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    Terminated from 1st job :(

    Thanks all for your insight and recommendations. Unfortunately, listening to other nurses and my orientation nurse did nothing to help my case. As I told my manager, I take full responsibility about what happened, even though the charge nurse knew what was going on and did nothing to help. I, in turn, was the one who put the restraints on and who, even though taught differently, didn't do my job and call the doctor. I was just wondering how to get past this and get another job, having a lot of friends telling me that getting another job wouldn't be hard in this field. I have been totally honest in applying for jobs, even though I know that when potential employers see "termination" on it will probably make them chunk it into the trash. I have several friends who have tried to help me also. One good friend is a secretary to the Director of Recruiting, and I actually got an interview there, but they are leery of hiring a terminated nurse. I was even asked if I had applied anywhere else, to which I answered yes, becauuse I have applied to everywhere I see an add for. I just don't see this going anywhere, and I am so frustrated and depressed because I have waited so long to become a nurse and now that I am one, my career is over. Sure, I messed up, but I would think that they should have talked to the other nurse and charge nurse and gotten their point of view on how the patient was acting, since the day nurse and myself both documented the patient's confusion and constantly taking off her tele monitor and taking her IV out. I guess I just wanted some reassurance that "this too shall pass" and my career isn't over just yet. I have seen other posts on here about nurses getting terminated and getting another job, I was just wondering the best way to go about doing that. As far as getting a lawyer involved, I don't think that I would gain anything there, because as I posted, I didn't follow policy in calling the doctor and telling them that "I was taught this way" would just show them that the termination was justified.
  2. *Blessed2BaNRS*

    Terminated from 1st job :(

    Thank you Nursing Student, That has been what I have done, just post a short, brief, to the point statement about what happened, but have had friends telling me not to put that, that I can always tell them when I get an interview. It is just so frustrating, because when employers see "termination" they don't even give me a chance. I have never had a problem getting a job before, so this is all new to me
  3. *Blessed2BaNRS*

    Terminated from 1st job :(

    Hi all, I have a question- how do you go about finding a new job after being terminated when you only have 9 months of experience? I have searched other postings that say not to post that you were terminated on your applications, but on most of every one that I have applied for, they ask you straight out if you have ever been terminated. Here is waht happened- I had a patient come in due to a fall. The patient had a potassium level of 2.6 and a sodium level of 116, both of which, by our hospital, are critical levels. I had the patient the night before and she didn't sleep, and during shift report, the day nurse reported the patient was confused and had been hallucinating. Fast forward to 0000. Patient had yet to go to sleep, had been wandering around in her room and trying to come out to the nurses station, and had taken off her tele monitor multiple times. I repeatedly went in to place her back in bed and to replace her monitor, as had the PCA. I informed her each time that the monitor was so we could watch her heart rhythm with her electrolytes so low. She started complaining about wanting to move her furniture around to better suit her and saying that her "box" (tele monitor) was tying her down. Finally, around 0300, she takes her IV out and has blood everywhere. We get her cleaned back up, back into bed and I place soft limb restraints on her wrists. The freaks out when she wakes up, and once her daughter comes up there, the both holler elder abuse and I was terminated. They claimed the patient was not confused, and without talking to the other nurse or PCA's they said that they had to let me go due to elder abuse and the fact that I didn't follow policy in applying restraints. Of course, with that in mind, I can't appeal the termination because I didn't follow policy. But, as I explained to the manager when she fired me, I was told in orientation that the nurses never call the doctor at night unless it is critical, and only the charge nurse is suppose to call, which she didn't. Also, I was told that we don't call for restraint orders because the doctors don't want to be disturbed for that, we just print out the orders and they will sign them when they come by. They told me that they would have to better instruct the nurses doing orientation, but that didn't help me. Needless to say, I learned my lesson on the order policy!! BUt, it has been 2 months now, and no one will look at me I had an interview at the hospital I used to work at as an extern, but they said they were leery hiring me as a termination, and I would have to go through some different steps because of it. That was last week, and I haven't heard back. Anyway, sorry for the long posting, but I am devastated that my dream to become a nurse has ended this quickly, and was wondering how to apply for jobs that ask if you have been terminated. I tried leaving it blank, but the application wouldn't send until I checked the box answering yes or no.
  4. *Blessed2BaNRS*

