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Mental Health, Medical Research, Periop
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Mrs. SnowStormRN is a RN and specializes in Mental Health, Medical Research, Periop.

I am beating all odds. After my mom died when I was 8, I lived in 5 different homes and suffered all kinds of abuse, I made a vow to grow up and help others. Now I can do that.

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  1. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Could I be stressed and not know it?

    I think I may need reading glasses. And like someone mentioned home + work in combo is playing a role. Thanks guys!
  2. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Made an error :'( unable to move on

    I third.
  3. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Could I be stressed and not know it?

    Thank you very much. I do think I need to get my eyes checked. I find myself squinting when reading the computer at work (there's so much on one page and the print is rather small) and also when starting an IV. I get up at 4am every morning to be at work at 5:30, I do not feel tired, but I agree sleep pattern has changed. My headaches are in the front, I stand all day but sometimes I lean on the computer (we push a computer around to each room all day) which may be causing some muscle strain. What you guys have said in combo makes 110% sense! I gotta start yoga or something. Thanks guys!
  4. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Could I be stressed and not know it?

    I have had a few changes lately in my life. Going back to nursing after 2 years at home, and doing a completely different type of nursing at that. Everyday I come home from work I have a headache. It's strange. Of course some days are better than others, but when I get home I STILL have a headache on the good days. I didn't think a person could be stressed unconsciously, but maybe I am. I'm just curious if anyone else has experienced this?
  5. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Ok, this one hasn't been done in a while....

    Mine is actually the definition of my maiden name, but I'm married so I used Mrs. in front of it.
  6. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Disgruntled Unemployed New LPN Grad

    hello! i am familiar with the dc area and it's rough in general for nurses here. of course adns arent getting jobs either. did you try the va in dc? when i was a lpn i worked for the va hospital (in hampton va) for 3yrs and loved it, only left due to a military move to md. the dmv area is saturated with nurses and the competition for jobs - crazy!! have you thought about relocating to the southern part of va? the job market there was much better for nurses and the hospitals havent really started to go magnet yet. i know riverside is in the process. just keep trying, you may have to travel out a little. good luck to you!!!
  7. I agree with most of the posters here. Everyone grieves differently and privacy would've been the best option here. Always remember your normal may be weird to someone else, and their normal may be weird to you. I had a Jewish professor who said she had an African American man die, his wife came in and she was screaming and hugging him and crying loudly and hysterically. She said she had never seen anything like that (She figured it was a cultural difference). LoL! I laughed because I had seen that plenty of times. Ive seen people not cry at all. If I lost my husband I would probably want to cuddle with him, stroke his chest one last time, I may be screaming hysterically. IDK, I may not even want to face him due to denial, I dont want to know what I will do for a very long time. Just know we are all different and we deal with death differently. Good Luck to you!!!
  8. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    How to help my CNAs

    Wow! Filling oxygen was something we (the nurses) did at the facility I use to work (LTC) years ago. It is very simple. Are you talking about replacing O2 tanks (which is slightly more difficult) we had the old tanks that you had to roll and use a tool to open up the O2. As for the O2 attached to the wall you usually can just add sterile water to the fill line, anyone can do this and it only takes a minute or so. You will have to get to know your patients. I know how busy it is in LTC, but if someone has to use the restroom offer a bedpan, if youre not sure if the person can get up or not (which, as the nurse, is something you will need to know about the patient) plus it may be unsafe to assist this person alone especially if youre not familiar with their strengths and weaknesses. Just imagine holding your urine/stool until someone answers the callbell, maybe everyone is occupied. If you put your patient on the bedpan and youre running behind, you can tell your aid "Ms. so and so is on the bedpan, could you take her off when she's done? " (and make sure you give the patient the callbell. Communication and teamwork makes for a great work enviroment, but you cannot do everything. Just keep asking for help like youre doing, much luck to you!!!
  9. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    NEED HELP!!! an interview for RNs

    Whoa yeah, these questions are rather lengthy. You may be more successful getting these answered in person. That way you can bring a tape recorder. GOOD LUCK on your assignment.
  10. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    is it OK to submit your 2 week notice via email?

    I agree that it looks unprofessional, I also want to say that a document like this should contain your signature. Much Luck to you!
  11. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Blood transfusions??? just say no...

    I agree with this, although while in school we had to practice in lab (with fake blood of course) and view in a clinical setting for experience. Make sure you check into that as well. Good Luck to you!!
  12. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    How can a new graduate RN become employed ?

    Hi, not just new grads but even those with experience are having a tough time getting employed. The others gave great advice. Much luck to you!
  13. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Networking while in labor

    I see a lot of threads are about not being able to find a job, especially today. It makes me think about my Saturday afternoon convo during my babyshower. Many of my nurse friends were complaining about jobs. Although most of them have jobs, a couple of them are trying to get out of their current positions. One of my friends said that the way her hospital has started treating nurses is reprehensible, the work enviroment is horrible. Another friend of mine, an experienced nurse, cannot even get an interview. One friend has been unemployed for 8 months, and recently decided to use her time to go back to college (in which she had to move back in with her mom to do). Of course all of this talk is scary and I say, "Boy, I hope I can find something after I have this baby. When I search online I cannot even find any openings posted." Here in the DMV (DC, MD, Northern VA area), there are so many nurses, the competition for a job is unbearable (even for those of us who have experience). So my friend goes, "Girl, when you're in that hospital having that baby you ask to speak to the nurse manager. Have a conversation with her, get her card, and you give her a call when you leave." I laughed, but I know she was serious. In these desperate times, I think I will take her advice. Would it be weird to network while hospitalized?
  14. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    thinking about nursing school

    Went to nursing school with 2 kids and during 2 semesters, a husband in Iraq and a dog. People in my nursing class still ask how I did it. It was VERY difficult. I barely saw my kids, my neighbor watched my oldest while the youngest pretty much lived with her grandmother. During the time my husband was in Iraq I really struggled, I was happy to get a low "B" in the end. My final semester seemed harder when my husband returned because he was still expecting a "wife." You know to cook, clean, and all of that. Needless to say we spent a lot on fast food and the house was quite messy. I spent most of my days in books, and clinical hours were long and demanding. So it can be done, but it is really time consuming and you must sacrifice much of your life. Pre-reqs arent as bad though. You have to organize support systems all around you before starting the program. So if youre going to do this be prepared for the strenous hours and the difficult program. Also, look at job prospects in your area too, no need for that hard work to go to waste if you wont be able to get employed. MUCH LUCK TO YOU!!!!
  15. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Nail Polish Prank Against Co-worker Undergoing Surgery Lands Nurses in Court

    This is scary and reprehensible. Sounds like an episode of Law&Order:SVU as if he was marking his territory and signing off what he did to her while she was under anesthesia. To place a tattoo is such an inappropriate area makes me question what he was doing there. She was there for back surgery. GEEZ!!!!
  16. Mrs. SnowStormRN

    Seperating being a grandma and a nurse

    Hi. I found a wonderful blog written by a nurse who expresses her feelings about her new daughter in law, a new grandbaby, and breastfeeding. I really enjoyed reading this. I hope you do as well. http://obnurse35yrs.wordpress.com/2011/06/03/supporting-my-non-breastfeeding-daughter-in-law-part-i/