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proud wife of a firefigher, mom of 4 children, nursing student fall 2006 hopefull

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  1. trepinCT

    speeding while on call

    speeding is speeding and not worth the ticket or a crash!!! No one should be exempt..although I do know police officers who allow "professional courtesy"..but reckless driving- never. An accident isint going to be avoided just because you are a nurse going to work, you car or the other drivers really cant tell the difference.
  2. trepinCT

    Poem for dvd at pinning

    our pinning slide show was put to music and one of the songs is David Cook "Time of My Life"..here is a verse from the song : And I’ll taste every moment And live it out loud I know this is the time, This is the time To be more than a name Or a face in the crowd I know this is the time This is the time of my life Time of my life
  3. trepinCT

    Attention New Grads- Pinning Ceremony Question

    While it is a profession, there is nothing wrong with a ceremony . We have been planning ours, we have a couple of the instructors who are class advisors and we pretty much planned it based on what was done in the past. We have a keynote speaker, the director of our program , president of college all speak..class speakers take a 'trip down memory lane" type of speech and this year we have included a slide show of our 2 years..faculty pins us..flowers given to speakers and dignitaries, programs made up..lots of student volunteered their talents to donate some of these things..we have been raising money for charities and pinning the last year and a half so the ceremony has cost us about 15-20 dollars per student( about 65 in class0..this includes faculty gift which this year will be a single donation to the allied health fund so that items may be purchased as needed for classroom and labs. No superlatives as far as favorite teacher( we voted it down..seemed high schoolish). We are fortunate that we were able secure a hall large enough that we are not limited in our guest list..but no candles allowed, but the concert hall is letting us use thier batter operated candles..and we will do the nightingale pledge..
  4. trepinCT

    st.raphael hospital

    I am sorry that you have been mis informed..but that is a pretty good start pay...and its the going rate anywhere..give or take a dollar or two...
  5. trepinCT

    Those nursing students that just don't seem to "get it"

    you are a part of a TEAM..help out..maybe talk with the student to see if there are any issues outside of school. Be a friend. Do your best to help but make it clear that you wont miss out on any opportunities ..the school should have a Lab for helping students out..its one thing to team up students for helping each other out..but the rest is the schools responsibility
  6. trepinCT

    Just got hired!!

    Congrats!!! I am also a soon to be graduate. May 2009 and just got offered a position as an OR nurse! I cant believe it because it was quite an interview, I had to convince the managers and director to hire a new grad to the OR and I succeeded. I have 20 years previous health care experience that includes working in an OR. Im an older graduate and I know what I want and this was it!
  7. should they? NO do they? YES
  8. trepinCT

    Best Advice for Bad Procrastination??

    take that bad habit and throw it out..no room for it in nursing school..a couple of close calls with papers and a couple of bad grades cured me of that!!!
  9. first, take a deep breath and slow down..like everyone else said on this post..talk to instructors to get specifics of areas of improvement. We have weekly written evaluations..our clinicals are not graded..its pass or fail. When I get on the floor, if i cant get report right away, I go do my introduction to my patient and a quick assessment, then I might glance through the chart..patient, report, chart all need our attention,the order it happens depends on the day- just size up the morning and get something done so you are not hanging around.
  10. trepinCT

    Help with calculations Please!!!!

    mea culpa mea culpa!! Thanks for setting that straight.. I went from thinking I knew it.. to being confused again!! LOL
  11. trepinCT

    Help with calculations Please!!!!

    the question doesnt say there is more than one order for the ns and kcl..its asking what the intake is for a 24 hour period..150ml isint multiplied by 24...the 150ml needs to be divided by the iv fluid amounts and its saying the kcl is in ns and we assume that the iv of ns is 1000ml( it doesnt say how much ns we have). if you run a 1000ml bag of ns at 150ml/hr you divide to get how many hours it will run...not multiply..
  12. trepinCT

    Help with calculations Please!!!!

    for #2..I am wondering why it is asking about fluid intake for a 24 hour period..if we assume the NS is a 1000mL bag and it runs at 150mL/hr it would run for only about a little over 6 hours...because the KCL is running at mL/hr ( and thats how IVs run) we have to convert the liter to mL...are you sure it said per liter??? The questions doesnt make much sense to me...and medication and IV math is not usually a problem for me...
  13. trepinCT

    Why Not Run Hospitals Like Firehouses?

    I just did some searching online and what the trend has been is towards more hospitals closing.Community hospitals seem to be suffering the worst because of their service to the poorer populations and the lack of payback for non pay patients. Many smaller cities across the US that have 2 hospitals are either seeing 1 of the hospitals close their doors or the hospitals combining services..the city near me has 2 hospitals and they now have combined heart and cancer centers. Its the way to go because equipment is so expensive and patients utilize out patient services more. Hospitals are reserved for the critically ill . Technology is advancing, specialties are emerging as is the pool for healthcare workers experienced in those specialties( open heart). Because many hospitals (such as religious, non profit hospitals) count more on generous donors, a hospital in each neighborhood would deprive those in the more impoverished neighborhoods would be at a disadvantage for hiring the best staff and providing the best healthcare . Though the posters concept has been utilized for emergent care. for many years.. clinics.. Nice thought, but it would not work for the hospital idea..hospitals and firehouses are 2 different "animals" so to speak..apples to oranges.
  14. re read question very carefully..it asks about what you would NOT do...you would NOT-- AVOID humor..if you pick A then you are saying that you would avoid humor..so you dont include "avoid humor" for your careplan...reading through a question quickly can cause errors when taking a test..read carefully, but dont overthink..
  15. trepinCT

    To pass or To be the highest?

    low grades are not always attributed from not studying enough or not knowing one's own way of learning..as someone else stated, some people are not very good test takers, but great clinicians..My class average is about a B- there are plenty of C students who have made it through these past 2 years and are doing great by their clinical instructors standards..we also had a 100% NCLEX pass rate for the graduating class of 2008..and that wasn't an A average group either. My school has a lots of papers due each semester that are graded and that affects GPAs from either direction. I agree with what some other posts that have thought that maybe there are more C and B students in nursing school than some will admit..I admit I have had my share of C grades..I work hard, aim high, give 100% but sometimes life happens... I am confident, based on my clinical evaluations, that I will be a good nurse despite the fact that I am no longer a Deans list student..We lost a student last semester whose GPA was higher than mine..but she failed clinically..so she is out of program. No matter what your grades are, I just want to know that the nurse caring for me or my family know what they are doing, have compassion..intelligence can be measured in many ways.
  16. trepinCT

    To pass or To be the highest?

    Agreed. I don't like people assuming anything about me either. Nursing school is not easy. I cant wait until its over and we are all working and GPAs wont matter anymore!! :redpinkhe