    Tyler Junior College RN students

    hey, ican! thanks for your support and encouragement of my website. it has been forever since i have been on here, so it was a nice surprise coming to the texas forum and seeing the posts on tjc. i appreciate you steering tripletmom08 my way, although in emailing back and forth, i think that i might have scared her about tjc!!! i hope that you are enjoying your summer and getting ready for school to start!!! tripletmom08, nice to see you on here! ican has been a great person to correspond with and i appreciate her keeping me in mind for you! crimson is also a good friend of mine, and can also give you some insight on tjc, as she will be starting her 3rd semester there. almost there, girl!!! just come on to tyler, everything will work out for you. if we three can do it, you can surely make it through school!!! it was nice being back on here and "chatting" with you ladies~
  5. *Blessed2BaNRS*

    this website....

    dylansmama, Not sure where you have been looking, but for the most part, this is a great, supportive site. Okay, I will admit there have been some posts that I thought were a little snotty or sarcastic, but a lot of times, the actual question/post was sarcastic. When people post a question or comment like that, they do tend to get back snotty comments. For the most part, though, I think the help, encouragement and support on this site more than outweighs the snotty, saracstic comments. When you come to a post like that, just skip over the offending words, or the entire post. Or do like the above poster said, report it to the mods. That is one reason they are on here~
  6. *Blessed2BaNRS*


    "afterward, i went to the er doc and apologized for "crying" - he said, "never apologize for caring - so long as the job gets done". i've never forgotten that. always do the best job you can, cry if you must, then freshen up and go back to work. good luck" very good advice! i personally have't had a situation where i cried after a patient died, then again, i am an extern, not yet a nurse, so i haven't been assigned to an actual patient to care for. i have cried a couple of times with family/patients when they received bad news, and have been thanked. i have seen several deaths in the last 6 months, but they were all very frail, elderly people who had had a series of illnesses that put them in the hospital in the first place. being in icu, we did have a patient last week who had a cardiac arrest, came in and coded 3 times. he was a younger man (early 50's) and his family was there with him. when he first came in, he seemed okay, but as the evening wore on, he became more critical. the nurse was talking to him and his family, getting info and doing assessments on him when the wife started screaming and crying. he was still alert and showing no signs of coding, so i am not sure what was said or done. anyway, she walked out to the waiting room, and within 15 minutes he coded. i haven't been back to work since that night, so i don't know if he made it or not, but to see such a younger person laying on the table getting shocked was a little disheartening. as far as crying with the patient's family being unprofessional, i have to disagree. we are all human, and so many times (in my short career!!!) the patient/family have thanked me for being so caring and "feeling." when you have situations such as those posted above, it is human nature to feel for the families, and one of our responses is to cry. i tend to believe that when you lose the ability to show or even feel emotion, you need to get out, because nursing requires compassionate nurses who are able to feel and to respond. i may get flamed for saying what i have, but i have seen way too many nurses who have lost their compassion and who are horrible nurses. i realize that as you see more and more deaths and bad things happening to patients, you do have to close out a lot of it, but when you totally close off every emotion, you tend to become a bitter person. as a nurse, there is no room for bitterness. we are there to comfort and to heal.
  7. *Blessed2BaNRS*

    UT Tyler RN to BSN Program

    Hey Tim, I hear ya about the trees! Just driving through west Texas to visit folks in New Mexico made me want to turn around to come back home. Don't get me wrong, south and west Texas have their own beauty to them, it is just a different beauty than the piney woods here!! The NICU and PICU are great. I take it you have kids? Or at least love kids?!? They are working on getting the new NICU staffed and going there. I work in the ICU's there at Mothers and love it. With the exception of Neuro ICU, that one takes a special person!! And I am not sure that it is me! But as for SICI, MICU and CICU, I love the actual job, the people and the experiences. Mothers has an excellant resident program for ICU that is one of the best in Texas. We have nurses from all over coming to take the program. Can't wait till next May so I can actually start as a nurse there!!! Hopefully it will go by fast for you so you can get back!!!
  8. *Blessed2BaNRS*

