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  1. Teshiee

    Racial discrimination in Nursing....

    Well for those who accuses me of being obviously crazy that America is one of the most racist countries in the world I say this for those who never seen my passport WHATEVER! I have travelled abroad and I am not concerned about other countries because when I go somewhere I respect their culture and beliefs regardless of my opinion. But I do live here in America and trust me for the sphincter muscle who told me love it or leave it I don't have to go anywhere I chose not to. I can say whatever I feel. On the flip side America does offer opportunity never said that AmericaI never said this country was the worse place to live in. I resent people here telling me I am ignorant it is not my fault America has an ugly past. Don't make me go there!!!!!!!!!! Now being the husband of this person let me say this I was a professional basketball player, travel ever where to ever country you can named. I have never seen the racism we have here in our own country. Racism,what is it prejudice?ask yourself what is it. There is more prejudice among same race than there are other races. So check yourself! I rather know who don't like me than those of you who pretend to. Well, I know others don't care but this will be the last time I comment on this bias azz site I notice when it comes to certain issues you can't say nothing about what is really going on. As I see it, it is plainly clear what I am dealing with here. Close a blind eye to reality!!!! Peace out! no mas au revoir auf wiedersehen! Good riddance!!!!!!!!!
  2. Teshiee

    Racial discrimination in Nursing....

    Barpick, Let me say this, I am entitled to my opinion, I am sick of people like yourself trying to take away someone's perception of what goes on in our lives you probaly don't think KKK, and skin heads exist? HuH! just because I can rise above degradation doesn't mean the **** doesn't exist. So since we will never sit down and have tea you really should not assume nothing when you know nothing of what individuals go through comprende?
  3. Teshiee

    Racial discrimination in Nursing....

    Why is it when someone makes a comment re: race you get crap? First and far most I am entitled to my opinion. I am not a terrorist I don't join organizations that hate other people who do not look like them. And I sure azz hell don't attend schools that this country is known to name founders of hate mongers. Filipinos get snubbed like every body else that doesn't fit the mix. I honestly don't care what color, race, creed or religion you are I am not going to walk around with rose colored glasses and say everything is one giant beautiful melting pot. In the areas I have worked I had the most pleasureable experience working with filipinos, hispanics, asian, etc I feel each every one of us bring spice to the profession. My generalization of America is what I have observed in this country the hyprocisry of this nation boggles my mind sometimes I just feel America needs to check itself before pointing fingers.
  4. Teshiee

    Why there is a debate re: ADN/BSN

    I understand the military always been pro education but the downside to that is they are paid by rank which to me means no money! Personally I don't care I have ADn in nursing and my license says RN so what is the hoopla all about. There is nothing wrong with nurses who chose to stay adn or move on to bsn, msn. It is a matter of choice. The way I see it bsn is just extra icing on the cake, unless you are going to put it to use bsn nurses are no better than adn because when it boils down to it your license is RN.
  5. Teshiee

    Racial discrimination in Nursing....

    I guess it depends on how you look at it. Racism exists and I personally think America is the most racist country in the world. I am just glad my parents didn't teach me to be so ignorant.
  6. Teshiee

    Can I get liscensed in 2 states and only take one NCLEX?

    You sure can! I have a best friend who has 4 licensure in 4 different states. What you have to do is simply notify their Board of nursing in that state they will send you the paperwork. Or for some who like traveling nursing some agencies will take care of that for you. :-)
  7. I would never ever in this lifetime work psych. Med surg comes in a big second place at least until those patient ratios improve.
  8. Teshiee

    Best area to work in???

    I think it is rather subjective. I work in NICU I deal with the little preemies. It is stressful but totally different than med/surg. No matter what other nurses tell you, you have to get your feet wet and find your niche.
  9. Teshiee

    Do nurses take work home?

    Upon occasion when I had an exceptionally good or bad night I may vent to my husband. But on average no. I have too much going on outside my job to get wrapped up.
  10. Teshiee

    I Don't Think So!

    I feel yah! I worked in the LTC and was snuffed some staff members the next day I had my resignation and the administrator was threatening me with abandoment I laughed considering I came in on my day off! I have left several jobs for bull s***. Life is too short to be abused.
  11. Teshiee

    Thanking God For A GREAT Position!

    CONGRADULATIONS!!!!! Now that sounds ideal!!! I am sure you will do very well there. Keep us posted on your first day. I wish all facilities offer daycare it would make our lives so much better. :biggringi
  12. Teshiee

    What is your least favorite.....

    We must be on the same wave lenght!!!! :-)
  13. Teshiee

    didn't get accepted!

    I would really find out what their criteria is for acceptance because that doesn't make sense you mean to tell me everyone they picked had a 4.0 gpa or better? bulls***! Sounds like discrimination in the worst way!
  14. Teshiee

    Nurses in Other Professions

    I knew one nurse that became a representative very happy! She says she was tired of the stress. I notice this trend a lot of nurses are going to other jobs because I guess they figure their peace of mind is more valuable than a hefty paycheck and they are right. Porn operators ooh yes they make bank!!!!!!! Right now my husband and I are working on getting our store so I can cut down my working as a nurse but until then I will continue to drive forward!!!!! :-)
  15. Sounds like you got a bad list of high acuity patients even if the ratio is 6 if you have 2 patients that can potentially code it makes the list like 10-12. I feel ya you had no support what so ever! Unfortunately when you are off orientation you are one of the staff. I am sorry you had a bad night. Express your concerns to your supervisor sometimes you have to watch how some of these nurses justify staffing their patients. They do this mess in my unit lower the acuity when it is not warranted so they can justify in giving you an extra paitent. When in doubt SHOUT!!!!! You do not have to accept an assignment that is dangerous! You worked very hard for your license. :-)
  16. Teshiee


    Now you just stop that! The hardest part you have already done! I am sure that was no easy task! Were you really nervous? It happened to my best friend she didn't pass her boards the first time but did it the next time. She was so nervous she frozed up! I took my nclex-pn on the computer and the questions I received were more bedside with geriatrics and peds. I purchased Kaplan study guide because it teaches you how to answer those multiple choice questions. Don't dwell on it, focus on December, go in there with a vengence that you will conquer it this time. Please keep us informed my fingers are crossed!!!!!!! Just practice those test questions so you can use to them. Then when you go in there your anxiety level wont be so bad.