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  1. T-Bird78

    BLS renewal—ouch

    I had to renew my BLS the other day. Our employer has the online portion for the test then we go to the lab for the manikin/hands-on portion where the computer guides you as you’re doing the actions. Our manikin is terrible, the mouth is all cracked and the mask doesn’t seal well, the chest sounds like a rusty bed when compressing, it’s just terrible. Anyway, I was wondering why I felt like I’d done an ab workout yesterday when I remembered—I did! I’d had to do several rounds to pass because the manikin is so touchy (I even had someone else complete a set of compressions to make sure it wasn’t just me; it wasn’t). I figured I’d done 9-10 cycles of CPR. Anybody else feel sore the day or so after CPR? Or am I just that out of shape LOL?
  2. T-Bird78

    Black scrubs—help!

    Thanks. Our scrubs are ordered by our employer so we have no say in what brand. I’m seriously considering a derm visit. I also might try a non-stick spray to see if that helps. I do wash my scrubs in their own load with a fabric softener sheet in the dryer. I’m just aggravated. LOL.
  3. T-Bird78

    Black scrubs—help!

    Okay, my healthcare system has nurses wear solid-color scrubs, color-coded by department. Lucky me, my area is assigned to wear black scrubs, pants and shirt. That’s nice except it shows dandruff. What can I do? I use Head & Shoulders every workday and am constantly lint-rolling myself but I still look like a snowy landscape. Can I spray something on my scrubs to repel it, or would I be better off petitioning to change our group to a different color scrub top? LOL.
  4. T-Bird78

    "LPNs are glorified CNAs"

    CNAs are to be glorified for their work and their heart. Remind people what the L and N stand for in LPN—LICENSED practical NURSE. I have an aunt who was a patient care aide, going to pt’s homes to get vitals and assist with meal prep. She had two pts, so she worked 4 hours a day. She kept calling herself a nurse to my mom and other relatives until I asked her how many questions her NCLEX was and when she passed her boards. She quit saying that. I also had a pt, two weeks ago, see the LPN on my badge and ask when I was going to finish my RN. I told him I had no plans to. I chose to become an LPN and will stay one. LPNs aren’t “glorified CNAs/MAs” nor are we “RN wannabes/RN rejects”.
  5. T-Bird78

    Will I get in trouble?

    Where I work, looking at your own chart and/or looking at an immediate family member’s chart is grounds for immediate termination. Some of my coworker’s parents are patients of ours, and they can’t even click the ‘check out’ button when their relative leaves, someone else has to check them out. I brought my son for an ear infection and had to have another coworker update his pharmacy information. And, as you’ve read, you NEVER look at a non-patient’s chart just because you’re curious.
  6. We have a pt who owns a very large car dealership and has a major road named after them. They call for themselves and their spouse expecting special treatment because they’re used to getting their way. When I told them the doctor doesn’t give lab results over the phone I was yelled at and hung up on. They did call back and apologize, but got mad again when the answer wouldn’t change. They demanded the doctor’s personal cell phone number, which I didn’t give out, but the doctor finally broke down and gave them results over the phone just to get them quiet. Apparently they had a trip to go on and that was more important.
  7. T-Bird78

    Are We Letting Our Patients Suffer?

    The pharmacy reads the sig and dispenses quantity for 7 days worth only, regardless of the quantity written. If it's 1 tab q 4-6 PRN pain, #60, the pharmacy will give 42 (1 6 times a day x 7 days). When postop pts call to get additional narcotics, I'll call the pharmacy and verify if their insurance will allow it or not. There's some database that prescribers have to check before giving any additional narcotics, and if another provider has given a script then they can't give more, if there's no other script in a certain timeframe they can give more. It's fairly new so I'm still trying to figure out the methodology. I do check with the pharmacy every time, though. One told me it was acceptable because it was a continuation of an acute fill. It's crazy.
  8. T-Bird78

    Are We Letting Our Patients Suffer?

    Yes, we are making some pts suffer. My state limits narcotics to a 7-day supply ONLY, regardless of the qty on the actual script. I'm in ENT, so we're talking some very painful surgeries (tonsillectomy, UPPP, sinus/septoplasty/turbinate reduction; head and neck cancers) and our adults who are 7-days postop tonsilletomy can't get any more norco when they're in the worst pain of their life. It's horrible.
  9. T-Bird78

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    We've all had tons of "Princess" lately but I had a "King" last week.
  10. T-Bird78

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    A few months back I had a pt, a younger millenial-aged kid, whose first name is a nickname for male genetalia and last name contains another slang term for penis with -man on the end. I wish I was making that up.
  11. T-Bird78

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    with a sister named Eileen!
  12. T-Bird78

    I'm Not Flaky, Lazy, Or Stupid...

    My oldest son was dx with ADHD at age 5 and I was aghast at the overwhelming negativity I received. I had nursing school classmates tell me I was overreacting and one in particular told me not to get him tested because his teachers in school would label him as "that kid" and he wouldn't get the help he needed. My ex-husband was so against it and even strangers told me that ADD/ADHD isn't real and is over-diagnosed. I'm with the OP, if you haven't dealt with it then you have no right to talk and be negative and so discouraging. He also couldn't take any of the stimulant meds because the side effects were so extreme in him. He's 13 and maybe (hopefully) starting to mellow out some. My best friend was dx with ADD her senior year of college, but that didn't stop her from getting her degree, her masters, and is writing her dissertation for her doctorate in politics. She actually has a double masters. Yes, it's taken her much longer to write the dissertation because sitting in a room writing all day is so hard for her to do, but she's making it work! OP, good luck and keep it up!
  13. T-Bird78

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    A few years ago I had a Godswill. The odd thing is in 70 years there'll be nursing homes full of Precious and Princess.
  14. T-Bird78

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    Knew a girl names Marida--dad was Marvin, mom was Ida, put them together and get Marida. Went to school with a Rainbow--in the late 80's, so you know she got teased for Rainbow Brite. Mom worked with a Harry Pitts. Sis has an in-law who emigrated, name was Horronomous Peter, but they had to Americanize it, so they renamed him Harry Peter. Saw a name in the phone book of Richard Head. You know what the nickname for Richard is, right?
  15. T-Bird78

    The Slow Code: Justified?

    If there's no DNR then aren't we required to use any and all measures? Just because someone's older doesn't mean they don't get the same level of care and urgency as a child. They're somebody's parent, somebody's grandparent, somebody's spouse. It almost borders on criminal neglect.