    UT Houston NET

    hi elena, here is a breakdown of the net test that i have added to my own website and what to expect: information concerning the net (nurse entrance test) the net test has gotten a lot of people freaked out! but, it can be passed. the main thing to remember is it is just a test!! we have all had to take them, and once a person gets into nursing school, it won't change! there will still be many a test to take!! many people have asked what to expect on the net, so i will supply as much info as i can remember about it!! there are various sections on the net that you will be tested on. most schools, though, only look at the reading and math portion, not any of the rest. why the rest is on there, i have no clue, but it is. so, here are the portions that you will test over, and what they contain: critical thinking appraisal inferential reading main idea of passage predicting of outcomes learning style auditory oral social solitary visual writing math skills algebra equations decimal operations fraction operations number systems conversions percentage operations reading reading rate per minute reading percentile rank reading level stress level profile academic family money/time social work place topics (science) anatomy & physiology biology cellular biology chemistry testtaking skills written expression capitalization pronoun case and principle parts of irregular verbs punctuation correct sentence structure relative pronouns of standard usage spelling demons subject & verb agreement the net is a timed test, so be prepared to go quickly, but make sure that you take enough time to understand what you are reading. the test only grades you on the questions that you answer correctly, so it is to your benefit that you answer as many as you can. good luck if you are having to take the test and remember, this is one step closer to getting into the program!! make sure to check out the above link for net test practice. it is a great site! here are a couple of sites to practice for the net. the study guide didn't seem to help near as much as these sites did. http://hfcclab.info/net/index.htm - this site is a great site for practice tests and breaking it all down. http://www.pvc.maricopa.edu/assessment/navnet/navnet1.html - this site is really good, as it gives examples of what the test will look like on the computer screen
  9. *Blessed2BaNRS*

    UT Tyler RN to BSN Program

    HI Bortaz, Both the previous posters are correct, in that as long as you have your pre reqs/core requirements met, and already have a nursing license, you are good to go at UT. I too will graduate in May '09, and plan on heading to UT to go for my MSN. Some say to get it over with as soon after getting your ADN, other say wait a few years, but it is all up to you. In our case, with age being a factor (I say that cuz I am also 39!!) I figure it will be best to get it done as soon as possible, but if you want to take a few years to get some experience, that is fine also. When are you both looking at moving back here?
  10. *Blessed2BaNRS*

    What makes nursing school so hard for people ?

    Wow, dltrahan, if it is so easy for you, why aren't you in medical school? :chuckle Just kidding, please don't get mad!!! Seriously, a lot of people find it hard, simply because they are coming into NS at a later age, after being out of school for many years (like myself, who was out 20 years before starting NS.) It may seem easier to you because you have been working in the ER, so you are accustomed to what is going on and what nurses do. On the other hand, if a person goes through nursing school with never stepping into a hospital/clinic except as a patient, then they don't know what to expect and may find it way more difficult. I work as an extern at my local hospital, so I am way more comfortable with nurses and have learned so much just being there, so I have a heads up on some of my classmates, who are terrified to take on patients at clinicals. As far as NS being so hard, it all depends on how you learn and how much you can remember. Some programs are way more harder than others, and some have way better instructors than other programs. I have classmates who never crack a book and make A's while others study all the time and barely make passing grades. It all depends on the individual person and their situation. I work full time, go to class, have a husband also in school while taking care of 4 kids. It IS difficult for me, simply because I don't have as much time to devote to studying and learning everything. There is a ton to learn and you will never learn as much as you need to before graduating and being thrust out into the nursing world. As for pharm, it was difficult for my whole class to learn, because they put it online and we didn't have an instructor willing to work with us like we needed, and the way that she presented the material made it very hard to learn. Once you get done with NS, you will be passing meds and having to watch patients responses to the meds, plus deal with family and doctors plus a whole lot of other things, including charting while making sure that you don't get sued. All combined, it does get very difficult. Again, it all depends on the person and the situation.
  11. *Blessed2BaNRS*

    Moving to East Texas from Northern Nevada

    Mothers IS great, liriel!! Although, in ICU where I am at, it has been extremely busy and full!!! Where at Mothers do you work? You are very correct about the strong and supportive pastoral care there. I love working with Sister Margo. She is so friendly, great with the patients/family, and is such a hoot!! Thank you for adding your 2 cents about East Texas. It is gorgeous here and at the lakes, not to mention, we have a hot celebrity with a summer house on one of the lakes down the road!!! Patrick Dempsey and his family are often seen at their lake house!! So, we can't be too bad around here!! LOL!!
  12. *Blessed2BaNRS*

    I was slapped by a doctor!

