on my ailing parents, too, but prevailed.

    We, too, have 4 children: 1 daughter (29) and 3 sons (27, 23, 21). We recently celebrated the birth of our 1st grandchild and marriage of our middle son. My mother died this summer, so I provided hospice care for her and also helped my daughter with the new baby instead of pursuing work right after graduation. I began a 10 week med-surg internship at the end of Sept here in the Columbia, SC area. I felt overwhelmed the first few days, but it's slowly starting to come back.

    Older brains can learn just fine. It just always took me longer to read and go through material. I was always the last one to finish tests, but usually made the highest scores because I was so careful and thorough. I was one of 5 to graduate with honors. Don't let your age scare you. Your life experiences will make you a wonderful nurse!
  3. by   adgab59SVN
    Thanks, for the encouragement. I need it. It is very intense. And some days I wonder if I am doing the right thing. But I am not a quitter. I wish I could live where I am going to school. Bult can't afford that. When you started clinicals were you scared? I have done my returns in lab. I did fine, it is just going into the real world. I know our instructor will be there with us, but she is pretty strict. And she intimidates me a little bit. But she is nice. And I realize she has pressure of her own us being under her license. But I know I will get through this, I am glad for this site.
  4. by   momof4ndocswife
    YES.... I was terrified when I started clinicals. And now I'm scared all over again with that "RN" behind my name and know that my license is on the line if I blow it!

    I've still not ever inserted an NG tube down a real live patient! Can you believe that? I have tons of head knowledge. 'Did exceptionally well academically... but... now I need experience!

    Nursing carries a LOT of responsibility, but plenty of people do it every day.. and you can, too! Instructors are all pretty strict b/c they want you to pass the boards and they want you to provide the best of care to your patients... AND.. they know that one small medication error can mean the difference between life and death. We ALL need to remain sober minded throughout our nursing careers. A little fear and mild anxiety isn't a bad thing if it keeps us on our toes and careful, thorough, etc.

    You'll get more comfortable with each patient- clinical experience. The rewards of making a difference in somebody's life will outweigh the intimidation of instructors and fear of failure. Keep you eyes on your goal. If you want it, you can reach it!

    Best wishes to you, Fran. Let me know if I can be of further encouragement. Feel free to PM me.
  5. by   kpbmp2002
    hello all, i'm currently enroled in the lpn program. just started on sept.19th.

    i'm only into my third week and i've had to cut my hours at work, and hardly ever see my kids or husband. the program is an evening course and runs for 11 months. so far so good, but i'm feeling extremely overwhelmed! any study tips would be greatly appreciated.
  6. by   daisymae98
    Good Morning!

    My name is Lindsey. I am a 1st year nursing student. I am 24 yrs old, married, no kids (waiting for school to get done first). I have been a CNA for YEARS and I have been doing phlebotomy for a couple yrs too. I am also taking courses towards BSN right now along with nursing. I am almost done with my 1st 8 weeks of nursing. It is extremely overwhelming. Anyone have any helpful hints and tips? PLEASE share!
  7. by   terrirn2b
    Hello. I am Terri, 33 and I am currently in my second semester (ADN). I am married and have three children 14, 11 and 11. I am married I work PRN in the ED as a Tech/Clerk. Love it.....I have been a member for awhile but today is the first that I have actually posted anything...I am sure I will have many more post...Kudos to everyone...and good luck
  8. by   roni221
    Hi everyone, I'm Roni. I will be starting nursing school in Jan. '08, just found our Friday (two days ago) that I was accepted. I've been taking my prereqs since June '06 working towards getting into our cc's ADN program which is hard to get into because of sheer numbers of students trying to get in. I've done very well so far but KNOW that nursing school is a whole new ball game. I'm still looking forward to it because I can't imagine a whole lot of things in the world I would rather do than be a nurse. I'm also looking forward to joining the club (or however you prefer to look at) of nursing students because I know no one can understand it like a fellow (or former) nursing student can. I know there will be tears and fears and days when I don't want to do it anymore but that will make the end which I am determined to get to so much sweeter. I know I'll be around this place alot for advice, info and just to know that I'm not alone in the world. :spin:

    Oh yea- personal info - I am married with an 8yo dd and 4yo ds. I am currently not working but will probably work part-time (very part-time) while in school out of neccesity. This seems like quite a load to me but I see others on here that have much more on their plate. My husband is very supportive and I also have friends and family willing to help out so overall I think I'm luckier than alot of people trying to make it through this. Doesn't mean you guys won't need to "talk me down" a few times during this journey.
  9. by   preethysel
    hai everyone,
    my name is preethy,i'm 26 and i'm gonna start with 2year nursing program(RN) in january. i'm a physiotherapist changing career towards nursing. my first session consists of introduction to nursing practice. could someone please help me in providing information regarding books to be followed for intro to nursing practice. and any online sources to be referred if'll also be helpful, if i could get information regarding wot topics will be covered in intro to np.i'm unable to access my uni lib as my course is yet to be started. to be noted i live in oz.
  10. by   goody986
    My name is Karrie, I am a mother of three very active children, with 40 days left in LPN school. This is a really great page.
  11. by   Ecakes
    Hi, My name is Stacey im 17 and im about to start nursing school in January i really like this forum its very helpful
  12. by   ani<3rast
    Hello everyone!!

    I just want to say that I love this forum! All the info and encouragement I've found on this site has really helped me. I've just finished the first 8 weeks of my ADN nursing program and it seems like it will take forever for me to finish, but I'll keep keepin on!

    Good luck to everyone here! I've heard (as well as experienced) the horror stories of nursing programs, but if we want to be nurses we all have to get through it and it's nice to know that I can find support here!
  13. by   Conrad283
    Hello all, my name is Andrew. I am currently in my last semester of nursing school and I really cannot wait to graduate. I am four months into my marriage to a wonderful nurse, she has her BSN. My mother is a MSN. I just hope that I can have just as much success as they have.