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  1. T-Bird78

    Advice to New graduate LPN - continuing education?

    And not to rain on your parade, but you WILL be clueless on a LOT of things LOL. Yes, we know the basics but there is a huge difference in the classroom setting and actually applying it in real life. We did clinicals but there was someone there guiding you. You’ll get training and orientation but it’s okay to say “let me double check on that” FREQUENTLY (instead of “I don’t know”). Keep your chin up though! You’ve got this!
  2. T-Bird78

    OB Unit for Male Student

    I’m in Georgia and there were men in my program doing their OB rotations with us in the same facilities. What part of GA are you in? (And rainy season?). Anyway, double check with your instructor on this because they can’t legally deny you because you’re a male. After all, what would male med students or male OBs do? Some of my classmates were in the hospital on the L&D floor, some were in the hospital on the postpartum floor, some were in OB prenatal clinics. There’s options out there.
  3. T-Bird78

    UNDERWEAR (Yes, underwear)

    I have a husband and two sons. Pants are a rare commodity in our house. I’ve even had to remind my teenager to put pants on at the dinner table. Guys just really don’t care. Must be nice. LOL.
  4. T-Bird78

    How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    I’m in an office setting, so I have 5 sets of scrubs (two provided free and I bought the other 3 sets). I wash them all on the weekend, usually in their own load.
  5. T-Bird78

    Is this legal? What are your thoughts?

    Anywhere I’ve ever worked had a policy that if you call out the day before or the day after a holiday you do NOT get paid for that holiday because it’s assumed you just wanted to extend your time off. I even had a doctor’s note and was highly contagious and I lost my holiday pay. As far as required break room, it varies state to state but I’ve worked in a doctor’s office that was part of a large and well-respected hospital system and the “break room” for our practice was a fridge and microwave tucked into a cubby in the hall. We had to go downstairs to the hospital cafeteria to sit down and eat. And my state does not even require your employer to give meal breaks. It’s kinda crappy that you’re losing your break room for another practice though! Where I’m at now, everything comes out of PTO; vacation, sick, and even holidays.
  6. T-Bird78

    HIPAA and court orders and custody oh my!

    I’ll see if we ever got clarification on this. The first situation, where noncustodial dad scheduled the appointment, that mom did complain about it on our survey and cited it as a HIPAA violation (scheduling an appointment isn’t a violation) and was mad at us. Second one, I haven’t heard an update since dad did send his legal documents in. All we were going by at the time of the initial contact was mom specifically not putting dad on the HIPAA communication form. It’s not a “special form we made up”, but the standard form where people can indicate which phone number we can contact them at, if we can leave a detailed message, and with whom we can share medical information. If someone calls to seek medical information and that name is not on the HIPAA form, I don’t provide information. I’ll let you know. Thanks!! And I agree completely that mom and dad need to grow up and willingly share information about their child. I had another one where custodial parent didn’t send child’s medication for non-custodial parent’s visitiation, so child didn’t receive the medication. At least it was something OTC, but the principle still applies.
  7. T-Bird78

    HIPAA and court orders and custody oh my!

    We’re not removing their rights to the child at all. What the HIPAA communication form does is tell us who we CAN share information with. If someone who is NOT on that communication form calls to get information from us, we can’t provide any information. We have married couples who don’t put their spouse on the HIPAA form and have the same conversation with them.
  8. Ugh. We have a pt threatening to file a HIPAA complaint against my office. Mom has custody of child and only listed mom and mom’s siblings on HIPAA form. Child was with dad and dad called to schedule a follow up appt for child, which we did schedule. Mom was about 10 minutes late to appt and is very upset that we even allowed dad to schedule the appt, let alone allow dad to be in the room with the child without mom. Dad did bring child to appt. That’s not a HIPAA violation, right? We can’t screeen every person who calls to schedule an appt, and scheduling in and of itself isn’t giving any information out. Second one recently, mom has custody of child and did not put dad on HIPAA form. Dad called to ask results of office visit and we could not, and did not, provide any information other than telling dad he is not on HIPAA form. Dad is very mad and has been sending copies of DNA tests and court documentation that he is in fact the bio dad and has equal legal rights to child. Mom refuses to put dad on HIPAA, so we can’t really tell dad anything despite court orders, right?
  9. I work in a physician’s office and every single staff member has asked the doctor to look at x or y or z at some point or another. It saves us an office visit/time off work! It’s not as awkward as you think it’ll be. If you’re concerned, ask if she’d be okay seeing another provider.
  10. T-Bird78