    Clueless, I am so glad that, as a new nurse, your hospital stood up for you. So many times, I hear about how the hospital takes up for the MD's instead of the RN's, regardless of the MD being at fault. Sounds like you are working for a good place. Way to go for taking a stand. I am so glad that this can now be put behind you and that you have allowed us to go through this rough journey with you. Maybe other new nurses will see that they do not have to take any physical or emotional abuse from those with MD behind their name. It is a huge contreversy, having to deal with abusive doctors, and you have shown that it does not have to be. I hope that this hasn't left such a bad taste in your mouth that you end your career before it got a good start. Hats off to you and best of luck.
  13. *Blessed2BaNRS*

    I was slapped by a doctor!

    thank you criss, exactly what i was fixing to post. good point. cluelessrn81, this is ultimately your decision. you do what you need to do and what you think is best. obviously, we all have some very strong feelings about what has happened and what the punishment has been so far, but you are the one who is having to deal with it. unfortunately, this has happened to a brand new nurse, not that i am saying it is any better or okay to happen to a more experienced nurse, but, being your first job in the profession, you don't have the experience in dealing with the docs like long term nurses do. i know that you don't want to make a row with a new job, and i respect your decision, but i think that what we are all worried about is the fact that he has done this to you, and if all that he gets is leave with pay, he will see that he will be able to get away with this again in the future. at the very least, report him to the board of medical professions. that is always something that you can do on your own. the hospital should definitely look at this very closely, and make the best decision for both parties involved, but, ultimately, they always side with the doctors. that is just the way it is with hospitals. they spend big money wooing doctors to them, and they thinking is, it is easier and cheaper to replace a nurse than it is a doctor. i still think that you need to file a report with the police and look at a lawsuit, but again, that is your decision, and i respect whatever you decide to do. please keep us informed about what happens come friday.
  14. *Blessed2BaNRS*

    parents please talk to your teens

    OMG, they put her in the water to "try to wake her up?" I commend you for what you did, and I would certainly look into pressing charges against these people for allowing a 14 y/o to drink, and for attempted murder for putting such an obviously wasted CHILD into the water like that. Of course, I don't know that you can actually press charges against them, but the police certainly need to be involved. Kudos to you...
  15. *Blessed2BaNRS*

    I was slapped by a doctor!

    I am so sorry that this has happened to you, especially at the beginning of your new career. There is absolutely no right for anyone to be treated that way. Like previous posters have said, I would immediately file a police report and an incident report at work. Even if the witness denies it ever happening (which, in a lot of places, that happens once HR gets to the witness) I would still pursue charges. I would also meet with an attorney about this and start lawsuit preceedings. Definitely your own private attorney, NOT one affiliated with the hospital. You do not have to go in with the intentions of suing him for everything he has, although he most certainly deserves it, but at least sue him for his license. He does not deserve to be practicing medicine with bedside manners like that. And lastly, I would notify the board of medicine (or whatever the doctors have that is like our BON.) If a nurse slapped a doctor, he/she would not only have the nurse fired, he/she would turn the nurse in to the BON, Same should apply to this doctor. He needs to lose his license, NOW. Like posted before, as you can see from the number of posts just since you originally posted, this is not common practice at any hospital that I know of. And it shouldn't be allowed at yours. Best of luck. Please keep us updated on what has been happening, if you are able. Know that you are in my prayers~
  16. *Blessed2BaNRS*

    They taped the what to the WHAT!

    anyway, ouch!!! methinks that is a huge no-no!!! what were they thinking?!? :smackingf