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Hispanic female, engaged, no children, AA degree

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  1. GraceyB

    A&PI and Chemistry

    Hello All, Hoping that fellow students can help me out. I want to know if it is a good idea to take Chemistry and A&PI in the same semester. I am not working but hoping to get a part-time position as a CNA. I am single without any children and realistically go out every other weekend to dinner. I know once classes start there is no social life, I am pretty disciplined in my studies. Help me decide please. Thank you!!! Gracey
  2. GraceyB

    "They" really don't understand!

    I feel that same way also. Thought I was alone in feeling this way. My parents know that I am in school, but just don't get it. My boyfriend is very supportive however, he drives me nuts because he thinks that I can get a D and be fine with it. He doesn't get that these aren't classes that I can just pass with any grade. Social life - what is that again? Then I get the 'Gracey, it hurts here, why, what should I do?" Hello, I'm not a nurse yet, I don't know why you hurt. LOL
  3. GraceyB


    After class I get on the phone with my boyfriend and review notes to him. It helps to read out loud. He doesn't mind plus when he asks questions about things that he doesn't understand (he is in accounting) I have to explain to him and that reinforces my knowledge of the subject. He helped me so much with doages and calculations. Then of course I read and re-read chapters and notes, index cards. Best advice is to stay on top of things and read the chapters before class so that you are not as lost in class. I wish us all luck in these classes.
  4. GraceyB

    Opinions please, am I too old??

    GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!! If you really want to do this, I think you should. Don't use age as an excuse for anything. Go for it, go for it, go for it. If you have any physical problems, then that may put a little damper on things such as late night studying and being your on feet during practice and clinicals. Only you know how far you can push your body.
  5. GraceyB

    How do you choose a school?

    Those are great questions to start with. Also compare the curriculum between schools. I went to the school that I graduated from, as a second degree student you get priority in certain things. However, I looked at another school's website and found that the new school had a much better program in terms of classes, content, whole building dedicated to nursing/bio/chem. The bigger campus is a bit intiminating but hey I'm there to go to class and pass not to hang out at the student center. LOL Read a school's required classes and it's descriptions and I am sure questions will pop up.
  6. You have to be disciplined as to your studies. Campus life is fun but at the same time tempting when you need to study but your friends are partying. You are the only one that can determine the fun that you have and how much time you dedicate to your studies. If your roommate makes too much noise or whatever, you can always go to the library or you can go a fellow nursing students room to study. Do group study sessions also. If you get way stressed then PARTY but remember you have responsibilities. GOOD LUCK!
  7. GraceyB

    How long is your commute?

    I live in NYC so I take the subway to school. About 20 minutes on the train alone and about 15 minutes from the subway to the actual classroom. Since I don't drive everyday, when I do drive it is such a relief and let's me think. If I drove to school I think I would take the time to try to wind down from classes, think about how I am doing in class, or catch up on all the new songs and not think at all. Take the drive as a break from classes, problems, issues with the boyfriend, job, etc.
  8. GraceyB

    Torn Between 2 Schools

    Hi there all, was wodnering if you could all give me some insight on this. I am in the pre-clinical sequence at a CC. I already have an AA from there so it was fairly easy to get into the pre-clinical classes. However, I am interested in attending antoher CC because their nursing program seems so much more complete with classes such as nutrition and pharmacology (no chemistry required here). The first CC does not require those. The second CC also has an LPN program which I am thinking of applying to due to money and time and then going back for RN. The colleges are within the same travel time and the cost is the same. Should I apply to the second CC or stay put? Any advice at all will be great!! I don't want to start an LPN/RN debate.
  9. GraceyB

    Anyone from New York?

    Hi there, I am attending BMCC (Borough of Manhattan CC.) in Manhattan but thinking about transfering to Bronx Community College. BCC has an LPN program and an RN program. Currently I am in the preclinical sequence at BMCC, but feel that BCC has a better informative program. I was also thinking about attending New Rochelle but that requires a car for me and that is just added bills right now. LOL. You must be so exicted about starting the program. May I ask, did you take Chemistry before A&P and did you feel that you needed that class? BMCC requires Chem before A&P but BCC does not. I was wondering if you felt that you needed Chem to survive in A&P. Please keep in touch. and Good Luck to you!!!!!!!! Gracey
  10. GraceyB

    Anyone from New York?

    Are there any New York students out there? Wondering if we can keep in contact (email, phone) to support each other and even meet once a month or something like that to keep ourselves motivated, focused and all that good stuff. Good venting sessions help too. LOL I live in the city so even if you are in Westchester or upstate we can take our school breaks (if not studying of course) to get together. If you live in the city also, we can meet up at a Starbucks or go to a jazz club or something like that. Hope to get responses. Gracey
  11. GraceyB

    I just got the sweetest gift!

    What a great support you have in your friend! That is absolutely wonderful.
  12. GraceyB

    married nursing students.................

    I took my boyfriend away for an extended weekend. I just told him to take certain days off from work and to pack his bags. He appreciated and loved the whole mystery vacation. We didn't go far but being away from the city relaxed both of us. Something simple would be to surprise him with a nice dinner and lit candles all over the bedroom fo rthe after dinner event. LOL I am sure that your hubby will appreciated anything that you do. Just putting time aside for him will make him realize that you haven't forgotten him with your nose buired in a pile of books. Good luck!
  13. GraceyB

    What To wear to class?

    nurse2be in ny, where within NY are you located? I am in the city and go to BMCC.
  14. GraceyB

    What To wear to class?

    I agree with these posts. Be COMFORTABLE and clean, what else is there when you're in the RN program. LOL. People to go to classes to pay attention. No one will notice what you are wearing unless your clothes have holes in them or you have a bad smell. Target, Walmart, K-mart and Old Navy have good, inexpensive clothes. I would invest some money in really good pair of comfortable shoes for clinicals. If you're really worried about what to wear or want to be with 'in' crowd, go to the mall or the student center of your school and sit down and look at what people are wearing. You could get some ideas from there.
  15. GraceyB

    Support from family/friends?

    I have wonderful support from my boyfriend. Emotionally and financially. He encourages me and gives me pep talks when I feel that I am not going to make it. We alternate on paying every other class. My parents don't quite understand why I am going back to school. Then again they are old school and think that after high school, I should have gone into the work field and not into college. I am now 28, no kids, (what better time to do this) have an AA and now back in school in the pre-clinical squence of the RN program. I come to this board to get insight, encouragement, advice, strength, etc. Everyone has always been so supportive here. I don't pay attention to those people that try to discourage me from going into nursing. I look at it as they didn't have the courage to do it so they want to discourage me or that they are not where they want to be in their lives so they try to stop me froming going forward. I won't let them. I am doing what I want to do and am looking toward my future. A lot of people that are not in the healthcare field do not know what nursing really entails so they have all these weird ideas about what nursing is. Nurses no longer have to wear an all white dress with a little cap, sit a paitent's bedside with a washcloth to bring down their fever, or stand when doctors enter the room. We use our brains, hands, emotions to take care of sick folks. I am very happy to go into the nursing field and I think that we really need to continue to encourage each other to make it through school snd clinicals. Gracey
  16. GraceyB

    pharmacology in nursing school

    I was wondering about this myself as my school does not require pharm at all. Not in the prerequisites, not in pre-clinical sequence.