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iNurseUK has 20 years experience as a RN and specializes in Plastics. General Surgery. ITU. Oncology.

I'm married with two grown-up kids. I'm originally from the North of England but have lived and worked in London for many years.

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  1. Now where to start? Nurses in the UK certainly command less respect than in former years. We as a profession are often at the sharp end of media criticism particularly in the more right-wing sections of the media. Accusations such as being too "educa...
  2. I have been qualified 20 years and most of my experience was in reconstructive surgery but I also worked in ITU. I am currently on an Oncology Unit at a very well-respected Cancer hospital Happy to help if you have questions.
  3. Just looking for opinions

    Think yourselves lucky you are not in the UK! You get the standard uniform of whichever Trust you work for issued on joining and that is it. My uniform is a blue and white striped tunic of a heavy poly-cotton (FAR too hot in the summer on these old u...
  4. I'm happy to help if a nurse from the UK isn't too boring for you :)
  5. Why do Doctors think they are................God!!

    Do all you US folk work with fully qualified doctors? You don't get young inexperienced House Officers? They are a damn sight more terrified than you and rely on the nurses to get it right. We are all playing for the same side. That will be the patie...
  6. I would never have called 911 but upped morphine, midazolam, diazepam. Those drugs that ease gently into the long sleep. What was your facility THINKING of to call a code on what was clearly a terminal patient? Do you think the futile attempts at res...
  7. Blood transfusions??? just say no...

    It is not an area of nursing we are excluding but a PROCEDURE which may well arise in any speciality. Now I'm English, by definition indifferent to religion. More than 94% of English people go nowhere near a church and we could not care less. Nominal...
  8. Employment Drug Test Questions

    Genetic testing? Are you carrying the breast cancer genes or the colon ones? Do you have a family history of diabetes? Are you perfect in every way? Hang on isn't there a name for this? Eugenics.
  9. Employment Drug Test Questions

    How long before caffeine becomes as demonised as tobacco and potential employers exclude people for using it? How long before they want blood work for cholesterol? Thank God the UK isn't there yet. YET.
  10. Where to find articles for research paper?

    Just do a Google search! Dosen't your school library subscribe to the relevant journals? I\d be surprised if they didn't. I'm English but surely US colleges have appropriate online resources and access to archived journals. Good luck with your resear...
  11. Nurses targeted for real estate agents?

    Reword that "Nurses are pretty amazing! Nursing is all about caring and dealing with challenging situations. Buying a burger is a big deal. It can be stressful. We want a clerk who is trained to weigh up all the options. Super-size or extra cheese? W...
  12. The Altruistic Manager? What on Earth is that? Are they like ghosts, everyone swears they exist but no-one ever actually saw one?
  13. The Nurse Manager. Hasn't worked on the wards since 1972, breezes through your on its knees ward smiling graciously and announcing that you must take an admission into your only empty bed.
  14. Just about to start!

    It is quite a high caseload but as these patients are not acute I'm sure you will do just fine. Congratulations on starting your job and all best wishes :)