Would you be insulted by this?

  1. In the past, the hospital where I work would give all the nurses a gift for nurse's week. Usually the hospital would give things like pens, candy, notepads, etc. This year, however, they are offering a tee shirt with the hospital's logo but are charging $10 for any nurses who want the tee shirt and said they will allow nurses to wear the tee shirt in place of their scrub top. To me, it is the equivalent of having someone pay for their own birthday present. Would this insult anyone?
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  3. by   elkpark
    You're right; if you are being asked to pay for it, it's not a "gift." I wouldn't find it "insulting" (v. little that healthcare employers do surprises me anymore ), but I wouldn't be interested, either. I don't much care for the whole "Nurses' Week" celebration thing, anyway -- my attitude is, treat me like a valued employee the other 51 weeks of the year, and you can keep the cheesy mug and tote bag, thanks v. much.
  4. by   BSNbeauty
    No way I'd buy that tshirt. Yes, I would be insulted. Last year we got sweat pants with the hospitals logo and RN on them. We didn't have to pay a dime.
  5. by   morte
    it is free advertising AND they want you to pay for it????
  6. by   Here.I.Stand
    I probably wouldn't want to waste my own energy on feeling insulted, just accept fact that there was no Nurses' Week gift this year. That's not a gift. We're allowed to wear T's and hoodies w/ our hospital logo on it to work, but we buy our own in the gift shop whenever we want one.
  7. by   amoLucia
    Wouldn't it be something neat if N-O-B-O-D-Y in the whole place bought one!!?!! Think they'd get a message???
  8. by   xoemmylouox
    What a joke. We no longer have Nurses' week. Instead we have employee appreciation week during the summer. That is the biggest joke ever. Once and awhile they will pay an enterance fee at a local sporting even which equals like $5.00. They don't even pay for the better seats, just the plain cheapy ones. The don't pay for any foods or drinks either, but yet they expect you to stay with the group. Uhh.. Keep your $5.00 I'll go on my own time.
  9. by   HappyWife77
    It would be worth it if I wanted to wear a tshirt instead of scrubs...which I wouldn't.:thumbdown:
  10. by   turnforthenurse
    I wouldn't buy it. No way am I paying money for something that is supposed to be a "gift."

    And besides, t-shirts do not have all of those awesome pockets that scrub tops have....
  11. by   BluegrassRN
    I don't know if "insulted" would be the word I would use. If the $10 was at or below the cost of the printing and tshirt, then I don't think that's a bad deal. If the shirts came in colors and a fit I liked, I'd buy it.

    I would rather have the opportunity to buy a $10 well made, well designed shirt that I could wear in place of a $20-30 scrub top (which I am required to wear and also required to supply) than have them give me some meaningless, cheaply made gift that I am going to throw away.
  12. by   mmc51264
    It's a tradition where I work, kind of like a contest between the different units to come up with a cool t-shirt design. We don't pay for them. Where I work, it is acceptable to wear a hospital logo-ed (made up a new word!) T-shirt. I like my traditional scrub tops for the pockets, but I am used to seeing the T-shirts. Last year we got an umbrella with our T-shirt. It was nice.
  13. by   T-Bird78
    I wouldn't buy one for nurse appreciation week, but I'd be happy if it was acknowledged. I've never had an employer do anything for us.
  14. by   beckyboo1
    I'd just be shocked to be offered anything for Nurses Week