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  1. caringchic

    Utilization/Precert Nurses

    thanks so much, had my first interview to day second interview on Wednesday, I think it would be so fun and give me a break from the bedside.
  2. caringchic

    Utilization/Precert Nurses

    I am interviewing for a Precert job today w/ a big insurance company, I am excited but nervous, I really want to get away from the bedside. I too think it would take awhile to get used to the slower pace, inpatient is just dang crazy any more!!!
  3. caringchic

    Telephonic Nurse Case Management for Blue Cross

    You go girls it is so inspiring to hear other nurses more seasoned than I who appear to be able to critically think be devalued by their employer!! It has been my experience that most employers really only want followers, willing to follow the script and be overjoyed while doing it!!! Canadians health system has it's weak points, but is such a far cry better than the arrogant egotistical system we have in the States. I would like to ask some one who was at a 6+ figure income and now after this "economic downturn" is on state assistance aka (welfare) if they would value a system like Canada's??!!!! In my life time I have been both on the top and on the bottom, health care for all needs to be every ones responsibility!!! Thank you for sharing your experience w/ us!
  4. caringchic

    "And it's all going to be your fault"

    I absolutely loved the OP! That nurse had it all figured out and it was awesome, so refreshing to see that other nurses experience similar events!
  5. caringchic

    "And it's all going to be your fault"

    Sorry, I clicked on reply in this OP but somehow got out of sequence, sorry for the confusion.. OP Re: "And it's all going to be your fault" You do sound a bit jaded, that is coming from a new graduate. However, maybe you are taking it as a personal thing when people are just not always nice. I'm sure dr's are asked for medical advice a lot too, and often it is their fault! But thanks for the uplifting post!
  6. caringchic

    "And it's all going to be your fault"

    I recently had this happen to me, pt drug seeker, known to the unit, kept insisting I give meds for which there was no orders, she told me she was going to report me for unethical nursing, I informed her I had spoken to the doc, no orders rec'd charted it all, and she did in fact report me to the BON, which did open an investigation and I get to wait for 3 months until the next board meeting. Completely ruined my career at this point, more than likely the BON will close it b/c there is nothing there, but the stress and uncertainity of it has completely embittered me to nsg, healthcare, admin, I hate it. I have gotten beautiful performance evals, amazing raises, opportunites b/c of my knowledge and clinical skill but the minute customer service rating was bad w/ this crap pt, admin didnt give a damn about my 93- 98 % scores for performance, 10 years down the drain,.. run fast and far from nsg
  7. caringchic

    "And it's all going to be your fault"

    try re-posting when you have somewhere between 3+ yrs under your belt your perspective may be significantly different.
  8. caringchic


    Native American Rehab. clinic in Portland is not user friendly to its nurses. I loved the providers, they really cared about the population we served. They were so very resourceful, nursing manager, clinic manager, med. director, now thats another story....sad sad state of affairs. Such a bummer when politics get in the way of patient centered care.
  9. caringchic


    Do a search on this site under the word burnout and you can read and make an informed decision based on serveral different perspectives w/in this given curse uhh, I mean profession called nursing. From my experience NO, hell no, it is in the end the bottom dollar every time, in every way, didnt used to be that way. So very sad, and frustrating
  10. caringchic

    Living Legacy Photography

    I m an amatuer photographer and was thinking capturing the essence of one's spirit in those ending days may be a powerful gift for those left. This may not be meaningful in the inital stages of grief but may be more meaningful after the inital period. My nursing career has not been in palliative care so I would like some feedback. I dont believe any one is doing this in my area, however it looks like a new healing therapy in some larger health systems on the East Coast. Thoughts, suggestions, comments,
  11. MSN SUXXXXXX, Intelli Staff SUX, fellow nurses really need to be cautious when interacting w/ this company.
  12. MSN is the worst, I repeat worst travel agency and their partners Inteli Staff are unsafe and unreliable. I have worked for them in various locations and make it my perogative to expose their risky business. Be extremly cautious when interacting w/ them.
  13. caringchic

    Forgetting to chart prn narcotics or other prn meds

    YEP to all four, especially on those days from hell. Wouldnt it be nice if all systems could talk to one another especially nurses!
  14. caringchic

    Burn out/ disgusted/ QI

    I have been denied promotions, tx, and other career growth steps b/c of my absolute determination to pt advocacy ahead of company propaganda. However the reputation of "trouble making" has been less than ideal. One think I remind myself of is that I have a stack of thank you cards from prior pts and families for being a pt's nurse first. But as I have said in other posts, that doesnt pay my mortgage!
  15. to the original poster, in the start of your career there will always be times when pressure is great, patients to many or to demanding and the shortcuts seems like the best way. I think every nurse takes shortcuts at times, the ones who say they dont may not be completely honest. It has been my experience to ask myself some questions in that pressured moment: #1 is this short cut capable of harming the pt, in the short term or the long term? #2 is this something my management would like me to do but bears no potential danger? and #3, is this action something that can has a narrow margin of error or is there several ways to accomplish the same goal? Nursing is sometimes so very frustrating b/c much of our prioritazation and approach is very individualized. If you can ask 20 nurses the same question and get 20 different responses you are probably ok. However if it is someting critical you will usually get the same response from all 20. Nurses are way to back biting, and not near enough mentoring of one another. Has anyone asked you what you learned from this experience? What you would do differently the next time? How would you could change the outcome given the opportunity? We all know when we have screwed up, what we need to know is how to do it better the next time! Good Lord nothing in your post is worth the cruifiction you have gotten. Was it best practice ....um.... I think you know that ! :) Take a deep breath, and move forward hindsight is always 20/20, move confidently forward b/c of your mistakes that is how we learn! From someone who has been there...
  16. to babybug, when you are a licensed RN then feel free to write a post beratting another nurse about their nursing practice. Until then why dont you learn from someone else's mistakes b/c lord knows you dont have time to make them all yourself.