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  1. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Could I be stressed and not know it?

    I think I may need reading glasses. And like someone mentioned home + work in combo is playing a role. Thanks guys!
  2. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Made an error :'( unable to move on

    I third.
  3. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Could I be stressed and not know it?

    Thank you very much. I do think I need to get my eyes checked. I find myself squinting when reading the computer at work (there's so much on one page and the print is rather small) and also when starting an IV. I get up at 4am every morning to be at work at 5:30, I do not feel tired, but I agree sleep pattern has changed. My headaches are in the front, I stand all day but sometimes I lean on the computer (we push a computer around to each room all day) which may be causing some muscle strain. What you guys have said in combo makes 110% sense! I gotta start yoga or something. Thanks guys!
  4. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Could I be stressed and not know it?

    I have had a few changes lately in my life. Going back to nursing after 2 years at home, and doing a completely different type of nursing at that. Everyday I come home from work I have a headache. It's strange. Of course some days are better than others, but when I get home I STILL have a headache on the good days. I didn't think a person could be stressed unconsciously, but maybe I am. I'm just curious if anyone else has experienced this?
  5. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Nurses writing Scripts for Doctors

    I will type an order (via the computer system) for a lab, like a BMP if I have a dialysis patient about to have surgery (and I will draw that lab too). Several times I've drawn a HCG on menarcheal patient who didnt have an order for it, I know a pregnant surgical patient is baaaaad news, and I just put in the order. Or MD didnt put the IV order in, I know they need fluids before surgery, so as long as the fluid isnt contraindicated (like giving LR to a renal patient would be an epic fail, so I will put in the order for NS) in periop this is the standard (so its really a standing order but still the MD has to put it in for each individual patient). Of course I check allergies, patient history, etc.... I do not write orders for medications or such... I use my nursing judgement when it comes to certain things, and I notify the MD asap. Havent had an issue yet. You make a valid point though. It's been going on for years!!!
  6. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Your Most Heartwarming Moments in Nursing

    I have had many moments like this, where patients have hugged me, thanked me, left me treats (they have sent fruit baskets, cakes, candies, etc..), and thank you notes. It is definitely the biggest reward this job can offer IMO. BUT I would like to mention something that warmed my heart that wasn't related to me. As a prep nurse you are with a person in their most anxious moment, right before surgery. I, as usual checked my patients armband, but this particular time it was bulky. I said "whoa, something is wrong with your armband. Its bulky." Her daughter looks up and says, "No, I put a prayer in there." She'd written a prayer, folded it up really small, and taped it to her moms armband. SOooooo sweet!
  7. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    LPN to Surgical Tech?

    Where I work they hire new RNs into the OR. It is a speciality and the hospital will train you to do the job. I work in periop, but Im a prep nurse. I couldnt take an on call job due to my family situation so I had to turn down the OR position I was offered (circulating nurse) . I am in the department, so my foot is in the door. Maybe one day I will be in the OR, and so may you. I dont know how the LPN to surgical tech school works, just do your research. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!
  8. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    gained alot of weight as a nurse

    HEY! ESME is not here, that was my idea to start a weight loss forum. LOL! Gotta toot my own horn for a minute, LOL!
  9. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Nurse Violating HIPAA Articles or Cases in NJ

    I don't live in NJ, but try the search engine. Put in HIPAA NJ or something, you can do that here, Google, or askjeeves. If you post in the NJ section you may get better hits. I hope I was a little help. Good Luck to YOu!!!!
  10. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    gained alot of weight as a nurse

    I know your pain, here's one of my first AN posts. We need a weight loss group on this site. LOL! https://allnurses.com/nursing-humor-share/my-job-making-559615.html Good Luck to you and me! :)
  11. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Tips for first clinical?

    I was one of those students whose first clinical experience was in a nursing home, AND my patient was due for her catheter change. LOL! First day in clinicals and I already had a skill signed off. Nursing home clinicals should be first, I agree. Even though the nurse has more patients, it is more "routine" in nursing homes, which is beneficial to new students. It also is an enviroment that is "less" threatening, ICU and even MedSurg would be terrifying to a new student. PLUS the residents love the attention!!! The students learn how to interact with a patient, and this should be done with a more stable patient. Hospital patients are very sick and can sometimes be cautious when it comes to new students (IMO). I noticed when doing hospital clinicals the patients felt safer when they found that the students were "SENIOR NURSING STUDENTS." Take the advice given here, it's pretty awesome.
  12. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Politcally incorrect rant aka how my day went

    Niiiiice, I plan on doing some sewing myself. It involves my MIL as well, well not all of her - just her mouth.
  13. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Politcally incorrect rant aka how my day went

    Lol! She clarified for the "hearing impaired" as if you need the sense of hearing in order to read. ROTFLMAO! I still can't hear you, thank God I can see. Would you please clarify for the visually impaired? LoLOLOL!
  14. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    New Bill Eases Work Visas for Foreign Nurses

    I agree here. I noticed Mercy Hospital in Baltimore MD is listed. I live in MD. The competition here for nursing jobs is crazy. I know experienced nurses who cannot find a job. Many are working PRN until something opens, others are working for agencies, and the rest are not working at all. I am thinking that the hospitals listed probably have high turnover rates, maybe because they treat their employees poorly. IDK, just a thought. If they sucker foreign nurses in for low pay and a contract than it will decrease their turnover rate and they will have people working for them. Who knows!!! I don't support the bill, it seems a little fishy to me why these particular hospitals are in dire need. The other weird thing is it only seems to import Filipino nurses, what other countries are connected to this bill? I need to write ANA also, I want answers.
  15. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Knocked off my feet

    Could you explain what you mean by a political/personality situation? If you feel you were dismissed because a teacher didn't like you, why aren't you challenging this? Whatever it is you are not telling us must play a role in your decision. I guess you can keep applying to different schools and see what happens. Much Luck to you!