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  1. T-Bird78

    Coworkers Competing For Vending Machine Food And Drinks

    Vending machine? Our break room has a fridge and small microwave. We have ice trays and an ice bucket and apparently I’m the only one who knows how to use either one. I have gone to fill my Yeti with ice in the morning and found the ice bucket empty, but the ice trays have 3-4 cubes popped out of them, so someone used just the cubes they needed and put the partial trays back neck to to the empty bucket. Oh, and someone put a can of Coke in the freezer and it exploded, and they left it there and never cleaned it up. I don’t drink carbonated drinks, so can I share your vending machine? LOL.
  2. T-Bird78

    Grocery store workers hazard pay

    We are taught infection control and sterile technique and how to properly don and doff PPE. They are not. When I worked in a grocery store, a customer complained because the kid in the deli department blew on his gloves to get them apart (the cheap, clear plastic things that don’t fit anybody’s hand) then sliced up her roast beef with those gloves he’d just blown on. They’re also getting yelled at, cussed out, flipped off by people refusing to wear a mask. I’ve told my husband that I feel safer at work, where everyone has to wear a mask and we have our full PPE than going to Wal-Mart where half the customers refuse to wear a mask and most of the employees have theirs on as a mustache or an earring. Plus, grocery store workers don’t make much at all.
  3. T-Bird78

    Do you get covid pay?

    I’m an LPN in a physician’s office who has been pulled to help in the hospital (I have zero hospital experience!). There’s supposed to be a $5.00/hour deployment differential BUT there’s apparently been issues with some of us getting that pay. I’ll let you know if I get it.
  4. T-Bird78

    Superstitious Nurses

    I have banished the words “quiet”, “slow”, and “bored” from work. Those are NOT allowed in my presence. Whenever one of those words are uttered, all heck breaks loose. I had a coworker say she was bored and I told her to hush, she said it again and I growled at her, and upon her third time uttering it, the doctor opened the exam room door and yelled for help. Pt was unconscious and unresponsive, paramedics were called, pt taken to ER and admitted.
  5. T-Bird78

    A Staffing Perfect Storm

    Okay, got my assignment. I’m normally in a physician’s office, have never worked in a hospital setting aside from doing some clinical rotations in nursing school. Anyway, I’m doing COVID testing for scheduled preop pts. The nurse who’s over the coordination of this is sending me to train on one of the acute care floors for one day (and I’m still working 5 8-hour shifts) then I’ll be helping with med administration. I still don’t have access to the Pyxis system! I’m also an LPN so I need to be extra careful that I’m not giving anything outside my scope. I’d almost rather continue torturing people’s noses with a Q-Tip than do med administration!
  6. I don’t work in a hospital setting, I’m in a physician’s office, but we are on standby to be redeployed into a hospital setting to help ease the burden some. My manager told me yesterday that the plan for me (LPN) is to be in one of our larger hospital’s ED—doing nasal swabs for COVID testing. The original plan was to put us in lower acuity units or be a tech so the established hospital nurses could focus more on COVID units, but I’m going to be literally front and center. Plans and assignments change sometimes.
  7. T-Bird78

    Got The Vaccine! Share Your Experience

    I got my first dose December 28, Moderna, and just had arm soreness for a day or two. A coworker got the Pfizer one the week prior and was c/o dizziness, feeling “20% off”, and dropping things but she’s a bit of a drama queen LOL. On a personal note, a relative unfriended me on facebook after I posted that I’d gotten my first shot.
  8. T-Bird78

    Mobility question from new covid nurse

    Herring, that is exactly what happened with my uncle. He’d had a “bad cold” and fever for a week, then was taken to u/c and sent straight to the hospital. His O2 was 74. 9 days later he was gone.
  9. T-Bird78

    How do you tell a family member their loved one will die?

    Families don’t/won’t acknowledge it is the end. When my uncle was in the hospital for 9 weeks he’d gone on and off dialysis, had a colostomy bag after his colon ruptured, on a vent, off a vent, back on, etc. We were waiting on his son to drive up from Florida, since he was going to be deployed overseas for a year the following week. When my cousin arrived, they were going to d/c support and turn off his pacemaker. I left the hospital to pick up my son and my mom told me “well, we’ll see you up here tomorrow, right?” I told her no and she asked why I wasn’t coming back up there. I said mom, he’s not going to be here tomorrow. My entire family was stunned that he passed that night. They knew how much he’d been through and what the plan was, yet they couldn’t comprehend that he would no longer be with us. My other uncle died Sunday night after fighting COVID for 2 weeks. The doctor told my cousin, his oldest son, that he just had two days at most left; my uncle left us 6 hours later. My aunt and other cousin were called into the hospital and got to spend 20 minutes talking to him before he took his last breath. The family needs to know it’s coming. Sometimes you have to be blunt yet gentle and just tell them it’s time.
  10. T-Bird78

