What would the Easter bunny put in a nurses basket?

  1. I think Peter Rabbit should leave the following in mine:

    A new pair of scissors. Mine are getting dull.
    Cool pen that is one of a kind so people don't walk off with it.
    A clone of me for those days I need extra help.
    Chocolate bunny for those days that are stressful.
    Xanax jelly beans for really really bad days, lol
    Happy Easter Everyone.
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  3. by   loriangel14
    How about aerosol Valium for when you have an entire room full of hysterical family?
  4. by   Airidis
    Ooo! Mine would leave me a booklet of "days off" to use when I choose!
  5. by   tainted1972
    A housekeeper/cook/nanny...........oh wait.. that's what my husband got LOL
  6. by   Mrs. SnowStormRN
    A winning lotto ticket, LoL!
  7. by   casi
    A couple of extra nurses and nursing assistants.
  8. by   iNurseUK
    A cure for aching feet.

    A magical solution to those call bells you just know are horsefeathers.

    The ability to stop stupid bleeping volumetric pumps from alarming for NO reason you can see.

    No more Code Browns EVER

    The ward to have a quiet day for once.
  9. by   Sugarcoma
    An accounting degree? lol
  10. by   caliotter3
    The love of her/his life, to make coming home worth it after a long day at work.
  11. by   gigglymo
    Blackout curtains and ear plugs, for day sleeping.
    Ten years of experience, condensed into pill form.
    A "Healthy Cooking for Night Shifters" cookbook, with meal and snack suggestions to stave off hunger and keep off the Night Shift Nine.
  12. by   notjustanurse
    PENS!!! (I have an addiction!)
    A Pulse ox that self destructs when stolen.
    Alcohol foam that doesn't turn my hands to bleeding leather.
  13. by   Sugarcoma
    lol at this: "A Pulse ox that self destructs when stolen."
  14. by   MoopleRN