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I have been wondering about this for some time now! lol Does anyone worry about hair/makeup while in school and at clinicals/on the job? It may sound silly for me to ask, but for me, knowing how... Read More

  1. by   GPatty
    Quote from luv2quilt:)
    Oh, yes, I am 46 and you gotta fill in the cracks (in your face that is).
    :chuckle Haha! I'm 42 and feel the same way...
    When I was younger, I never bothered with it, now, it's a have to!
  2. by   grinnurse
    For me it depends on the weather. I live in East Texas and it gets really hot and humid. At 0600 it could be 80 with a humidity of 80 which only makes my face look oily. I sometimes wear makeup in the winter but usually opt for all natural. I just never thought much about after "catching" my husband LOL .Not too mention the fact that I am hot natured anyway, it usually just makes me miserable, and during clinicals, we have a white uniform and don't like the stains that it could leave if I got it on there. From what I have seen, it seems to run about half and half.
  3. by   abundantjoy07
    Suuurrrre do! Not a ton. For school and clinicals it's only concealer for the blemishes, blush, lite powder and lip gloss (if that counts).
  4. by   longroadahead
    I wear eyeliner and mascara so people can see my very blond eyelashes and so that I don't look quite so, uhhh..."ghost-like", I put on some foundation - I'm really pale even when I'm tanned...
  5. by   LilRedRN1973
    I can say that I do NOT like to leave the house without at least my eyebrows (#1) and mascara.
    I am the same way....I have auburn hair and my eyelashes and eyebrows are white-blond. I look like a 12 year old boy, not a 31 year old woman without my eyebrows and eyelashes. What stinks is that I use this powder for my eyebrows (MUCH more natural looking than a pencil) and they stopped making it!!! ARRGGHHH!!!! I just bought the last little container I could find from someone on Ebay. I have no idea what I'm going to do when that's gone. I already have to drive across town to find my auburn mascara (I learned a long time ago that blonds and redheads should never wear black or dark brown mascara....find a brown or better yet, auburn mascara if you are a redhead). Only one store carries the Max Factor Auburn that I wear so I buy several packages at once. God forbid they stop making THAT!!

    I don't wear any face make up....hate to cover up those freckles. My routine takes approximately 3-4 minutes to accomplish and I don't "look" like I'm wearing makeup. I just put on my eyebrows and eyelashes, then a sweep of a bone colored eyeshadow to bring out my blue eyes. Slick on some lip gloss and I'm through. I've NEVER worn lipstick because I have a habit of licking my lips and I would just "eat" the stuff off constantly. At least lip gloss can be put on without a mirror.

    Melanie = )
  6. by   KrisRNwannabe
    I couldn't leave the house without my "face" on!! thank my grandma for this. I use mineral powder makeup (think bare minerals, but i wear a different brand) takes 5 minutes to put on. a little blush on cheeks and then sweep it over the eye. No more eyeliner for me. I got it tattooed on!! i love it and it looks great. Next i will be getting my lips done. I think a nice nude. right now I wear the 8 hour outlast lipstick. It will be so nice to not have to wear lipstick anymore, just put on some chapstick and go. other than the above nothing else. as for my hair well....I buy it from HSN and clip it in. yes I will admit it....I am the queen of fake hair. hopefully know one i work with reads this. they all think i have perfect hair!!
  7. by   jenrninmi
    No more eyeliner for me. I got it tattooed on!!
    OMG! Did that hurt?!
  8. by   kc2004
    I wish I had time for make-up and hair.
    I OLAY my face. Then put long hair into
    pony tail and Voila! Done.
  9. by   NurseyBaby'05
    At that hour sleep wins hands-down. At any hour sleep wins hands-down. It's also the main reason I rarely wear contacts. I have an astigmatism in one eye and sometimes (particularly when I'm bleary-eyed anyway from just getting up) it takes forever to insert them. I wear both when I get dressed up or on special occasions, but not every-day. The only daily thing I do skinwise is moisturizer.
  10. by   nanna4
    I scare myself if I don't wear any make-up and pass a mirror, so I figure other people are scared too! So, for everybody's sake I wear just enough to look alive...

    It really looks weird though, when somebody who doesn't wear make-up suddenly shows up with some on. Not like they shouldn't wear whatever they darn well please. It just seems unneccessary to my eye...
  11. by   NurseyBaby'05
    The change isn't too drasitc when I do it. I try to keep everything understated when I do wear it for that very reason. If not, it looks garish to me b/c I'm not used to seeing it on myself.
  12. by   shopgal
    Quote from newgrad2004
    LoL a cockerspaniel!! haha
    Cockerspaniels are a cute dog at least :chuckle
  13. by   shopgal
    I wear only the esentials on my face, eyeliner and mascera and moisturizer. I have to wear that otherwise I would scare my pts. My hair, I throw in a ponytail. When I was in school, windpants and a sweatshirt were my uniform for class.
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