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  1. Hellllllo Nurse

    Four years for an associates?

    Me, too. Five years and 127 credit hours= ADN for me.
  2. Hellllllo Nurse

    Drive Through Dialysis: A Study in Resource Utilization

    I just got a call- I got the job. :)
  3. Hellllllo Nurse


    Very well written, very poignant, NMSane. I'm glad you wrote the article in kind of a gritty way. This type of article has much more impact and authenticity with some grittiness in the writing. I've been a nurse for 15 years, and I have only experien...
  4. Hellllllo Nurse

    I Don't Know Nothin' 'Bout Birthin' No Babies

    Kylee, your post made me smile before I even read it- love the title =0)
  5. Hellllllo Nurse

    Tylenol Versus Vicodin

    I agree, Canoe. I'm sure many of us have given a supp to a pt while they are in a w/c, as well. it's not hard- as long as they can lean forward and rest their upper body on a table. Also, many facilities have standing orders, which almost always incl...
  6. Hellllllo Nurse

    I've had enough...turned in my resignation!

    2shihzus, I'm glad you read the writng on the wall and resigned. It seems that so many nurses ignore these types of situations, just try to keep a low profile, and hope things will improve- then they are fired. Politics are one of the worst things ab...
  7. Hellllllo Nurse

    ANother one bites the dust

    When I worked in inpt hospice, I once had three pts die in one shift. It does feel awful.
  8. Hellllllo Nurse

    Relationship based care/Playing the game

    Oh, I don't think I could deal with having to do that stuff. Being real and authentic is very important to me. It makes me feel a litttle physically ill just imaging having to recite all that to pts. It's a sad day in health care when survey results...
  9. Hellllllo Nurse

    Why can't the other 49 states get ratio laws?

    (my bolding) If ratios solved the problem or not, the reason there are no ratio laws in other states is $$$, and to prevent nurses from gaining power over their own practice. It has nothing to do w/ whether or not it would "fix the problem." Safe Har...
  10. Hellllllo Nurse

    "Ask me if my hands are clean"

    Maybe corrections nurses will soon be asking their "clients" to fill out similar a survey when the are paroled or their senteces are completed.
  11. Hellllllo Nurse

    Dry, cracked winter hands

    Here is a link to Corona Ointment- it is the best stuff I've ever tried for dry hands and feet. When I get really dried out, I apply the ointment, then cotton gloves and socks. It works great! It was supposedly originally for horses, but they sell it...
  12. Hellllllo Nurse

    A few more questions before moving to Texas.

    agency pays a lot more than being a traveler. people don't realize this. a traveler needs housing, furniture, utilities, housewares, etc at the location. agency live in their own home. it makes a big difference in the pay.
  13. Hellllllo Nurse

    A few more questions before moving to Texas.

    I have not personally made $30. or less per hr. I belong to a web group that is made up of travel nurses only, and many of them are reporting that they are working for lower and lower wages. Do the wages you are describing include furnished apt w/ h...
  14. Hellllllo Nurse

    Who took the NURSE out of Nursing?

  15. Hellllllo Nurse

    State mandated elder abuse

    happyday, I felt bad in the pit of my stomach after reading your post. I hope these rediculous inspectors come to their senses.