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  1. Hellllllo Nurse

    Drive Through Dialysis: A Study in Resource Utilization

    I just got a call- I got the job. :)
  2. Hellllllo Nurse

    Dementia relief, with a huge side effect

    Yes, I think the system throws pills at the elderly, because it makes big money for somebody, but proper staffing does not- it costs money. Proper staffing and training probably actually save money in the long run, but our system is all about short-term band-aide solutions. The next quarterly report is the most important thing in the world to the people who run things. I think it's the same with kids today- too many students, not enough teachers, supplies, or time w/ mom and dad- so they just get Ritalin thrown at them.
  3. Hellllllo Nurse

    so frustrated with nursing diagnoses

    Yes! That's how I learned that liver pts often need to have diarrhea- because of their ammonia levels. That's why they get Lactulose. I know not to hold the Lactulose and to not to give Immodium- thanks to care plans!
  4. Hellllllo Nurse

    Gimme your one-liners!

    When an A&O pt is afraid we'll drop them during a lift or transfer I sometimes say "Our quota for dropping people is three a day, and we made that hours ago, so you're perfectly safe." When I worked nocs, I'd tell my pts "Now remember- no pillow fights."
  5. Hellllllo Nurse

    so frustrated with nursing diagnoses

    And another thing-:) The reason that doesn't make sense is because a pt who is unhappy and worried about health is not coping ineffectivly. These feelings are normal and are in no way a sign of ineffective coping. The "jargon" would make sense if the correct NDX were used in this case, but it was not. Here is another reason for jargon- Remember the foramen magnum- the large opening at the base of the skull for the spinal cord? Well the literal tanslation of foramen magnum is "hole, big." We can't just go around saying hole, big, or big hole or that large opening, or whatever. Jargon was created and utilized because it facilitates consistancy, and specivity.
  6. Hellllllo Nurse

    so frustrated with nursing diagnoses

    IMO, NDX and writing care plans are very important learning tools for student nurses. It's not the completed careplan itself that has value- it is the processes the student goes through in writing it which are invaluable. When I was in RN school, struggling through yet another long, tedious care plan- it suddenly hit me like a smack in the head- The problem solving and critical thinking utilized in writing the care plan are what's important for students- not the care plan itself. The NDX is not the thing- it's what you do and how you are challenged to think in determining your NDX which are important. for example- I did a humungous care plan on a S/P CVA pt. Because of doing that care plan waaay back in the day- I learned what to do- what interventions to take to prevent complications and sequelae, and to promote recovery in such a pt. Even if all I know about the pt is "S/P CVA"- I don't know his labs, his co-morbidies, or anything else, I will still know many things that I will need to watch for and actions I need to take w/ this pt. S/P CVA tells me- The pt may have difficulty swallowing- high risk for aspiration pneumonia- I need to see it the pt needs thickened liquids, a soft or pureed diet, keep his HOB elevated, He may have sensory/motor deficits on one side of his body- I need to be aware of what side of his body is affected, and be sure to keep his call light, liquids and telephone on that side, approach him from that side- He may have trouble speaking- I'll need to ask yes or no questions. Big fall risk, side rails up, fall precautions, risk for skin break down, keep him turned, repositioned, attend to sweating in body creases, keep his skin free of urine and stool, risk for contractures, foot drop. He will be a lot less active than he was before- skin breakdown and contractures, again. Risk for DVT, muscle wasting, bone demineralization. If he can't reach for his water himself, or has lost sensation of thirst from the CVA, he's at increased risk for dehydration, UTI, constipation, hypotension. He may be depressed- I'm sure the CVA altered his roles and his views of himself, and on and on and on. The reason these things just automatically pop into my head when I hear CVA is because of all those "meaningless" care plans I did back in school. As nurses, we don't need to use the language of careplans in our work, and the care plans we write for work are likely just cursory, and there only for The State. But- what our educational careplans have taught us needs to be in our heads, and incorprated into our way of thinking- it is through writing those tedious careplans that we learn to think like nurses.
  7. Hellllllo Nurse

    The Phone Call from Beyond

    baglady RN, Your story reminds me of one wich happened to a close friend. She's an RN, and her mother was an LPN. I had Christmas with them at their house in 1996. The mother died Dec 26 of that year. A really unfortunate time to pass. We all knew she was terminally ill, but we thought there would be at least a little more time than there was. Both my friend and I were hospice nurses at the time. My friend and her family had used the same hand-me-down Christmas light set for many years. They had been passed down from grandmother, to mother to daughter.The garland lights part of the set worked, but the attached angel for the top had not worked for years and years. Well, within several minutes of my friend's mother passing, we were all crying- the angel lit up- it stayed lit for only a couple of minutes, and went out again. My friend still uses that old light set to this day- but the angel has never lit up again.
  8. Hellllllo Nurse

    blood thinners

    Do you have a book where you can look these things up? You are going to be graded on this paper- you should really try and look these things up.
  9. Hellllllo Nurse

    "I'm an uncertified medical assistant"

    Sometimes docs can't even inject botox correctly. I have a friend who is a legal nurse consultant. She worked on a case where a doc was trying to inject botox around a woman's eye to smooth her crow's feet. The doc inadvertantly injected the Botox into the woman's schlera, and she has permanent loss of vision in the eye. I also personally know someone who was getting Botox injections in the neck to treat dystonia. The doc injected the wrong area, rendering the pt unable to swallow. He had to have an NG tube placed- for four whole months.
  10. Hellllllo Nurse

    "I'm an uncertified medical assistant"

    Using the term "nurse" when you are not one is more than bothersome- it's illegal. This MA was committing a crime.
  11. Hellllllo Nurse

    It's getting better....

    I've had other careers- they're definitely not like that, imo.
  12. Hellllllo Nurse

    Changing a patient's diaper while they are standing ?

    When you are cleaning up a pt in the bathroom, you don't have any choice. You can't lay them down in the bathroom.
  13. Hellllllo Nurse

    It's getting better....

    It's funny, many times when seasoned nurses post on this forum saying how it really is, students get mad. I've been told off by a couple of students on allnurses for sharing my views of the realities of nursing.
  14. Hellllllo Nurse

    need advice badly please help

    A strike- a silent strike- you're so right.
  15. Hellllllo Nurse

    Changing a patient's diaper while they are standing ?

    Oh, I just hate in when nursinghome residents have eye crusties. A warm washcloth with a bit of no-tears baby shampoo works great to get rid of this. When I worked LTC, I would give my residents each a warm cloth w/ baby shampoo to hold over their eyes for a few mins before I got them up. Not only does this clean their eyes and face well, but it helps them wake up. A warm cloth with shaving cream helps clean off dried BM, and it helps the smell, too. Sorry you are having to see what much of the LTC in this country is really like.
  16. Hellllllo Nurse

    Would this be inappropriate?

    I normally never have any contact w/ pts or families after they are no longer in my care. I, too, consider that inappropriate. However, there are always exceptions. I think I'd send the card.