    let go from job

    Yeah, I don’t know what the difference is between the two. LOL.
  11. T-Bird78

    let go from job

    I should have known something was going on when I’d signed up to bring macaroni and cheese to the potluck we were having the next week and someone crossed my name off the list and put theirs instead. I just thought they didn’t like me (which was true) and didn’t want to sample my mac. Their loss, really, as I use Paula Deene’s recipe with 6 kinds of cheese in it. . . Anyway, if your state is an at will or right to work, no reason is required especially in the first 90 day probation period. Still sucks because you don’t know what to improve for next time.
  12. T-Bird78

    Current Situation: Symptomatic Asthmatic

    Not a school nurse but an asthma/allergy nurse for several years here. Flovent is NOT a rescue/quick-acting inhaler. Using albuterol several times in a short time span is not okay either. Once student gets back to normal, talk to him/her about proper use of Flovent and when/how to use albuterol. Talk to mom to make sure they’re compliant at home and that they see an asthma specialist, not just pediatrician. So many PCPs don’t know how to educate asthma kids on inhaler usage. Also have mom check into getting albuterol nebulizer for such an emergency. My asthma MD had care plants for all his asthma and allergy kids.
  13. T-Bird78

    Should I divorce my husband

    At least you got something this week from your employer. Our group had events for nurses at the hospitals but nothing for us in the physician offices, so my manager put a basket together of candy and a steel water bottle.
  14. T-Bird78

    Feeling embarrassed, ask the md a stupid question

    If in doubt ask the MD. I’ve asked the MD questions I already knew the answer to 1) just to confirm, 2) every once in a blue moon MD will change their mind, and 3) to shut the pt up that I did, in fact, ask THE DOCTOR since I’m “just the nurse”. Never be afraid to ask.
  15. T-Bird78

    Should I divorce my husband

    My current employer is the only one I’ve had that actually acknowledged nurse week. I got a company-branded beach towel one year, a plastic 20 oz tumbler one year, and nothing last year (still waiting on this year). The cards were trying to be funny, I hope, but divorce is too much of a pain in the butt. LOL. If nothing else, challenge hubby to a game of strip poker!
  16. T-Bird78

    Reasons nurses get fired

    I’m in an at-will state. I was fired from my very first nursing job, which I obtained two weeks after I passed my boards for my LPN. Two weeks into the job I was put on phone triage and had an issue with a pt calling to speak with her cardio, who was in surgery. After repeatedly yelling at me, hanging up, calling back, yelling, and hanging up, I asked a coworker to take the call because the pt wasn’t listening to the fact that I could NOT page pt’s physician to leave the OR, come into the office, and see pt and pt refused to see any of our 9 other MDs or 7 mid levels. My coworker told me no because it wasn’t her turn on triage. I asked the head physician of the group who agreed that we can not call physicians out of the OR. I offered the pt another appt, same day, but pt refused, so I told pt to go to the ER where their MD was and their MD would be the one on-call to see them in the ER. Pt hung up, called our corporate office, and filed a complaint against me for refusing to help her. When I was fired, I was told I was “unable to perform the job requirements as expected”. I had no nursing supervisor because she was promoted to clinical director two days after I was hired, so I really had no one to ask questions of. I was in my 90-day probation period so no reason was really needed for my termination.

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