    Phasing out LPN

    No, they’re not phasing out LPNs, despite what you may or may not have heard. Yes, RNs have more opportunities than LPNs, but I’m also sticking with LPN. Most LPN jobs are in outpatient settings, and I’d rather have my evenings, weekends, and holidays off to be with my family; most RN jobs are in a hospital setting. The only drawback I’ve found is trying to get a job outside of direct hands-on pt care. All those jobs require an RN in my area (clinical services, nurse educator, nurse navigator, etc.) so I’m stuck.
  11. I got fired from my first ever nursing job and was simply told “it’s not going to work out”. A pt called to demand to speak to their cardio, who was at the hospital in surgery, and when I offered pt an appt with another provider same-day, she yelled and hung up on me. She called back, again, and demanded her cardio. I told her, again, he was physically in surgery at that moment and couldn’t be reached, she yelled and hung up on me. She called again and asked to speak to someone else, I asked a coworker if they could talk to her because pt wasn’t listening to me and pt asked for someone else, and my coworker said “that’s not my job today” and all the other RNs turned their backs, so I told pt again another provider could see her same day or she could go to the ED of that hospital and her cardio could see her there. Pt yelled and hung up on me. I asked the lead physician of the group, the founder of the practice, and he said I was right and following company protocol. Pt called again, I repeated our options, and she said she was calling corporate. Apparently she complained about me because I was called into HR two days later (the coworker who told me it wasn’t her job to do phone triage told me to bring my stuff with me so she knew) and I was terminated on the spot. Sometimes employers just suck.
  12. T-Bird78

    COVID-Positive Nurses Working: Irresponsible or Smart?

    I’m an LPN in ambulatory care but my office is part of a large healthcare system that includes several hospitals across 7 counties in my state. When this was starting up, they made all LPNs and RNs who don’t work in acute care take an online learning course to learn the hospital portion of our EMR and we were on stand-by to be called up to an acute care setting, in theory to let us work the med-surg floors so those nurses could work with COVID pts. I was “tier 5” and they got to tier 3 before they stopped reassigning people. One of the CMAs I work with was called up and worked in ICU with COVID+ pts as a CNA though.
  13. T-Bird78

    New nurse leaving hospital for office job.. advice?

    I’m an LPN and have only worked office/clinic settings because my kids are young and I need my evenings/weekends/holidays off to be home with them. Anyway, I know I’d have a VERY hard time trying to get hired on at a hospital because my skills are rather limited. I’m an expert at shots from working allergy (subcu, ID, and IM), neb tx, recognizing when and comfortably administering epi; I’m good at prioritizing from ENT work. Bear in mind, it’s not the same level of crazy as hospital work but we can see 40-50 pts A DAY in a 6 1/2 hour time span. Our busiest day had 60 pts for 3 providers. Yes, we’re doing vitals and med reconciliation, but we also do in-office procedures, surgery procedures, and even have active nosebleeds come in for tx. We’ve had the ER call us to have the provider go consult on a pt in the ER, only for the provider tell them to come to us, so the ER sends us pts directly from the ER. There’s cleaning and processing of instruments, autoclave, and processing endoscopes. We get phone calls from pts, pharmacies, other providers, hospitals, and insurance companies. We have to deal with PAs for RX and procedures. The hours are better but 8:30–5:00 doensn’t mean you walk out at 5:00; I’ve been there as late as 6:45 when the doc is running behind (then getting fussed at for OT). It’s easier but still a LOT of stress.
  14. T-Bird78

    Friend diagnosed with cancer but can't get surgery?

    Try another doctor/hospital, call the insurance company to see what’s going on and find one that does take his insurance. Push come to shove, find out what the self-pay rate is and set up payment arrangements. Hugs.
  15. T-Bird78

    Losing hope and suicidal

    Hugs. You are more than just this job and mean more to people outside that ED.
  16. T-Bird78

    What else can I do? Help please

    I’m seriously burnt out and am strongly considering getting out of direct care also, but I’m an LPN so my options are very limited regarding what I can do in non-bedside nursing. I was talking to another mom about her job selling/writing insurance policies, she works from home, she earns free trips, she doesn’t get yelled at about having to wear a mask. . .must be nice. Any non-clinical options for LPNs, or should I start looking at insurance stuff?