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Last night when I got report from the RN who was leaving, he told me the doc had ordered a stat med for one of my patients. After report, I checked the chart, and found the order timed for a half... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Nothing...I don't believe they "do anything to annoy me"...now do they annoy me? You BET. Do I ANNOY THEM????? Sure I do. We get past it and try to act like adults when we do. Stuff happens. Ya get over it. If not, take em aside and beat the &%#@ out of em....just kidding. Cute thread.
  2. by   mlolsonny
    Pm shift as a CNA/ Medication aide.

    Not restocking when you empty something. I walked into three rooms today with Res w/ BM, but no wipes.

    Not taking a dirty diaper out of the room when you go.

    Total non-team-players. I work w/ a bunch of young staff, teens to twenties, very cliquey.

    Thinking that because I'm passing meds, I want to listen to everyone's complaints. That day will never come.

    The LPN coming from a far room all the way to the nurse's station and telling me that someone's garbage needs to be emptied. "Is your arm broken??"

    LPN telling me the CNA, "That's not my job"-- Excuse me?-- Didn't you have to take the CNA class to get into the LPN program like I did? If it's in my scope of practice as a CNA, it's in yours.

    Tattling. Enough said.

    On a softer note, it really gets to me when staff pushes a crying res. into her room to sit alone when all she wants is someone to talk to her.

    Two opposite ends of the same issue:
    When three CNAs work together and put 30 residents into bed by 7:30 PM and started at 6:30 PM. You know they didn't get properly washed up.

    When one CNA spends an hour putting one resident to bed, making the other two have to work twice as hard to pick up her slack.

    I love your new mantra about being responsible for only myself, but I'm always the shift leader, so ultimately if someone else doesn't do it, I am responsible.

    I'm sure I'm not some people's favorite as shift leader, but the charge nurse knows the work will get done. And my co-workers know that if I have a problem, I will tell them- not tattle on them.

    I can't wait until January when I take my boards for LPN, cuz our LPNs don't work nearly as hard as the CNAs work.
  3. by   Vicki K
    My pet peeve is "high-maintenence co-workers." You know the type -- they have to have help to do ANYTHING. They're the ones who are always "too busy" to do anything extra such as answer a call light, help someone else turn at patient, etc. They can't go to lunch at their assigned time, and everyone else then has to work around them. They are always paging overhead for the CNA to help them do basic stuff. Their work is never done, and if you relieve them, whether for a 15 min. break, lunch or end of shift, you are always presented with a lONG linst of things they "Just couldn't get to." But they always have time to stop and chat about their families or their hobbies!

    Vicki K (Who always gets her work done, but doesn't always have time to stop and chat!)
  4. by   pebbles
    Seems to me a lot of these are just issues of basic courtesy to the people who you work with and depend on to help you provide good patient care....
  5. by   l.rae
    one of our techs in the ER is a Social butterfly...tells long personal stories about her life Edith Bunker style.......and.........she drags her feet when she walks....it's the worst!!!!! l always know when she's coming down the hall.......but she's so nice......that just makes it harder to tolerate because no one has the heart to............you know...........kill her.....LOL... LR
    Originally posted by l.rae
    but she's so nice......that just makes it harder to tolerate because no one has the heart to............you know...........kill her.....

  7. by   whipping girl in 07
    I work nights usually, and no one is supposed to leave until we count the narcs and hand over the keys. But this past weekend, I worked day shift, and before the count was done, two of my co-workers, who had been done since 6:45 chit-chatted through report (one had no patients, other had only one) and left without counting. I had to give report on two patients, giving one to a nurse who'd never had her before (and she was a complicated patient), so I did not get done till 7:30. I was about to leave, when night shift charge (my usual charge) says, "Wait, you can't go yet, you still need to count." Arrggghhh! It didn't take that long, but if the ones who left early had done it, we would have all gotten out around "on time" instead of me late and them early (they were trying to figure out what time they could clock out and still get their full shift).

    On nights, no one leaves until we've counted. If I'm done early, I always ask if anyone has counted, and I count if no one has! I just wish day shift would do the same!
  8. by   Teshiee
    What I can't stand is when a nurse start looking over your shoulder like you are a new grad or something. I can't stand that. I don't have time to check out what my fellow nurse is doing we are too busy.... she must've have a lot of time on her hands. I just brush her off when she comes around.

