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turnforthenurse has 7 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in ER, progressive care.


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  1. PMHNP opportunities are hot now. I would consider doing that instead of FNP.
  2. turnforthenurse

    UT Houston Fall 2018

    Have you tried contacting them?
  3. turnforthenurse

    Nautoropath ND as a preceptor?

    That is very strange. Maybe being with an ND as part of a specialty rotation could be doable. At my school, we were allowed an optional speciality rotation for 40 hours. You could learn a lot because patients are all about alternative medicine tre...
  4. turnforthenurse

    FNP or ACNP

    Some ACNPs work in a specialty office-type setting, but will also round on patients in the hospital. So as an ACNP, you're not just limited to hospital settings. If you're interested in ACNP, would you rather work with adults or children? There is...
  5. turnforthenurse

    Odd question, but...

    If you really want to do peds, consider a PNP or PACNP program. Do some research in your area, though - are there a lot of PNP/PACNP jobs in your area? What is the projected job outlook in the next few years when you're done and actually looking fo...
  6. turnforthenurse

    Where do NP clinicals take place at?

    Absolutely this. The struggle is real. Finding preceptors is HARD, especially when you are in an oversaturated area. I'm an in area with three NP schools and three med schools with med students and PA-S...so think about it, we're all competing for...
  7. turnforthenurse

    FNP Oversaturation

    Looking back I'm thinking that's the route I should have gone, but my experience is all ER and not ICU
  8. turnforthenurse

    Transitioning from FNP to Acute Care in school

    I don't think so. I was enrolled in my school's FNP program and I applied for their ENP program later that year once they were accepting applications. The ENP program at my school is primarily postmaster's, through, but some of the program can be d...
  9. turnforthenurse

    NP as Hospitalist ??? job offer

    Be careful. The nurse practice act in some states may consider inpatient as "out of scope of practice" for an FNP.
  10. turnforthenurse

    Do hospitals hire FNP-C?

    You will probably need your ACNP/AGCNP/PACNP. You also need to pay attention to your state nurse practice act - you might be considered practicing "out of scope" if you're an FNP in a hospital setting.
  11. turnforthenurse

    Why do some practices prefer PAs to NPs?

    We essentially do the same thing. The only difference is the training - I feel like NPs only do 1/4 of the required clinical hours compared to the 2,000 hours that PAs typically have to do. I've heard from physicians that PAs are better trained and...
  12. turnforthenurse

    FNP-C vs FNP-BC

    I haven't really heard a difference, tbh. I chose AANP (FNP-C) because I will also be sitting for the ENP exam which is also offered through AANP. It would be too much hassel trying to keep up with two different certifying bodies if I was FNP-BC.
  13. turnforthenurse

    FNP Oversaturation

    I live in Houston and I am a new FNP. We are very oversaturated here - it is very difficult for us to find jobs. A handful of my classmates were lucky, but many of us are struggling. I have seen quite a few ACNP, PMHNP, and even some PNP positions...
  14. turnforthenurse


    This! My facility doesn't have a visitor policy. I worked at a large hospital downtown and they don't really follow a visitor policy, but I always told my patients 2 visitors at a time because the rooms are small. I get really irritated when I have...
  15. turnforthenurse

    What time do you wake up for work?

    I get up at 0500. Leave by around 0530 to go on my morning Starbucks run. My shift starts at 0600.