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  1. littledarlings


    Hello Colleagues, I am looking for employment in the Philadelphia area. I have a BSN in Nursing and a BS in Public Health. Do anyone know where I can began my search for a rewarding career where I can use both disciplines? Or perhaps a facility that is hiring? Thanking you in advance.
  2. littledarlings

    Too Smart for Rehab Nursing

    What city will you be working?
  3. littledarlings

    Too Smart for Rehab Nursing

    I'm excited about to begin my career as a rehab nurse in a sub acute hospital. I do believe that this specialty encompasses all area of nursing including; psych, med-surg, oncology, cva's etc. I look forward to beginning my new career as a new nurse. I bring to this facility a zest for knowledge and a zeal to help. Thank all of you for your input. Peace and God Bless Rehab Nurses. I am proud to join your rank.
  4. littledarlings

    La Salle University's Achieve program Fall 2011?

    Good Luck. Very chaotic.
  5. littledarlings

    New Nurse Position

    Hello kcochrane, Sorry for misspelling your name. Thanks again
  6. littledarlings

    New Nurse Position

    Hello Kcochrane Thank you so very much for the advice.
  7. littledarlings

    ED Nursing Position

    Thanks MBarn08 What were you told about being a new grad?
  8. littledarlings

    ED Nursing Position

    What am I looking for in this section? I do not see a response to my inquiry.
  9. littledarlings

    ED Nursing Position

    Hello All, I have an upcoming interview for ED nurse. I am a new grad. Can anyone tell me what to expect during this interview. Any ER nurses or nurse managers, please feel free to respond. Thank you. Totally nervous.
  10. littledarlings

    New Nurse Position

    I have an upcoming interview for a position in an ER department. Can anyone tell me what to expect during the interview? I am little nervous.
  11. littledarlings

    PA NCLEX Pass Rates updated to 9/2008

    Thanks for the posting. I'm a little disappointed to see that my school did not do that well. To make sure that I am not one of the unlucky ones. Any suggestions on reading material for preparing for the NCLEX. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. My completion date is December 2009.
  12. littledarlings

    Is this a Good Stethoscope??

    ABSOLUTELY! I love my Littman Cardio III. I received it as a gift.
  13. littledarlings

    Palm Pilot

    I love my Palm TX. I've used it the past year for my clinicals. I purchased nursing central software. It included Taber dictionary, Davis Drug Guide, Davis Lab & Diagnostic Tests, Disease and Disorders manual. The price was $150.00 and well worth it. The are addtional websites that you can download free info.
  14. littledarlings

    Will I be too old for nursing school?

    I am what you call a non-traditional student also. Age does not have any type of factor of me being in school. As a matter of fact, my work experiences, and life skills are all incorporated in my education. The majority of student in my class are over 30 years of age. There is a large portion over 40 years of age. This is one of the fastest growing second career jobs for many people because of the many facets of employment one can encounter. So, from one old head go for it!! This is one of the greatest decision that I have made and glad that I did it. I have one more year, December 2009 and I will receive my BSN. Thank you and good luck.:yeah:
  15. littledarlings

    Gearing up for next semester : )

    Hello All, I'm taking Med Surg II and Research.
  16. littledarlings

    Pharmacology study cards

    Thank you everyone for your response. I'm shocked that anyone has time to make their cards. Thanks for the website. I think that will be my choice due to very hard time constraints. Good luck to all.