"They" really don't understand!

  1. "those" who haven't taken nursing classess wonder why "we" stress so much and why can't "we make all good grades "a", "b" consistently like "we" did taking pre-reqs or why is it so hard to get the "c" or "b" that is needed for a passing grade?

    after trying to explain, "they" still don't get it. the support is great from "our" loved ones and friends, but who better to talk to than a peer who is or has "walked" in one's shoes!

    i do appreciate "them" but sometimes, i need those who can relate so i may vent to others or with others!

    anyone else know what i mean!
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  3. by   maire
    originally posted by love-a-nurse
    anyone else know what i mean!
    uh huh. completely. that's why i come here.

    rock on, stephany.
  4. by   Jen2
    I'm with you on that one. I've posted this before but find it histerical so I'll say it again. I did pre-reqs for two years, and when I recieved my acceptance letter for the ADN program in June, I was so happy I cried. All I wanted was a "congrats" or "I'm proud of you." All I got from my mother was "Oh, I thought you were already in nursing school." Needless to say I got on-line and posted that I got accepted and everyone here was wonderful. Thanks everyone for always giving us that support and encouragement that we need and don't always get at home.

    P.S. I love mom to death, but she sometimes gets more excited about Dr. Phil's topic of the day, then me getting an A in Physiology. You gotta love em.
  5. by   iliel
    Oh Yes! I totaly understand!!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   Ortho_RN
    OH YEAH!!!! I understand..
  7. by   rnnurse2be
    AMEN! Thats why Im here too! I get great family support, but sometimes they just dont Get It!
  8. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    I think the hardest thing for me has been the absences of my friends. "They" don't get it. When I do have time to visit with them the topics are usually of a gossip nature. If I bring up anything about Nursing School, especially grades, they quickly change the subject. They think that I can run the roads, shop, deepsea fish, go out to dinner (sometimes all in one weekend) and still pass all the levels in Nursing School. I haven't heard from my bestfriend in 3 weeks. Mostly my fault. I guess I study too much and then I want to spend time with my daughter and husband. I sure do miss her....
  9. by   Carolanne
    There's nothing like bonding with people who are in the same boat. A family member or non-nursing friend may look at you rather blankly when you say you got a "C" on a big test, but a fellow nursing student who knows how hard that test was will jump up in the air with you as you both celebrate your accomplishment! And me too, that's why I come here - I'm pretty new, but I think this group is wonderful. Wish I'd known about it last year when I was just starting out. But I look forward to lots of exchanges and encouraging each other as we get back into the thick of it again in September!!
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  10. by   iliel
    ]Originally posted by ST_NURSE_MLD [/i]
    ]I think the hardest thing for me has been the absences of my friends. "They" don't get it.[

    I experienced the same thing. I had made a faily new friend who I really got along with and was someone I thought would be supportive. The minute I started last fall, she got mad, bacause I can't go out every weekend and party. Needless to say, I don't talk to her anymore. If she wasn't going to be supportive of this, what was she going to be supportive of?
  11. by   lunakat
    yep, I know how you feel. They all say, why don't you skip class and come with us. Sometimes my firends don't even call to talk anymore. When I ask them they say, well your in class. I am like ya in class not dead, you can still call to talk (just not very long).
    The thing I am getting now is, I have this pain here what should I do? (see a doctor). I am having trouble doing this or that becasue of this what should I do (don't do that and see a doctor)
  12. by   ulianka
    May be next time you encounter such response you have to tell "them": God forbid, but if you will end up in the hospital you better pray that the nurse who is taking care of you KNOWS what she is doing. From what I understood nursing is heeeeaviliy underestimated as a profession. Period.
  13. by   GraceyB
    I feel that same way also. Thought I was alone in feeling this way. My parents know that I am in school, but just don't get it. My boyfriend is very supportive however, he drives me nuts because he thinks that I can get a D and be fine with it. He doesn't get that these aren't classes that I can just pass with any grade. Social life - what is that again?

    Then I get the 'Gracey, it hurts here, why, what should I do?" Hello, I'm not a nurse yet, I don't know why you hurt. LOL
  14. by   dosamigos76
    I'm with ya'll! My mom was more proud of the fact that I took "walking" (PE requirement) than she was of my getting an "A" in Microbiology! Go figure!