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  1. This made my night last night...

    When i was a psw i had a lady in the lift chair to get her into the tub and she started to have a BM. She took to screaming " get that pen*s out of my A$$!!!" Omg... I howled!
  2. What would you rather do than go into work this weekend?

    1) House hunt! 2) Sit with my toddlers who due to full time work and overtime I havnt seen a lot of the past month
  3. Should I ask Questions? Need Advice Fast!

    I would just go up and say "I must have missed the part on my hourly wage and I don't want see see like I'm money hungry but how much do I make an hour during orientation and regular hours"
  4. DC'd narcotics

    Contact the pharmacy directly ask for a pick up from the pharmacist?
  5. Reporting child abuse

    My dilema is my doc asked me not to and to give her more time but I was worried if more harm came to her it would come back on my license.
  6. Reporting child abuse

    Sorry for typos I posted from my phone and its been a long emotionally draining day and having a hard time sleeping now
  7. Reporting child abuse

    So I'm doing a visit today and the lady who is heavily pregnant admits to m, she and her daughter and viciously beat/peed on/not allowed to eat due to her spouse/mother in law. I ask my doctor what to do about it and dr said pt has a plan to leave gi...
  8. Nurses pictures on patients whiteboards???

    We have a board in every pt room were we have to write our name and their doc and discharge date so if they need their nurse they can say my nurse is so and so but no pictures
  9. You mean my personal email of won't land me a job?
  10. I think you already have some great strategies/morals in place. I always tell my drug seekers you can have your pills at this time and I put my foot down. If they ask sooner I remind them that no your medications will be delivered at xyz time and not...
  11. Asked 100X how to Quit immediately

    I haven't been very happy where I was from the get go. My cousins husband I'd the union rep where I was hired (I didn't know he wasa the big head at my work) and told me union wise they are having a hard time keeping the union happy and have lost a l...
  12. Asked 100X how to Quit immediately

    I'm canadian not american...
  13. Asked 100X how to Quit immediately

    When I interviewed I said 2 weeks and then when they offered the job they asked me to start asap due to needing a nurse for the new dr they hired. I just accepted what they offered for a start date hung up and went oh crap (I was a little excited) bu...
  14. Asked 100X how to Quit immediately

    Hey guys, I did some searching on how to do this but I still would like some more advice related more towards me. I work in a LTC that Im miserable at. I work tomorrow and tuesday but just got offered a full time position in a multi-doctor family hea...
  15. Need help adjusting. Any advice?

    Hey I did the CC thing and was a single mom with 2 under 2! I'm a new grad on the floor where I work now it was super awkward at first and I was like am I doing something wrong should I have this new shiney car, should I have my own house? Then I tho...