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  1. Silkybo

    Funniest real orders you have seen in a chart?

    Yep, we have 2 docs that always do that as well. Manners. So simple, so powerful, so sadly endangered...
  2. Silkybo

    I broke my ankle

    I stepped wrong off a loose concrete step in my cousin's garage. HURT. tried to stand up, absolutely not a possibility. My immediate thought was "oh, this isn't good." Since I was on vacation visiting family, had to be taken to local ER about 30 country miles across cornfields in the middle of the night. Was treated really well, X-rayed and splinted, informed of fracture, directed to follow up with Ortho. I decided to wait, fly home and get it fixed in my own hospital for reasons of money, insurance and professionaly courtesy. So, 4 days later I flew from the rust belt to the sunbelt, using airport wheelchair "service" got home and saw my orthodoc. He look at x-ray, says, holy scheizze, were going to the OR NOW. I nove have pilon fracture of right ankle reconstructed with multiple plates, screws and pins.....5 months off work, still digging out of financial quagmire. But I learned a lot whitch makes me a better nurse now....thats a whole nother thang.
  3. Silkybo

    Shaving Cream & Expiration

    One night I too had a patient who was knocking on heaven's door. Her hair had been put in a ponytail and was very matted, almost like a dreadlock. My awesome nursing assistant spent over an hour carefully bathing this homeless, substance addicted lady who was sedated, ventilated and on multiple drips, while I washed and carefully brushed out her hair. It turned out to be a lovely shade of strawberry blonde. I carefully fanned it out prettily on her pillow. For some reason it is very important to me that nobody should cross over on a bad hair day! My very tough hardcore charge nurse boss actually told me how impressed he was that we took the time to focus on this. The thing I love best about ICU nursing is having the time to focus on my patients and give them real, personal caring. It may seem petty or irrelevant when someone is dying, but I love to give people the spa treatment, footie rubs and those little comforts, especially when they have no friends and family with them. Everyone deserves to feel loved as they depart this existence. If I have cared for them for a while and gotten attached, I will kiss them on the forehead and say a blessing after they are gone. It is also a local tradition that we must open the window in the room to let the spirit depart. It is an honor to help people pass with dignity. I can usually sense it on some level beyond concrete senses when someone's spirit departs. Sometimes they body is still being vented, supported with pressors, but they already are gone, one just knows it. Sometimes it's a blessing when we let them move on.
  4. Silkybo

    Just Another Code

    truly beautiful yet dignified, not maudlin....dankeschoen
  5. Silkybo

    Song lyrics that remind you of nursing...

    I think its the O'Jays....early 70's soul/funk band. I remember it, can sing it, not sure about the band. None of the lyrics engines I can find go back that far. I found out today I'm old enough to be the ER tech's mommy! Where was I when we went and got old!
  6. Silkybo

    Terms we will not admit to using

    crackacardia....the arhythmia caused by too much cocaine whackacardia....the (apparent) arhythymia caused by patient masturbating
  7. Silkybo

    Best-smelling liquid meds!

    I've always loved the smell and taste of Fletcher's Castoria, a children's rootbeer flavoured laxative...it has a new name now, I'm not sure what. Dopamine surely does smell of sweat. Rocephin and Fortaz are representatives of the catpiss family of antibiotics....awful. I always haaate making people drink mucomyst for acetominophen overdoses....yucky! Alll those pink antibiotic elixirs give me horrid childhood flashbacks....
  8. Silkybo

    Things nursing school FAILED to tell us

    a determined patient can CHEW thru their foley tubing. Not the soft rubber of the catheter itself, the clear plastic connected to the bag. I guess it helped that she had a gold tooth.
  9. Silkybo

    Print Scrub Sets

    I have several print sets, matching tops and bottoms with such motifs as strawberries, tropical fish, etc. Fortunately for me, my mom is a professional seamstress and craft coach, and we design my scrubs together with special features like zip shut pockets to put meds in, or little epaulettes to hold your stethascope in place. NOT CHEAP, but custom to your exact specifications for fabric, style, size, and extras.private message for more info...she ships throught the us and canada.....Silkybo,RN
  10. Silkybo

    Song lyrics that remind you of nursing...

    Whenever a death affects me a little bit more than average, cuz I got attached or it was sudden, I have to play Dont Fear the Reaper at cerebral hemmorage volume and sob my eyes out, and then Im better. Very few hard rock bands have the poetic depth of Blue Oyster Cult, and I can think of no other song that embraces death without being maudlin.
  11. Silkybo

    Good Housekeeping Baby Book (c) 1969

    when I was born in 1969, my dad tried to follow my mom into the delivery room. The nurse barred his way, saying "you can't go in there, you aren't sterile!" my dad replied "damn right I'm not, how do you think she got that way?"
  12. Silkybo

    Provigil for shift workers

    I have done nights for years, and have no trouble with it. However, sometimes I have to leave my vampire reality to attend an inservice or staff meeting or dentist appointment or baby shower or something and function in the daytime. EEK. Provigil is kinder and gentler than 6 shots of ulcerating expresso with a protonix chaser. Im all in favor of reality modification via the miracles of pharmaceuticals
  13. Silkybo

    volunteer organizations?

    Hey yall...I am trying to organize a volunteer graduation trip for my ADN class for 1 yr from now. Im looking for a reputable organization to go with for 1 week to 10 days in Central/South America or the Caribbean for a reasonable price. We'd like to do some public health or rural clinic nursing. We'll be GN's, not yet having taken boards...anybody have good/bad experiences or info on something like this? I'm looking at a group called MEDICO that goes to Honduras...any advice...thanx!
  14. Silkybo

    Do you wear makeup?

    I can't imagine wearing makeup...this is what I look like...no artificial colours. When men are expected to wear makeup everyday too, perhaps Id consider it. Until then its sexist to think I don't look presentable without paint but my male coworkers do. Then again, I think its sexist that I have to wear a top to the beach but men don't. I just want equal standards for grooming and dress...no so much to ask.
  15. Charge for your transcripts. charge a LOT. So much that no one in their right mind would agree to buy them, like $100 buck per lecture. That way, you send a message that your time and work is valuable, and you don't actually have to share your hard work. Or, you accidentally make a lot of money...Nursing texts are expensive!
  16. Silkybo


    Everyone I know with fibromyalgia is A. A hypochondriac B. Clinically depressed or C. a drug seeker. I dont believe in this diagnosis. Throwing oxycontin at aches and pains is like killing mosquitos with a sledgehammer. I am not against appropriate pain meds, especially in the terminal patient....dose 'em up, I say, but not for people who are just not facing life square on...I hurt too after lifting obese geriatrics all night, but Im not going to whine for narcs!