    My biggest annoyance when giving report some nurse wants their life history. One time I just blew up and told her if you want to know their history read the chart I am here to give your pertinent information on their care now!. Such a twit and she never could finish her work. I can't stand it......
  9. by   Brownms46
    "LPN telling me the CNA, "That's not my job"-- Excuse me?-- Didn't you have to take the CNA class to get into the LPN program like I did? If it's in my scope of practice as a CNA, it's in yours. "

    CNA class to get in to the LPN program?????? Where did this come from??? And where do they do this??????
  10. by   Brownms46
    I agree Debbie, I do stuff that probably annoys others too! I don't like the trash not being emptied, I don't like having to walk up to a med cart and find trash on top of it. I don't like unwashed dishes left in the sink in the nurses lounge, I don't like it when people never want to count narcs, or a million other things that bother me. But I would rather be treated well, and have enough folks to work with then, then worry about little things such as my little likes and dislikes.. So I usually never say a word when I walk up and find any of my dislikes staring me in the face. I just deal with it, or in a kidding way...tell the person who did it...to take care of it.... I usually get an I'm sorry, or someone starts kidding back. But either way...it's with me..
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  11. by   Lausana
    I'm still a student, but most of these things translate to all jobs!

    A new woman at work was recently hired pt, but now has had her schedule changed to 11-3 daily because it is easier for her son's schedule. There are more details, but let's just say it has just made things more difficult than easy. While training this woman and another woman, I get "oh, yeah I know" responses to everything. Actually you don't ladies, or you'd be the owner of the company. ggrrr. Both of them are about 25+ years older, so I understand it may be weird that I'm training them, but the 3 yrs I've been working here should count for something, and they don't really get a choice of who trains them anyway.

    I'm actually looking forward to becoming a newbie nurse, looking up to senior nurses, because it just seems more natural than being in charge of people older than my mom. :imbar

    Also over the past few weeks-a temp keeps parking in my spot no matter how many notices she gets, or she parks in someone else's spot who in turn parks in mine, LOL, I wouldn't care as much except it's 90 degrees outside so by the time I make it in from BFE I look like I should be running though a tape finishline.

    But not too much longer before I leave this paradise to join the bottom rung of nursing!!! Wooohooo

    (I'm glad my coworkers will not be commenting on me though!!!)
  12. by   mamabear
    I work in psych and, I swear, this one clown I get stuck working with is on the wrong side of the desk, so to speak. He shows up about one minute before report starts. He HAS to sit in a certain chair, facing a certain direction or he "..can't concentrate." When report is over, and the rest of the staff goes to the nurses' station, this guy stays in the report room, aka the staff lounge, until the end of the previous shift. When he finally gets to the desk, he spreads out newspapers so he can have a sterile surface on which to work (if I'm lying, I'm dying). He writes notes to himself, which in and of itself is no big deal, but he plasters them all over the place. He also covers both computer monitors with newspapers, puts on gloves to give P.O. meds and washes off fresh fruit, e.g., bananas and oranges, with CalStat. The guy is weird. On top of that, he, by his own admission, hates to do patient care.
  13. by   hapeewendy
    Although I'm sure I annoy people, I try my best to keep it at a minimum and at least be annoying about things of some kind of value - like pt care type stuff etc......
    the one thing that gets me has already been touched on...... and its a two part pet peeve
    #1 the whole strolling in late HABITUALLY drives me nutty, If I can schlep *spelling?* it on the bus from far away these ppl who live down the street should make it on time, and I dont know why it is that nurses get away with being late all the time, to me a job is a job, with hours ...you show up on time or youre disciplined,and part B to my two part annoyance is the whole narcotic count dealie.....
    it pisses me off to no end when for example I show up relatively early for each shift , bout 20 mins or so and I have zero problem counting, its part of our job, however the excuses I hear ppl throw out there for not counting are ridiculous!!!!!
    I think every/any RN should be made to count, yet in our place there are about 10 of us who count routinely, so okay the worst part of this is that when for example I am on nights, I come in early, I count and the dayshifters go on their merry little way, in the morning, when I'm dragging around, and wanting to get the heck home, they take their sweetAzz time , stroll in at 0740, make coffee, yatter yatter etc. Dont expect me to count , and early no less when you are not willing to reciprocate *spelling again? hey its been a long day*
    okay end of rantage, thank you drive through!